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111X - Haddington - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

A bus service operated by Prentice Coaches


Haddington - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Haddington, at High Street 06:10
Haddington, at Police Station 06:10
Haddington, at Angle Park 06:10
Haddington, adj Letham Drive 06:11
Haddington, adj Park Lane 06:11
Haddington, opp Knowes Road 06:12
Haddington, opp Gateside Road 06:12
Haddington, opp Gateside Commerce Park 06:13
Haddington, adj Letham Mains Rd End 06:14
Gladsmuir, opp Coates Road 06:15
Gladsmuir, at Liberty Hall 06:17
Gladsmuir Farmhouse (opp and before) 06:19
Gladsmuir Roundabout (E-bound) 06:19
Macmerry, adj Industrial Estate East 06:19
Macmerry, nr Penston Rd End 06:20
Macmerry, opp St Germains Terrace 06:20
Macmerry, adj Whiteloch Road 06:21
Tranent, opp Tranmere Hotel 06:23
Tranent, opp Veterinary Surgery 06:24
Tranent, opp St Martin's School 06:24
Tranent, adj Police Station 06:25
Tranent, adj Fa'side Lodge 06:25
Tranent, adj Fire Station 06:25
Tranent, opp Fowler Street 06:26
Tranent A1 Roundabout (N-bound) 06:26
Prestonpans, adj St Joseph's 06:27
Prestonpans, adj Johnny Cope Stone 06:28
Prestonpans Bankton Terrace (W-bound) 06:28
Prestonpans, opp Gardiner Crescent 06:28
Prestonpans, opp Hawthorn Road Shops 06:29
Prestonpans Polwarth Terrace (W-bound) 06:29
Prestonpans, opp Health Centre 06:30
Prestonpans, o/s Northfield House 06:30
Prestonpans, opp Alexander Drive 06:31
Prestonpans, opp Drummore Drive 06:31
Prestonpans, at Rowberry Walk 06:32
Prestonpans Golf Practice range 06:32
Prestonpans New Cementary 06:32
Wallyford, at Auction House 06:33
Wallyford, nr The Loan 06:34
Wallyford, opp Institute 06:35
Wallyford, adj Albert Place 06:35
Wallyford, opp Fa'side Inn 06:36
Wallyford Fa'side Avenue South 06:37
Whitecraig, opp Dolphin Inn 06:42
Whitecraig Crescent (nr) 06:43
Whitecraig Crescent (opp) 06:43
Whitecraig, o/s Dolphin Inn 06:43
Inveresk Kennels (o/s) 06:46
Musselburgh, at Inveresk Village 06:47
Musselburgh, opp Rothesay Place 06:49
Musselburgh, opp Loretto RC Primary School 06:50
Musselburgh, o/s Police Station 06:51
Musselburgh, o/s Tesco 06:51
Musselburgh, opp Eskview Road 06:52
Musselburgh, opp Eskview Crescent 06:52
Musselburgh, at Haugh Park 06:53
Musselburgh, opp Stoneybank Place 06:53
Musselburgh, opp Mayfield Crescent 06:54
Musselburgh, adj Golf Club 06:54
Old Craighall Main Road (opp 14) 06:57
Millerhill, at Newton Cottages 06:57
Easter Millerhill (At 18) 06:59
Wester Millerhill (at) 06:59
Newton Village, at Newton Church Road 07:01
Newton Village Millerhill Road (Opp 107) 07:01
Hilltown, at Moorfield Cottages 07:01
Hilltown Terrace (opp) 07:02
Craigmillar, adj Bowes Place 07:03
Craigmillar, after Milligan Drive 07:03
Edmonstone, opp Sandilands Close 07:04
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, at Scrm 07:04
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (Stop IN) 07:05

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary - Haddington

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (Stop IN) 20:15
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, opp Scrm 20:15
Edmonstone, before Sandilands Close 20:15
Craigmillar, nr Milligan Drive 20:16
Craigmillar, opp Bowes Place 20:16
The Wisp, at Cauldcoats 20:16
Hilltown Terrace (at) 20:17
Hilltown, opp Moorfield Cottages 20:18
Newton Village Millerhill Road (near 107) 20:18
Newton Village, nr Newton Church Road 20:19
Newton Village Millerhill Road (SE-bound) 20:19
Wester Millerhill (opp) 20:20
Easter Millerhill (opp 22) 20:21
Millerhill, opp Newton Cottages 20:22
Old Craighall Main Road (o/s 12) 20:23
Musselburgh, opp Golf Club 20:25
Musselburgh, nr Mayfield Crescent 20:25
Musselburgh, adj Stoneybank Place 20:25
Musselburgh, opp Haugh Park 20:26
Musselburgh, adj Eskview Crescent 20:26
Musselburgh, at Eskview Road 20:26
Musselburgh, opp Tesco 20:27
Musselburgh, at Tesco Terminus 20:28
Musselburgh, opp Police Station 20:33
Musselburgh, o/s Loretto RC Primary School 20:33
Musselburgh, adj Rothesay Place 20:34
Musselburgh, opp Inveresk Village 20:35
Inveresk Kennels (opp) 20:37
Whitecraig, opp Dolphin Inn 20:39
Whitecraig Crescent (nr) 20:39
Whitecraig Crescent (opp) 20:40
Whitecraig, o/s Dolphin Inn 20:40
Wallyford Park Drive 20:43
Wallyford, o/s Fa'side Inn 20:44
Wallyford, opp Albert Place 20:44
Wallyford, o/s Institute 20:45
Wallyford, adj The Loan 20:45
Wallyford, opp Auction House 20:45
Prestonpans, opp Rowberry Walk 20:47
Prestonpans, at Drummore Drive 20:48
Prestonpans, adj Alexander Drive 20:48
Prestonpans, opp Northfield House 20:49
Prestonpans, adj Health Centre 20:50
Prestonpans Polwarth Terrace (E-bound) 20:50
Prestonpans, at Hawthorn Road Shops 20:50
Prestonpans, at Gardiner Crescent 20:51
Prestonpans Bankton Terrace (E-bound) 20:51
Prestonpans, opp Johnny Cope Stone 20:51
Prestonpans, opp St Joseph's 20:52
Tranent A1 Roundabout (S-bound) 20:53
Tranent, adj Fowler Street 20:53
Tranent, opp Fire Station 20:54
Tranent, opp Fa'side Lodge 20:54
Tranent, opp Police Station 20:55
Tranent, at Veterinary Surgery 20:55
Tranent, at Tranmere Hotel 20:56
Macmerry, opp Whiteloch Road 21:00
Macmerry, adj St Germains Terrace 21:00
Macmerry, adj Satellite Park 21:00
Macmerry, opp Industrial Estate 21:00
Macmerry, opp Industrial Estate East 21:01
Gladsmuir Roundabout (W-bound) 21:01
Gladsmuir Farmhouse (at) 21:02
Gladsmuir, at Lamington Road 21:02
Gladsmuir, opp Liberty Hall 21:03
Gladsmuir, adj Coates Road 21:04
Haddington, opp Letham Mains Rd End 21:05
Haddington, at Gateside Commerce Park 21:07
Haddington, adj Gateside Road 21:07
Haddington, adj Knowes Road 21:08
Haddington, opp Park Lane 21:08
Haddington, opp Letham Drive 21:09
Haddington, opp Angle Park 21:09
Haddington, opp Corn Exchange 21:09
Haddington, at Market Street 21:10

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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