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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PD0000116/178 703 Coventry Arena Retail Park Coventry, University Hospital 23 Mar 20
PD0000116/185 60 Arena Retail Park Arena Retail Park Wyken, University Hospital, Wittenhall, Cheylesmore, Cannon Park, Uni of Warwick, Tile Hill North, Eastern Green, Coundon. 23 Mar 20
PD0000116/186 W1 Westwood Business Park/Coventry Rail Station University of Warwick, Wellesbourne Campus University of Warwick 3 Feb 20
PD0000116/64 46 Willenhall Leasowes Avenue Whitley 6 Jan 20
PD0000116/67 112 Willenhall Lane (Binley) Cardinal Wiseman School Willenhall Precinct, inley Fire Station, The Craven 6 Jan 20
PD0000116/131 X6 Coventry, Pool Meadow Bus Station Leicester, St Margarets Bus Station University Hospital 22 Jul 19
PD0000116/116 44 Cheylesmore Leasowes Avenue 18 Apr 19
PD0000116/40 585B Coventry Pool Meadow bus station Rugby, Clifton Road Walsgrave Hospital, Coombe Abbey, Easenhall 3 Sep 18
PD0000116/16 4 Coventry, Broad Lane Coventry, Terry Road 4 Sep 17
PD0000116/66 S5 Parkhill Drive Bus Terminus Sandpits Lane Allesley, Coundon 4 Sep 17
PD0000116/184 735 Coventry, Pool Meadow Bus Station Ansley, Birmingham Road Corley, Corley Ash, Fillongley, Old Arley and Gun Hill 5 Jun 17
PD0000116/160 85S Coventry, Hinckley Road Coventry, Terry Road 23 Apr 17
PD0000116/132 180 Conventry Duggins Lane Beasall Common Gypsy Lane Burton Green 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/49 40 Queensland Avenue Leasowes Avenue Earlsdon 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/52 182 Pickford Grange Lane Balsall Common Meriden, Berkswell 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/129 42 Coventry Broad Lane Coventry Leasowes Avenue Unicorn Ave/Jardine Cres 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/61 45 Hillfields Leasowes Avenue Gulson Road 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/47 184 Alderminster Road, Eastern Green Balsall Common Hockley, Reeves Green 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/46 183 Meriden, Cross Road Balsall Common Meriden, Berkswell, Lavender Hall Lane 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/59 49 Leasowes Avenue Tile Hill Canley 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/53 181 Broad Lane/Wildcroft Road Balsall Common Broad Lane Eastern Green, Tile Hill 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/65 48 Eastern Green Leasowes Avenue Tile Hill 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/159 W2 Coventry, Broadgate Wellesbourne, HRI Centre Coventry Railway Station 4 Jul 11
PD0000116/70 32 Allesley Coundon Green Birmingham Road 1 Sep 03

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PD0000116/153 W6 Coventry, Edgewick University of Warwick 3 Feb 20
PD0000116/152 W7 Keresley University of Warwick 3 Feb 20
PD0000116/155 W4 Coventry, Wood End University of Warwick 3 Feb 20
PD0000116/142 W2 Coventry, Broadgate Wellesbourne, HRI Centre 3 Feb 20
PD0000116/181 43W University of Warwick Eastern Green/Chapfields/Radford Tile Hill, Tile Hill North 3 Feb 20
PD0000116/154 W5 Coventry, Wood End University of Warwick 3 Feb 20
