Bus Times


Traffic area H
Discs 40
Authorised discs 40

Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PH1098723/68 503 Barton Peveril College Thornden School 5 Sep 19
PH1098723/47 501 Deacon Road, Merry Oak Shops Hamble School Park Gate 5 Sep 19
PH1098224/31 RC5 Albert road, Cheltenham. (AM) Ribston Hall High School, Gloucester. Gloucester, Cheltenham. 4 Sep 19
PH1098723/112 191 Bishops Waltham, Cricklemede Itchen College, Middle Road Fair Oak, Hedge End 2 Sep 19
PH1098723/101 190 Stubbington Green Itchen College Feareham, Warsash 2 Sep 19
PH1098723/85 X10 Southampton Bargate Bishops Waltham Square West End, Durley 2 Sep 19
PH1098723/82 407 Bishops Waltham, Free Street Barton Peveril College 30 Aug 19
PH1098723/61 X4 Eastleigh Bus Station Hedge End, Freegrounds West End 6 May 19
PH1098723/86 X9 Eastleigh Bus Station Bishops Waltham Square Colden Common, Hedge End, Botley 6 May 19
PH1098723/38 X6 Eastleigh Bus Station Hiltingbury, Ashdown Road Velmore, Chandlers Ford 6 May 19
PH1098723/57 402 Fryern Hill Barton Peveril College Valley Park 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/62 401 Boorley Park Barton Peveril College Botley, Hedge End 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/70 405 Hamble Square Barton Peverell College, Eastleigh Bus Station Netley, Bursleda, Hedge End 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/71 404 Southampton, Warburton Road Barton Peveril College Woolston, Thornhill 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/63 406 Burlesdon Tesco Eastleigh Bus Station Barton Peveril College 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/93 408 Shirrell Heath Barton Peveril College 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/115 194 Bishopstoke, Underwood Road Itchen College, Middle Road Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, West End 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/113 192 Whiteley, Yew Tree Drive Itchen College, Middle Road Swanwick 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/117 196 Hamble Square Itchen College, Middle Road Netley, Butlocks Heath 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/114 193 Gosport, Cunningham Drive Itchen College, Middle Road 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/116 195 Portchester Precinct Itchen College, Middle Road Fareham, Titchfield, Warsash 25 Feb 19
PH1098723/83 X17 Eastleigh Bus Station Petersfield Tesco Store Swanmore, The Meons 20 Feb 19
PH1098723/67 X8 Eastleigh Bus Station Eastleigh Bus Station Boyatt Wood 17 Feb 19
PH1098723/91 502 Bishopstoke, Riverside Wyvern Technology College 29 Oct 18
PH1098723/84 X15 Hamble Square Eastleigh Bus Station Netley, Hedge End, Botley 14 May 18
PH1098723/97 X11 Lordshill Centre Southampton City Centre, Pound Tree Road Lordshill North, Shirley 4 Sep 17
PH1098723/99 X81 Barton Peveril College Southampton Common, Northlands Road 8 Jul 17
PH1098723/56 X1 Eastleigh Bus Station Tesco, Swan Centre Eastleigh Rail Station 5 Apr 16
PH1098723/87 Hoppa Service Bitterne Sainsburys Bitterne Sainsburys Midanbury, Sholing, Harefield 30 Mar 16
PH1098723/75 X12 Southampton Pound Tree Road Shirley Precinct Regents Park, Millbrook 29 Mar 16

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PH1098723/72 X5 Parkway Station Chandlers Ford Station Stoneham Lane, Ceshtnut AVE 30 Aug 19
PH1098723/122 F2 Campsite, Farlington Clarence pier, Southsea Non Stop 23 Aug 19
PH1098723/121 F1 lakeside car park, Cosham Clarence pier, Southsea See file. 23 Aug 19
PH1098723/120 X90 Winchester Rail Station Boomtown Festival, Matterley Bowl 6 Aug 19
PH1098723/104 412 Swanwick Station Barton Peveril College Park Gate 12 Jul 19
