Bus Times

135 - Sapphire - Camberley - Woking - Guildford

A bus service operated by Arriva Kent and Surrey

Camberley Pembroke Broadway (Stop C) 14:47
Camberley Heathcote Road (S-bound) 14:47
Camberley, opp Shalbourne Rise 14:48
Camberley, opp Belton Road 14:49
Camberley, opp Connaught Road 14:49
Camberley, adj Ravenswood Drive 14:50
Camberley, opp Iberian Way 14:51
Camberley, adj Gibbet Lane 14:52
Camberley, opp Hillcrest Road 14:53
Camberley, opp Collingwood Grange Close 14:53
Bagshot, adj Pennyhill Park 14:54
Bagshot, opp Waterers Way 14:56
Bagshot Square (NE-bound) 14:58
Bagshot Green (opp) 15:00
Lightwater The Avenue (S-bound) 15:05
Lightwater, opp Stonehill Road 15:06
Lightwater Badger Drive (SE-bound) 15:07
Lightwater Clearsprings (SE-bound) 15:08
Lightwater, adj Lovells Close 15:11
Lightwater, nr War Memorial 15:13
Lightwater, adj Blackstroud Lane West 15:14
W End, adj Gordon's School 15:16
W End, opp The Inn 15:18
W End, adj Fellow Green 15:19
Bisley, adj Oldhouse Lane 15:20
Bisley, adj School Close 15:21
Bisley, opp Hen and Chickens 15:22
Bisley, opp Arethusa Way 15:23
Bisley, opp Queens Road 15:23
Bisley, adj Foxleigh Grange 15:25
Knaphill, adj Limecroft Road 15:27
Knaphill, adj Chobham Road 15:27
Knaphill, opp Oak Tree Road 15:28
Knaphill, o/s Sainsbury's 15:29
Knaphill, opp Cavell Way 15:30
Knaphill Alexandra Place (NE-bound) 15:30
Knaphill, adj The Vyne Health Centre 15:32
Knaphill Shops (NE-bound) 15:34
Knaphill, adj The Royal Oak 15:35
Goldsworth Park, adj Knapwood House 15:36
Goldsworth Park, adj Littlewick Common 15:37
Goldsworth Park Littlewick Road (E-bound) 15:39
Goldsworth Park, adj Parley Bridge 15:41
Horsell Birch (SE-bound) 15:44
Horsell, adj Russell Road 15:48
Horsell, opp Thornash Road 15:50
Horsell Morton Road (SE-bound) 15:53
Horsell, adj Woking High School 15:54
Horsell Meadway Drive (SW-bound) 15:54
Horsell Way (adj) 15:55
Horsell, opp Russell Road 15:55
Horsell Bullbeggars Lane (S-bound) 15:56
Horsell Sythwood (SW-bound) 15:56
Goldsworth Park, opp Tracious Close 15:56
Goldsworth Park, adj Colliers Close 15:57
Goldsworth Park, opp Roffords 15:57
Goldsworth Park, opp Eastmead 15:57
Woking, opp Consort Court 16:01
Woking, adj United Reform Church 16:01
Woking, opp Twin Bridges 16:02
Woking Wych Hill (SW-bound) 16:03
Woking West Hill (E-bound) 16:03
Woking, adj Acacia Avenue 16:04
Woking, adj Almond Avenue 16:05
Mayford, opp The Bird in Hand 16:07
The Mayford Arms (o/s) 16:07
Mayford, adj Maybourne Rise 16:08
Sutton Green, adj Whitmoor Lane 16:10
Jacobs Well, adj Stringer's Avenue 16:13
Jacobs Well, adj White House Lane 16:14
Slyfield Green Woodlands Road (E-bound) 16:15
Slyfield Green, adj Parrot Court 16:16
Slyfield Green Old Farm Road (SW-bound) 16:17
Bellfields, adj School Close 16:19
Bellfields Stoke Bridges (S-bound) 16:19
Guildford College (o/s) 16:22
Guildford, adj Queen's Road 16:23
Guildford, o/s Library 16:25
Guildford Friary Bus Station (N-bound) 16:27
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