PD0000116/156 W3 Coventry, Allard Way University of Warwick 3 Feb 20
PD0000116/68 S12 Chace Avenue, Willenhall Potters Green Road, Potters Green Aldermoor Lane, Mellowdew Rd, Cardinal Wiseman School 6 Jan 20
PD0000116/182 60 University of Warwick Arena Retail Park Cannon Park, Cheylesmore, Willenhall, Binley, University Hospital, Court House Green 24 Mar 19
PD0000116/183 61 Arena Retail Park Allesley Park Rowleys Green & Coundon 24 Mar 19
PD0000116/163 74 Nuneaton Bus Station Coventry, Broadgate Whitestone, Bramcote, Wolvey, Ansty, Uni Hospital 4 Jun 18
PD0000116/161 78 Nuneaton Bus Station Bedworth Bede Village or Coventyr Uni Hospital George Eliot Hospital, Bermuda Park, Bedworth, Exgall 4 Jun 18
PD0000116/108 53 Stoney Stanton Rd, Coventry Tile Hill Lane (Tile Hill Wood Sch) Foleshill Rd, Heresall Common 4 Sep 17
PD0000116/180 360 University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire 24 Jul 16
PD0000116/149 W10 Coventry, Eastern Green University of Warwick 27 Mar 16
PD0000116/157 W1a University of Warwick University of Warwick 27 Mar 16
PD0000116/150 W9 Coventry, Holbrooks University of Warwick 27 Mar 16
PD0000116/151 W8 Coventry, Wyken University of Warwick 27 Mar 16
PD0000116/57 72 Catesby Road, Radford Broad Lane, Eastern Green Spoon End, Chapel Fields 4 Jan 16
PD0000116/56 73 Allesley Park Broad Lane, Eastern Green Whoberley 22 Jul 14
PD0000116/102 805 Sir Henry Parks Rd (The Herald Pub) Coventry Ricoh Arena Coventry Templar Avenue, Birmingham Rd 22 Jul 14
PD0000116/101 804 Kempass Highway, Burnt Post P/H Coventry Ricoh Arena Coventry Laef Lane Coventry 22 Jul 14
PD0000116/148 103 Coventry, Railway Station Ricoh Arena, ADJ to Arena Shopping Park Covenrty Sports Centre 22 Jul 14
PD0000116/112 Coventry Park & Ride South Coventry, War Memorial Park Coventry, War Memorial Park Coventry City Centre 27 Apr 14
PD0000116/177 360A Coventry, University Hospital Coventry, University Hospital 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/125 585 Coventry Rugby Coombe Abbey 26 Jan 14
PD0000116/133 735 Nuneaton Greenmoore Road Coventry Terry Road Fillongley 18 Sep 13
PD0000116/171 Coventry Park & Ride North Coventry, Couthouse Green Coventry, Couthouse Green 28 Jul 13
PD0000116/136 703 Coventry, Walsgrave, University Hospital Coventry, Walsgrave, University Hospital Wyken-Bell Green-Potters Green-Crosspoint 9 Jun 13
PD0000116/87 701 Tesco Extra, Arena Retail Park, Coventry Allesley Park Terminus Norman Place Road/Wallace Road 9 Jun 13
PD0000116/176 801 Coventry, Walsgrave Universty Hospital Coventry, Eastern Green 9 Jun 13
PD0000116/110 95 Coventry, Earlsdon Ave South Coventry, Mitchell Ave. Allesley Park 9 Jun 13
PD0000116/179 103 Coventry Railway Station Coventry, Ricoh Arena 22 May 13
PD0000116/128 91 Coventry Tile Hill Coventry Coundon Road Aderminsterd, Banner Lane, Gibbert Hill Road 14 Apr 13
PD0000116/120 6 Coventry, Foleshill Road Coventry, Sandpits Lane Lythalls Lane 14 Apr 13
PD0000116/138 225 Coventry, Foleshill Road Coventry, Potters Green Road 14 Apr 13
PD0000116/174 764 Wood End, Working Mens Club Atherstone Bus Station 6 Jan 13