PH1098723/102 410 Stubbington Green Barton Peveril College Warsash 12 Jul 19
PH1098723/105 413 Locks Heath Barton Peveril College Warsash, Park Gate 12 Jul 19
PH1098723/92 409 North Harbour, Tesco Barton Peveril College Fareham 12 Jul 19
PH1098723/69 403 Fareham Railway Station Barton Peverill College 12 Jul 19
PH1098723/106 414 Stubbington Barton Peveril College Titchfield, Park Gate 12 Jul 19
PH1098723/119 X81 Barton Peveril College, Chestnut Avenue Southampton Common, Northlands Road 6 Jul 19
PH1098723/118 X80 Southampton Central Station (South) Southampton Common, Northlands Road City Centre 6 Jul 19
PH1098723/103 411 Warsash Saxon Close Barton Peveril College Park Gate 6 May 19
PH1098723/95 X5 Boorley Park Hedge End Station 22 Mar 19
PH1098723/110 X25 The Hard Interchange Portsmouth Clarence Pier South Sea 24 Aug 18
PH1098723/111 X30 Lakeside Car Park, Cosham Clarence Pier, Southsea Camp Site, Farlington Playing Fields Only 24 Aug 18
PH1098723/109 X90 Winchester Rail Station Boom Town Festival Site 7 Aug 18
PH1098723/107 X80 Southampton Central Station Southampton Common, Northlands Road City Centre 7 Jul 18
PH1098723/108 X81 Barton Peveril College Southampton Common, Northlands Road 7 Jul 18
PH1098723/100 X90 Winchester Rail Station Chilcomb, Boomtown Festival Site 9 Aug 17
PH1098723/98 X80 Southampton Central Station Southside Southampton Common, Northlands Road Civic Centre 8 Jul 17
PH1098723/94 507 Fareham, Highlands Road Cams Hill School North Fareham 17 Jun 17
PH1098723/73 X11 Lordshill Centre Southampton City Centre, Pound Tree Road General Hospital 31 Dec 16
PH1098723/46 507 Catisfield Cams Hill School Highlands 16 Dec 16
PH1098723/10 X1 Stoke Common Eastleigh Tesco Store Bishopstoke , Boyattwood, Nightingale 17 Nov 16
PH1098723/60 X3 Eastleigh Bus Station Chandlers Ford, Asda Boyatt Wood 2 Sep 16
PH1098723/90 X90 Winchester Rail Station Matterley Bowl, Chilcomb 10 Aug 16
PH1098723/81 505 Bishopstoke, Riverside Bishopstoke, Riverside 19 Jul 16
PH1098723/89 X81 Eastleigh, Wide Lane Playing Fields Southampton, Northlands Road 9 Jul 16
PH1098723/88 X80 Southampton, Holyrood Southampton, Northlands Road City centre & Central Station South 9 Jul 16
PH1098723/42 X22 Western OAP Homes Tesco Burslesdon Netley; Butlocks Heath 7 Mar 16
PH1098723/41 X21 Bitterne Church Tesco, Burlsledon 7 Mar 16
PH1098723/43 X23 Sarisbury Green PO Tesco Bursledon 7 Mar 16
PH1098723/74 X14 Bitterne Sainsburys Burlesdon Tesco Thornhill, Sholing 30 Dec 15
PH1098723/77 X24 Bitterne Shops Paultons Park Woolston, Shirely, Lordshill, Romsey 6 Sep 15
PH1098723/76 X56 Hamble Square Eastleigh Bus Station Burlesdon, Hedge End, West End 3 Sep 15
PH1098723/45 63A Morestead Crossroads Winchester, The Westgate School Morestead 14 Aug 15
PH1098723/66 67 Winchester Bus Station Petersfield Square & Tesco Arlesford 14 Aug 15
PH1098723/59 67 Winchester Bus Station Petersfield Square/ Tesco West Meon 14 Aug 15
PH1098723/80 X90 Winchester Rail Station Matterley Bowl, Boomtown Festival 11 Aug 15
PH1098723/78 X81 Wide Lane Playing Fields Southampton Common, Northlands Road 11 Jul 15
PH1098723/79 X80 Southampton, Holyrood Church Southampton Common, Northlands Road 11 Jul 15
PH1098723/39 C3 Chandlers Ford, Waitrose Oakmount Road, Waitrose Hiltingbury, North & South Millersdale 3 Jan 15
PH1098723/33 702 Fawley Square Totton College 5 Sep 14
PH1098723/32 701 Langley Tavern Totton College 5 Sep 14
PH1098723/58 505 Bishopstoke Riverside Wyvern College 23 Jul 14
PH1098723/64 X80 Red Funnel Ferry Terminal Southampton Common Central Station 12 Jul 14
PH1098723/65 X81 Windhover Roundabout Car Park Southampton Common 12 Jul 14
