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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PF0007062/26 SLE3 Coddington Sleaford Brant Boroughton, Fulbeck, Caythorpe 31 Mar 20
PF0007062/2 Y019 Sleaford Newark 31 Mar 20
PF0007062/24 SLE1 Balderton Sleaford Coddington, Beckingham 31 Mar 20
PF0007062/25 SLE2 Newark Sleaford Winthorpe, Newark Show Ground 30 Mar 20
PF0007062/59 SLE5 Stapleford, Junction of Brecks Lane Sleaford, Yorkshire Trading Bus Stop Witham St Hugh's Balderton, Coddington, Brant, Broughton 27 Mar 20
PF0007062/23 SLE4 Claypole Sleaford 27 Mar 20
PF0007062/64 1T1 Sleaford Sleaford See file 27 Mar 20
PF0007062/1 508D Sleaford Billingborough 26 Mar 20
PF0007062/61 S156S Sleaford Railway Station Sleaford Railway Station South Rauceby, Wilsford, Ancaster, Sudbrook Lane End, Grantham 26 Mar 20
PF0007062/65 S148S Whichcote Arms PH, Osbournby Sleaford Aslackby, Folkingham, Threekingham, Osbournby, Silk Willoughby 6 Jan 20
PF0007062/55 65 Sleaford Sleaford Cranwell, Billinghay 2 Jan 20
PF0007062/54 SLE9 Aubourn Market Place, Sleaford Thurlby, Bassingham, Brant, Broughton 1 Sep 19
PF0007062/60 36 Sleaford Railway Station Sleaford Railway Station Silkwilloughby, Folkingham, Billingborough, Hlepringham, Boston Bus Station 1 May 19
PF0007062/62 33 Bourne Bus Station Bourne Bus Station Dyke, Morton, Rippingale, Dowsby, Pointon, Billingborough, Folkingham , Osbournby, Sleaford, Leasingham, Dunston 17 Apr 19
PF0007062/63 44 Swineshead, South Street Swineshead, South Street East Heckington, Heckington, Sleaford, Leasingham, Bracebridge Heath 10 Apr 19
PF0007062/56 S73S Kirkby La Thorpe South Rauceby Sleaford 17 Apr 18
PF0007062/58 S35S Sleaford Market Place North Rauceby Primary School, Tom Lane South Rauceby, Grey Lees, Wilsford 16 Apr 18
PF0007062/36 S112S Pointon Sleaford Billingborough 1 Sep 17

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PF0007062/17 Sleaford IT Service Sleaford, Southgate Sleaford, Southgate North Parade, Boston Road 31 Dec 19
PF0007062/57 S148S Folkingham Carre Arms Hotel, Sleaford Threekingham, Osbournby Silk Wiloughby 19 Dec 19
PF0007062/45 S73S Kirkby La Thorpe South Rauceby 29 Mar 18
PF0007062/46 S35S Sleaford Market Place North Rauceby 29 Mar 18
PF0007062/53 S116S Boston Bus Station Donington, Thomas Cowley School Wyberton, Kirton, Swineshead 1 Sep 17
PF0007062/42 4025 Sleaford, Southgate Bus Stop Sleaford Market Place 31 Mar 17
PF0007062/41 SLE6 Newark B Route Newark Welbourn 20 Dec 16
PF0007062/37 N04D Martin Sleaford Timberland; Walcott; Billinghay; North Kyme; Anwick 22 Jul 16
PF0007062/39 H42S Quadring Spalding 2 Sep 15
PF0007062/48 MOY10 Outer Circle Road, Lincoln Anwick, Moy Park Factory Lincoln, Bracebridge Heath 26 May 15
PF0007062/50 MOY9 Heckington Village Hall Anwick, Moy Park Factory Sleaford 26 May 15
PF0007062/49 MOY11 Opp Copeland Court, Grantham Rd Sleaford Anwick, Moy Park Factory Sleaford 26 May 15
PF0007062/44 SLE7 Brant Broughton, The Generous Briton PH Sleaford, Market Place 14 Apr 15