PD0000116/173 763 Atherstone Bus Station Atherstone Bus Station 6 Jan 13
PD0000116/172 762 Atherstone Bus Station Atherstone Bus Station 6 Jan 13
PD0000116/123 43 Coventry, Eastern Green/Sutton Avenue Coventry, Cannon Park/University of Warwick 21 Oct 12
PD0000116/170 60 Bedworth, Mill Street Coventry, Trinity Street 2 Sep 12
PD0000116/164 L1 Leamington Spa, Old Warwick Road Coventry, University of Warwick 30 Jun 12
PD0000116/175 103 Coventry Railway Station Ricoh Arena 29 May 12
PD0000116/141 37 Coventry, University Hospital Coventry, Areana Reatail Park Crosspoint and Lentons Lane 26 Feb 12
PD0000116/165 34 Coventry, Walsgrave University Hospital Coventry, Pool Meadow 26 Dec 11
PD0000116/169 2 Coventry, Trinity Street Coventry, Fenside 26 Dec 11
PD0000116/166 23C Coventry, Pool Meadow Coventry, Banner Lane 26 Dec 11
PD0000116/168 4 Coventry, Walsgrave University Hospital Coventry, Arena Retail Park 26 Dec 11
PD0000116/167 19 Coventry, Pool Meadow Coventry, Tile Hill South 26 Dec 11
PD0000116/162 730 Nuneaton, Ansley Common Nuneaton, Birchley Heath Galley Common 5 Sep 11
PD0000116/96 570 Harbury Pool Meadow Bus Station, Coventry Southam and Stretton on Dunsmore 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/90 580 Pool Meadow Bus Station, Coventry Clifton Road, Rugby Stretton on Dunsmore 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/109 458 Weston Under Weatherley Pound Lane, Leamington. Eathorpe Cubbington 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/28 S7 Coventry, Coundon, Holyhead Road / Southbank Road Coventry, Keresley, Sandpits Lane 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/94 778 Nuneaton Bus Stn Walsgrave Hospital Tesco Arena, Gerge Eliot Hospital 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/106 769 Exhall School Lane Nuneaton, Greenmore Rd. Bedworth 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/39 106 Nuneaton, The Longshoot, Hinkley Road Nuneaton, Greenmoor Road 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/135 581 Lawford Heath, The Ryelands Rugby, Clifton Road 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/78 583 Pailton, White Lion, Warwickshire Rugby, Ashlawn Road/Ashlawn School Brinklow, Harboro, Rugby Church Street 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/105 C1 Churchhover, Warwickshire Coundon Rd Coventry Rugby, Pailton, Brinklow and Brinley Woods. 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/122 567 Rugby, Brownsover, Hollowell Way Warwick, Trident Park Rugby Town Centre, Ryton, Warwickshire College 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/134 579 Broadwell Rugby, North Street 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/126 81c Leamington Spa, Warwickshire College Rugby, Bilton High School 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/124 780 Nuneaton Bus Station Coventry, Terry Road Bulkington, Shilton, Ansty 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/77 584 Pheasant, Withybrook Dunchurch Rd, Rugby Brinklow 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/121 562 Rugby, Overslade Road Leamington Spa, Warwickshire College Ryton, Bubbenhall 4 Sep 11
PD0000116/24 754 Nuneaton, Bus Station Nuneaton, Bus Station 30 Aug 11
