Bus Times

106 - Henfield - Steyning - Worthing

A bus service operated by Compass Travel

Henfield - Steyning - Worthing

Henfield High Street (N-bound) 09:30
Henfield, opp Martyn Close 09:30
Henfield, adj Broomfield Road 09:31
Henfield, adj Broomfield Gardens 09:31
Henfield, adj Chanctonbury View 09:32
Henfield, opp Bus Garage 09:34
Henfield, adj Fabians Way 09:35
Henfield, opp Broomfield Road 09:35
Henfield, adj Chantry Close 09:37
Henfield, before London Road 09:37
Henfield, opp Manor Way 09:38
Henfield, opp Wantley Hill Estate 09:39
Henfield, adj Manor Way 09:39
Henfield, adj Furners Lane 09:40
Henfield High Street (S-bound) 09:42
Henfield, opp Golden Square 09:42
Henfield, adj Broadmare Farm 09:43
Henfield, adj Business Park 09:45
Henfield, o/s Wood's Mill 09:46
Small Dole, adj Hoewood 09:47
Small Dole, opp Post Office 09:48
Small Dole Henfield Road (SW-bound) 09:48
Small Dole, adj Hillside Lane 09:49
Small Dole Burrells (S-bound) 09:50
Upper Beeding, adj Golding Barn Farm 09:50
Castle Town, adj Ferringdene 09:52
Upper Beeding, adj Rising Sun 09:53
Upper Beeding, adj The Kings Head 09:54
Bramber, adj St Mary's House 09:56
Bramber, opp Castle 09:56
Steyning, adj South Ash 09:58
Steyning, opp St Cuthman's Road 09:58
Steyning, adj Middle Mead 09:59
Steyning, opp Thornscroft 10:00
Steyning, adj Health Centre 10:01
Steyning, adj Clock Tower 10:03
Steyning, adj Church Street 10:03
Steyning, adj Goring Road 10:04
Steyning Clays Hill (SE-bound) 10:05
Upper Beeding, adj South Downs Way 10:08
Upper Beeding, adj Dacre Gardens 10:09
Upper Beeding Old Cement Works (S-bound) 10:09
Shoreham-by-Sea, adj Erringham Farm 10:10
Shoreham-by-Sea Stocks Mead (S-bound) 10:12
N Lancing, opp Coombes Road 10:13
N Lancing, opp Hoe Court 10:15
N Lancing, opp Leisure Centre 10:16
N Lancing, opp Sports Centre 10:16
N Lancing, adj Miller and Carter 10:17
N Lancing, opp The Street 10:17
N Lancing, opp Norbury Drive 10:18
N Lancing Fairview Road East (o/s 3) 10:18
N Lancing Fairview Road West (opp 28) 10:19
N Lancing Firle Road (o/s 13) 10:20
N Lancing, adj Derek Road 10:20
N Lancing, adj Fircroft Avenue 10:20
N Lancing Manor Road (just before) 10:21
N Lancing, adj Shopping Parade 10:21
N Lancing, opp Lancing Church 10:22
N Lancing, opp Miller and Carter 10:23
N Lancing, adj Sports Centre 10:23
Lancing, opp Upper Brighton Road 10:24
Lancing, adj Curvins Way 10:24
Lancing, opp Crabtree Lane 10:25
Lancing, opp Crabtree Parade 10:25
Lancing, opp Police Station 10:26
Lancing, o/s North Road Post Office 10:27
S Lancing, adj The Farmers 10:27
S Lancing, adj East Street 10:29
S Lancing, opp The New Sussex Hotel 10:29
S Lancing, opp Lancing Park 10:30
S Lancing, opp Western Road 10:31
E Worthing, opp Onslow Court 10:33
E Worthing, opp Brookdean Road 10:34
E Worthing, opp Ford Garage 10:35
E Worthing, adj Coronation Buildings 10:35
Worthing, adj Gannon Road 10:36
Worthing, adj Selden Road 10:37
Worthing, opp Hospital 10:38
Worthing High Street (S-bound) 10:40
Worthing Steyne Gardens (S-bound) 10:41
Worthing Marine Parade (Stop E) 10:43