PH1098723/55 903 Langley Tauntons College Holbury, Marchwood 27 Jun 14
PH1098723/52 X32 Titchfield, Southampton Hill Hedge End Park, Sainsburys Locks Heath, Botley 6 Jun 14
PH1098723/16 X13 SouthamptonPortswood Sainsburys SouthamptonPortswood Sainsburys Northlands, Chartwell Green 18 Apr 14
PH1098723/13 X15 Southampton Wessex Lane Southampton Central Hall Highfield Interchange 18 Apr 14
PH1098723/40 X15 Southampton, Pound Tree Road Cantell Maths and Computing College Portswood, Southampton 18 Apr 14
PH1098723/2 100 Southampton Civic Centre Southampton Civic Centre 18 Apr 14
PH1098723/18 X17 Eastleigh Bus Station Fareham College 18 Apr 14
PH1098723/49 901 Hamble Square Tauntons College Bitterne 4 Apr 14
PH1098723/9 505 Wyvern Tech College, Fair Oak Bishopstoke (riverside) 4 Apr 14
PH1098723/48 801 Southampton, East Park Terrace Warsash Maritime Academy 17 Feb 14
PH1098723/51 X33 Weston, Newtown Road Sainsburys, Hedge End park Thornhill 6 Jan 14
PH1098723/53 X31 Hedge End Park, Sainsburys Hedge End Park, Sainsburys Townhill Park 6 Jan 14
PH1098723/29 X26 Woolston Link Road St Georges School 9 Dec 13
PH1098723/50 902 Lordshill Centre Tauntons College Millbrook 15 Nov 13
PH1098723/44 63 Owlesbury, Ship Inn Winchester Bus Station Twyford, Shawford 20 Sep 13
PH1098723/15 X4 Fair Oak Square Valley Park Asda 8 Sep 13
PH1098723/7 191 Fair Oak Square Itchen College, Southampton Bishops Wattham, Swanmore, Botley and West End 7 Sep 13
PH1098723/5 193 Fareham Highlands Road itchen College, Southampton Stubbington, Warsash, lower Swanwick, lowford 7 Sep 13
PH1098723/6 192 Whiteley Solent Hotel Itchen College, Southampton Lower Swanwick 7 Sep 13
PH1098723/54 100 West Cowes, Carvel Lane Robin Hill Newport Sainsburys 5 Sep 13
PH1098723/4 507 Valley park (Katrine Crescent) Toynbee School, Chandlers Ford 26 Jul 13
PH1098723/20 610 Catisfield Cams School 24 Jul 13
PH1098723/35 X8 Denhams Corner, Horton Heath Eastleigh Bus Station Fair Oak, Colden Common, Allbrook 20 Apr 13
PH1098723/34 703 Marchwood, Pilgrim Inn Hounsdown/Foxhills 22 Feb 13
PH1098723/37 X9 Calshot Totton 19 Feb 13
PH1098723/36 X10 Woodley, Near Romsey Totton 19 Feb 13
PH1098723/28 X3 Eastleigh Bus Station Valley Park Velmore & Asda 25 Dec 12
PH1098723/31 616 Hamble Sports College Southampton, Middle Road 3 Sep 12
PH1098723/30 194 Chandlers Ford, Oakmount Road Itchen College 3 Sep 12
PH1098723/19 X25 Southsea, Henderson Road Cravan Park Portsmouth, Hard Interchange South Parade Pier, Clarence Pier 28 Aug 12
PH1098723/3 C1 Eastleigh Bus Station Hiltingbury, Ashdown Road 28 Aug 12
PH1098723/24 X8 Eastleigh Bus Station Marwell Zoo/Fair Oak Square 26 Aug 12
PH1098723/14 X5 Eastleigh Bus Station Valley Park Boyatt Wood 26 Aug 12
PH1098723/21 63 Owslebury, Ship Inn Winchester 25 Aug 12
PH1098723/23 61 Winchester Broadway Badger Farm Sainsburys 25 Aug 12
PH1098723/22 62 Winchester Broadway Winchester Broadway 25 Aug 12
PH1098723/27 X11 Chandlers Ford Asda Southampton West Quay/ Hanover Buildings Bassett 25 Aug 12
PH1098723/17 X14 Southampton, Portswood Sainsburys Southampton, Portswood Sainsburys 20 Aug 12
PH1098723/26 X57 Fareham Raol Station Portsmouth, Anchorage Park Morrisons 20 Aug 12
PH1098723/12 616 Hamble Sports Southampton Middle Road Portsmouth Road 20 Aug 12
PH1098723/25 656 Bursledon, Providence Hill Fareham, Henry Cort School 21 Jul 12
PH1098723/8 506 Fair Oak Junior School Bishopstoke West Horton Lane Fair Oak, Stoke Wood 30 Mar 12
PH1098723/11 504 Fair Oak Allington Lane Eastleigh Fleming Park Sports Centr Bihopstoke 30 Mar 12
PH1098723/1 X12 Eastleigh Bus Station Portswood Royal South Hants Hospital 11 Nov 11