PD0000116/119 74 Nuneaton Bus Station Coventry Pool Meadow Bulkington/Bramcote, Wolvey 30 Aug 11
PD0000116/117 779 Wolvey, Warwickshire Hinckley, Leicestershire Three Pots 30 Aug 11
PD0000116/139 522 Coventry, Pool Meadow Bus Station NAC Stonleigh 30 Aug 11
PD0000116/118 753 Burton Hastins, Warks Wolvey, Warwickshire Bramcote 30 Aug 11
PD0000116/158 682 Lillington, Cubbington Road Rugby, Clifton Road 17 Aug 11
PD0000116/143 UW1 Coventry, Broadgate Coventry, Tile Hill Station 3 Jul 11
PD0000116/58 71 Henley Road, Bell Green Broad Lane, Eastern Green Spon End, Whoberley 1 Dec 10
PD0000116/31 S8 Coventry, Wildcroft Road / Broad Lane Coventry, Keresley, Sandpits Lane Allesley, Lydgate Road, The Scotchil 28 Aug 10
PD0000116/51 42 Eastern Green Leasowes Avenue Canley 10 May 10
PD0000116/62 451 Gosford Green Leasowes Avenue Warwick Road, Kenilworth Road 10 May 10
PD0000116/35 57 Coventry, Charter Avenue / Parkwood Lane Coventry, Tile Hill, Nutbrook Avenue Station Avenue 10 May 10
PD0000116/114 22 Willenhall Bell Green Coventry City Centre 27 Mar 10
PD0000116/144 4 Coventry, Walsgrave University Hospital Coventry, Arena retail Park 1 Jan 10
PD0000116/146 40 Coventry, Trinity Street Coventry, Trinity Street 1 Jan 10
PD0000116/145 34 Coventry, Walsgrave University Hospital Coventry, Pool Meadow 1 Jan 10
PD0000116/147 27 Coventry, Walsgrave University Hospital Coventry Railway Station 1 Jan 10
PD0000116/73 736 Coventry, Broadgate Stand Prologis Park, Arena Foleshill Road, Holbrook Lane 31 Oct 09
PD0000116/115 13 Stokegreen, Coventry Potters Green, Potters Green Road 7 Sep 09
PD0000116/137 522 Coventry Railway Station Stoneleigh, NAC/Royal Show Baginton, Stoneleigh, Bubbenhall 7 Jul 09
PD0000116/88 704 Tesco Extra, Arena Retail Park, Coventry Walsgrave Hospital Belgrave Road/Attoxall Road 26 Apr 09
PD0000116/89 737 Coventry, Pool Meadow. Coventry Airport Broadgate, Rail Station, Cheylesmore, Toll Bar End. 26 Apr 09
PD0000116/85 703 Tesco Extra Arena Retail Park, Cov Walsgrave Hospital Henley Road/Riley Square 26 Apr 09
PD0000116/113 579 Willoughby Rugby Birdingbury, Lawford Heath 22 Feb 09
PD0000116/63 461 Willenhall Leasowes Avenue Whitley 30 Aug 08
PD0000116/22 735 Nuneaton, Nuneaton And Hinckley College Coventry, Pool Meadow Galley Common, Corley Ash 30 Aug 08
PD0000116/130 522 Coventry, Pool Meadow Stoneleigh, Stoneleigh Park Coventry Railway Station 3 Jul 08
PD0000116/103 806 Jardine Crescent (Tile Hill Social Club) Coventry Ricoh Arena Coventry Broad Lane 1 Jun 08
PD0000116/104 807 Status Car Park, Yelverton Road, Coventry Ricoh Arena, Coventry 1 Jun 08
PD0000116/99 802 Biggn Hill Hotel, Binly Rd. Ricoh Arena Coventry Terry Rd, Northfield Rd. 1 Jun 08
PD0000116/98 801 White Bear Public House Ricoh Arena Coventry Quorn Way 1 Jun 08
PD0000116/76 588 Pool Meadow Bus Station, Coventry Longrood Road, Rugby High School Withybrook and Pailton 1 Jun 08
PD0000116/80 585B Coventry Road, Brinklow, Warwickshire Rugby, Lawford Lane Monks Kirby, Pailton 1 Jun 08
PD0000116/100 803 Walsgrave Rd, Coventry Ricoh Arena , Coventry North Street 1 Jun 08
PD0000116/111 103 Coventry, Railway Station Ricoh Arena 1 Jun 08