Worthing - Steyning - Henfield

Worthing Marine Parade (Stop F) 13:00
Worthing The Steyne (N-bound) 13:00
Worthing High Street (N-bound) 13:02
Worthing, o/s Hospital 13:04
Worthing, opp Selden Road 13:04
Worthing, opp Gannon Road 13:05
E Worthing, opp Coronation Buildings 13:06
E Worthing, adj Ford Garage 13:07
E Worthing, adj Brookdean Road 13:07
E Worthing, adj Onslow Court 13:08
E Worthing, adj Brooklands Park 13:09
S Lancing, adj Western Road 13:10
S Lancing, adj Lancing Park 13:11
S Lancing, opp East Street 13:13
S Lancing, opp The Farmers 13:15
Lancing, opp North Road Post Office 13:17
Lancing, adj Police Station 13:17
Lancing, adj Crabtree Parade 13:18
Lancing, adj Crabtree Lane 13:18
Lancing, opp Curvins Way 13:19
Lancing, adj Upper Brighton Road 13:20
N Lancing, opp Sports Centre 13:20
N Lancing, adj Miller and Carter 13:21
N Lancing, adj Lancing Church 13:22
N Lancing, opp Shopping Parade 13:22
N Lancing Manor Road (just after) 13:23
N Lancing, opp Fircroft Avenue 13:23
N Lancing, opp Derek Road 13:24
N Lancing Firle Road (o/s 16) 13:25
N Lancing Fairview Road West (o/s 28) 13:25
N Lancing Fairview Road East (o/s 6) 13:26
N Lancing, adj Norbury Drive 13:26
N Lancing, adj The Street 13:27
N Lancing, opp Miller and Carter 13:27
N Lancing, adj Sports Centre 13:28
N Lancing, adj Leisure Centre 13:29
N Lancing, adj Hoe Court 13:29
N Lancing, adj Coombes Road 13:30
Shoreham-by-Sea Stocks Mead (N-bound) 13:32
Shoreham-by-Sea, opp Erringham Farm 13:33
Upper Beeding Old Cement Works (N-bound) 13:34
Upper Beeding, opp Dacre Gardens 13:35
Upper Beeding, opp South Downs Way 13:35
Steyning, adj South Ash 13:39
Steyning, opp St Cuthman's Road 13:39
Steyning, adj Middle Mead 13:40
Steyning, opp Thornscroft 13:41
Steyning, adj Health Centre 13:42
Steyning, adj Clock Tower 13:44
Steyning, adj Church Street 13:44
Steyning, adj Goring Road 13:45
Steyning Clays Hill (SE-bound) 13:46
Bramber, adj Castle 13:47
Bramber, opp St Mary's House 13:48
Upper Beeding, opp The Kings Head 13:49
Upper Beeding, opp Rising Sun 13:50
Castle Town, opp Ferringdene 13:50
Upper Beeding, opp Golding Barn Farm 13:52
Small Dole Burrells (N-bound) 13:53
Small Dole, opp Hillside Lane 13:53
Small Dole Henfield Road (NE-bound) 13:54
Small Dole, adj Post Office 13:55
Small Dole, opp Hoewood 13:55
Henfield, opp Wood's Mill 13:56
Henfield, opp Business Park 13:57
Henfield, opp Broadmare Farm 13:58
Henfield, adj Golden Square 13:59
Henfield High Street (N-bound) 14:00
Henfield, opp Martyn Close 14:00s
Henfield, adj Broomfield Road 14:01s
Henfield, adj Broomfield Gardens 14:01s
Henfield, adj Chanctonbury View 14:02s
Henfield, opp Bus Garage 14:04s
Henfield, adj Fabians Way 14:05s
Henfield, opp Broomfield Road 14:05s
Henfield, adj Chantry Close 14:06s
Henfield, before London Road 14:07s
Henfield, opp Manor Way 14:07s
Henfield, opp Wantley Hill Estate 14:08

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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