PF0007062/52 MOY7 Moor Lane, North Hydeham Anwick, Moy Park Factory Birchwood, Newark ,Ruskington 19 Feb 15
PF0007062/51 MOY8 Burton Road, Lincoln Anwick, Moy Park Factory Lincoln, Branston, Metheringham, Ruskington 19 Feb 15
PF0007062/47 SLE8 Cranwell Village Post Office St Georges Academy Sleaford, Hodingham 20 Dec 14
PF0007062/40 SLE5 Sleaford Welbourn 4 Sep 14
PF0007062/34 S19S Claypole Welbourn 24 Jul 14
PF0007062/29 MOY3 Lincoln, Birchwood Shopping Centre Anwick Boultham Park, Newark Road, Lincoln, Bracebridge Heath, Digby, Ruskington 22 Apr 14
PF0007062/31 MOY5 Burton Road, Lincoln Anwick Lincoln Various, Branston, Digby, Ruskington 22 Apr 14
PF0007062/32 MOY6 Sleaford Anwick Cranwell, Sleaford 22 Apr 14
PF0007062/27 MOY1 Heckington Anwick 22 Apr 14
PF0007062/15 S103S Ruskington Grantham Ruskington, Sleaford, Leasingham and Ancaster 20 Dec 13
PF0007062/43 Z184 Polkingham, Market Place Boston Bus Station 15 Aug 13
PF0007062/14 NORTH SLEAFORD SERVICE Sleaford, the Drove Sleaford, William Alvey School Sleaford County Infants School and William Alvey Primary School 5 Sep 12
PF0007062/28 MOY2 Metheringham Anwick RAF Digby, Cranwell, Leasingham 15 Jan 12
PF0007062/30 MOY4 Woodhall Spa Anwick Mareham Le Fen, Coningsby, Tattershall, Tattershall Bridge, Billinghay, North Kyme 15 Jan 12
PF0007062/38 S73S Kirkby La Thorpe Sleaford 17 Dec 11
PF0007062/21 S26S Heckington Helpringham Great Hale, Little Hale, Swaton 26 Apr 11
PF0007062/35 SLE5 Sleaford Rugby Club Sleaford Rugby Club 3 Dec 10
PF0007062/33 60 Quandring Crossroads Billingborough, Aveland School Donnington, Bicker 1 Sep 10
PF0007062/3 S35S Sleaford North Rauceby 17 Jul 09
PF0007062/18 SO5S Sleaford Billinghay RAF Cranwell, Cranwell Village, Ruskington & Anwick 6 Jan 09
PF0007062/22 S79S Martin Boston Timberland, North/South Lyme, Parsons Drove, Hubbarts 29 Aug 08
PF0007062/20 RAU 1 Greylees Crossing, Rauceby Tescos Store, Northgate, Sleaford Rauceby & Sik Willoughby 17 Apr 08
PF0007062/11 W8 Sleaford Lincoln Leasingham and Cranwell 3 Aug 07
PF0007062/5 Sleaford - Cranwell Sleaford Cranwell Primary School 31 Jul 06
PF0007062/4 RB170 Sleaford Sleaford 10 Apr 06
PF0007062/13 RB503 Swineshead Billingborough Aveland School Bicker, Quadring and Donington 17 Feb 06
PF0007062/6 w38 Ewerby Sleaford Ewerby Thorpe, Howell, Heckington, Burton Pedwardine, North Beck and Scredington 17 Feb 06
PF0007062/16 609 Sleaford Grantham South Rauceby, Wilsford, Ancaster, Sudbrook, West Willoughby, Honington, Barkston, Syston, Belton and Manthorpe 17 Feb 06
PF0007062/7 W22 Sleaford, Boston Road Sleaford, Boston Road Sleaford Town 17 Feb 06
PF0007062/19 N43M Newton Newton Walcot, Folkingham, Threekingham, Osbournby, Aswarby, Crofton, Swarby, Silk Willoughby and Sleaford 30 Dec 05
PF0007062/12 S90S Walcot Grantham College Digby, Ruskington, Sleaford, Leasingham, Cranwell, Ancaster and Grantham 17 Jun 04
PF0007062/10 W30 Raf Cranwell Sleaford Cranwell Village 13 Nov 03
PF0007062/9 W39 Sleaford, the Drove Sleaford, William Alvey School Lincoln Road, York Road, Almond Walk, Hazel Grove, Jubilee Grove 13 Nov 03