PD0000116/50 41 Allesley Park Leasowes Avenue Chapel Fields 20 Mar 08
PD0000116/107 563 Warwick New Rd, Leamington Spa Coventry Rd Baginton, Binley Woods. 3 Sep 07
PD0000116/48 85 Station Road, Tile Hill Gipsy Lane, Balsall Common Burton Green 3 Sep 07
PD0000116/54 75 Canley Crematorium Eastern Green Tle Hill 2 Sep 07
PD0000116/79 585A Rugby, Dunchurch Road/Bishop Wulston Long Lawford, Townsend Lane Overslade, Bilton High 7 Jun 07
PD0000116/81 70 Trinity Street, Coventry, Warwickshire Tile Hill South (Terminus), Warwickshire Hearsall, Fletchamstead 21 Oct 06
PD0000116/82 81A Balsall Common, Warwickshire Trinity Street, Coventry, Warwickshire Burton Green, Tile Hill South, Broad Lane 21 Oct 06
PD0000116/83 81E Pool Meadow Bus Station, Coventry Cannon Park Shops Torrington Avenue 21 Oct 06
PD0000116/84 81W Pool Meadow Bus Station, Coventry Westwood Business Park, Warwickshire Torrington Avenue 15 Oct 06
PD0000116/92 750 CIRCULAR Nuneaton Bus Stn Nuneaton Bus Stn Bulkington, Burton Hastings. 3 Sep 06
PD0000116/75 9 The Burges, Coventry Sandpits Lane, Coventry Radford Road 3 Sep 06
PD0000116/97 581 Willoughby Rugby, Clifton Road Grandborough, Broadwell, 3 Sep 06
PD0000116/69 31 Whoberley Coundon Grayswood Avenue, Forfield Road 3 Sep 06
PD0000116/23 753 Warwickshire, Bramcote, Barracks Warwickshire, Hinckley, 1 Sep 06
PD0000116/93 755 Rugby - Cliffton Rd Nuneaton College Harborough Magna, Brinklow. 1 Sep 06
PD0000116/33 10 Coventry, Foleshill Road, General Wolfe P.H Coventry, Potters Green Road Church Road, Proffit Avenue 1 Sep 06
PD0000116/91 775 Nuneaton Bus Stn Coventry Pool Meadow Bulkinton, Wovey and Shilton 1 Sep 06
PD0000116/26 S6 Coventry, Bishopsgate Green, Foleshill Road / Harnhall Lane Coventry, Keresley, Sandpits Lane 1 Sep 06
PD0000116/19 C96 Earlsdon, Shaftsbury Road / Beechwood Avenue Finham, GreenLane / Bathway Road 1 Sep 06
PD0000116/86 702 Tesco Extra, Arena Retail Park. Coventry Pro Logis Park Henlane, Wheelwright Lane 11 Apr 06
PD0000116/95 714 Keresley, the Crescent Bedworth, Rye Piece Ringway Exhall 5 Sep 05
PD0000116/29 752 Nuneaton, Nuneaton Station Nuneaton, Nuneaton Station 5 Jun 05
PD0000116/25 778 Nuneaton, Bus Station Coventry, Pool Meadow Bedworth, Longford Church, Walsgrave Hospital 5 Jun 05
PD0000116/72 580 Coventry Pool Meadow Rugby/Harbury Ryton-On-Dunsmore, Stretton-On-Dunsmore 5 Jun 05
PD0000116/20 775 Nuneaton, Bus Station Coventry, Pool Meadow Attleborough Green, Shilton, Ansty, Ball Hill 5 Jun 05
PD0000116/42 752 Nuneaton Nuneaton 5 Jun 05
PD0000116/21 755 Warwickshire, Dunchurch, Square Nuneaton, Bus Station Bramcote, Brinklow, Easenhall, Dunchurch 5 Jun 05
PD0000116/32 319 Wellesbourne Southam 9 Apr 05
PD0000116/71 581 Coventry, Ryton Blacksmith Arms Coventry Pool Meadow Stand T Ryton-On-Dunsmore, Wolston, Binlet Woods, Walsgrave 10 Jan 05
PD0000116/15 S13 Coventry, Stoke Aldermoor, Acorn Street Coventry, Potters Green Road 13 Dec 04
PD0000116/74 X5 Sandpits Lane, Coventry Westhill Road, Coventry 5 Nov 04
PD0000116/37 747 Coventry, Railway Station Warwickshire, Ansty, Rolls Royce Gosford Green, Forum Bowl, Binley Fire Station 5 Nov 04
PD0000116/55 74 Upper Well Street City Centre Broad Lane Eastern Green Chapel Fields, Whoberley 6 Sep 04
PD0000116/60 43 Eastern Green Leasowes Avenue Tile Hill Lane 6 Sep 04
PD0000116/17 570 Coventry, Pool Meadow Bus Station Warwickshire, Rugby, Rail Station Ryton, Southam 30 Aug 03
PD0000116/14 S12 Coventry, Tollbar End, StoneHouse Lane/London Road Coventry, Potters Green, Potters Green Road Willenhall Precinct, Binley Fire Station 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/34 848 Coventry, Wildcroft Road / Broad Lane Coventry, Balsall Common, Gipsy Lane, Heart Of England School Pickford Green, Berkswell, Burton Green 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/9 CC1 Coventry, cnr Broad Lane and Wilcroft Road Coventry, North Brook Road and Goundon Green Winsford Avenue, Allesley Old Road 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/8 C94 Coventry, Billing Road Coventry, Leasowes Avenue Winsford, Allesley Old Road 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/30 CC2 Coventry, BrownsHill Green, Browns Lane Coventry, Holly Fast Road Windmill Hill, Allesley Old Road 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/6 C95 Coventry, Charter Avenue Coventry,Leasowes Avenue Tile Hill, Newlands PH 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/11 S46A Coventry, London Road Coventry, Leasowes Avenue Robin Hood Road, Chace Avenue 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/18 S43 Coventry, Unicorn Avenue Coventry Leasowes Avenue Broad Lane 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/12 93 Coventry, Allesley Old Road Coventry, Banner Lnae Winsford Avenue 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/10 S45 Coventry Road, Tollbar island Coventry, Leasowes Avenue Oxford Street, Gulson Road 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/27 S5 Coventry, Brownshill Green, Browns Lane Terminus Coventry, Keresley, Sandpits Lane Allesley, Windmill Hill, Hollyfast Road 18 Jul 03
PD0000116/41 551 Rugby, railway station Hatton Hospital, Warwickshire 29 Jan 03
PD0000116/5 No Number Rugby, Railway Station Warwick,, Hatton Hospital 29 Jan 03
PD0000116/43 700 Nuneaton Bus Station, Warwickshire Bermuda Village, Sorrell Road Manor Court Road, Greenmoor Road 13 Dec 02
PD0000116/45 586 Pailton, Warwickshire Avon Valley School, Newbold on Avon Brinklow, Harborough Magna 20 Nov 02
PD0000116/7 No Number Coventry, Kennilworth Road, Memorial Park Circular Route via Coventry Station Car Park 25 Jul 02
PD0000116/13 564 Warwickshire, Rugby, Murray Road Warwickshire, Stratford on Avon, Bridge Street 25 Jul 02
PD0000116/2 tesco bus Warwickshire, Stockingford, Tomkinson Road / Croft Road Warwickshire, Bedworth, Tesco Store 25 Jul 02
PD0000116/4 No Number Nuneaton, Coton Arches, Coventry, Middlemarch Road 25 Jul 02
PD0000116/3 tesco bus Nuneaton, Ansley, Bull Street Bedworth, Tesco Store 25 Jul 02
PD0000116/38 193A Balsall Common Alder Lane / Kenilworth Solihull Station 25 Jul 02
PD0000116/1 tesco bus Stockingford, Tomkinson Road & Croft Road Junction Warwickshire, Bedworth, Tesco Store 25 Jul 02
PD0000116/36 68 Coventry, Pool Meadow, Bus Station Coventry, Pool Meadow, Bus Station 25 Jul 02