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18X - Haslemere - Alton College

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Hants & Surrey

Haslemere - Alton College

Haslemere Town Hall (Stop D) 08:50
Haslemere Railway Station (opp) 08:52
Haslemere Wey Hill (W-bound) 08:53
Shottermill Lion Green (W-bound) 08:55
Shottermill Hindhead Road (W-bound) 08:55
Shottermill, adj Critchmere Hill 08:56
Shottermill, adj Nutcombe Lane 08:57
Nutcombe, opp Honey Hanger 08:58
Nutcombe, opp Polecat Hill Turn 08:59
Hindhead, opp Longdown Cottages 09:00
Hindhead, opp Tyndalls 09:00
Hindhead Crossroads (SW-bound) 09:02
Hindhead Portsmouth Road (SW-bound) 09:02
Hindhead Headley Road (W-bound) 09:03
Hindhead, opp Tarn Road 09:04
Grayshott, o/s Library & Village Hall 09:04
Grayshott, opp The Fox and Pelican 09:06
Grayshott School Road (W-bound) 09:06
Grayshott Waggoners Wells (W-bound) 09:07
Headley Down, opp Grayshott Hall 09:08
Headley Down, nr Hammer Lane 09:09
Headley Down, adj Carlton Road 09:11
Headley Down Wilsons Road (NW-bound) 09:12
Headley Down Beech Hill Garage (NW-bound) 09:12
Headley Down, adj Eddeys Lane 09:13
Headley Down Honeysuckle Lane (S-bound) 09:13
Headley Down, nr Beechcroft 09:13
Headley Down, opp Fullers Vale 09:14
Arford Headley Green (W-bound) 09:16
Headley, adj Badgerswood Drive 09:17
Bordon Church Fields (W-bound) 09:17
Lindford Crossroads (SW-bound) 09:19
Lindford Elderberry Road (NW-bound) 09:20
Lindford Imadene Crescent (N-bound) 09:20
Lindford The Royal Exchange (N-bound) 09:21
Lindford Bridge (W-bound) 09:22
Bordon Camp, nr The Phoenix Theatre 09:25
Shortheath, adj Hogmoor Road 09:26
Oakhanger, o/s The Red Lion 09:29
Shortheath Oakhanger Church (N-bound) 09:29
Shortheath, adj Rookery Farm 09:30
Kingsley Bakers Farm (SW-bound) 09:32
E Worldham, opp Tilling Cottages 09:35
E Worldham Three Horseshoes (W-bound) 09:37
Alton, adj Windmill Lane 09:40
Alton, opp Omega Park 09:41
Alton Wilsom Road (SW-bound) 09:41
Alton Drayman's Way (Stop D) 09:42
Alton Normandy Street (Stop N) 09:43
Alton Amery Hill (N-bound) 09:44
Holybourne Alton College (SE-bound) 09:45

Alton College - Haslemere

Holybourne Alton College (SE-bound) 16:25
Alton Windmill Hill (Stop E) 16:27
Alton Wilsom Road (NE-bound) 16:28
Alton, adj Omega Park 16:28
Alton, opp Windmill Lane 16:29
E Worldham Three Horseshoes (E-bound) 16:32
E Worldham, o/s Tilling Cottages 16:33
Kingsley Bakers Farm (NE-bound) 16:36
Shortheath, opp Rookery Farm 16:38
Shortheath Oakhanger Church (S-bound) 16:39
Oakhanger, opp The Red Lion 16:40
Shortheath, opp Hogmoor Road 16:42
Bordon Camp, adj Royal Drive 16:44
Lindford Bridge (E-bound) 16:45
Lindford The Royal Exchange (S-bound) 16:45
Lindford Imadene Crescent (S-bound) 16:46
Lindford Elderberry Road (SE-bound) 16:47
Lindford Crossroads (NE-bound) 16:47
Bordon Church Fields (E-bound) 16:48
Headley, opp Badgerswood Drive 16:49
Arford, opp Glebe Road 16:49
Arford Headley Green (E-bound) 16:50
Headley Down, adj Fullers Vale 16:52
Headley Down Honeysuckle Lane (N-bound) 16:52
Headley Down, nr Eddeys Lane 16:53
Headley Down, opp Beech Hill Garage 16:54
Headley Down Wilsons Road (SE-bound) 16:54
Headley Down, opp Carlton Road 16:55
Headley Down, adj Hammer Lane 16:57
Headley Down, adj Grayshott Hall 16:57
Grayshott Waggoners Wells (E-bound) 16:58
Grayshott School Road (E-bound) 16:59
Grayshott, adj The Fox and Pelican 17:00
Grayshott, opp Library & Village Hall 17:01
Hindhead, adj Tarn Road 17:02
Hindhead, adj Headley Road 17:03
Hindhead Crossroads (NE-bound) 17:04
Hindhead, adj Tyndalls 17:04
Hindhead, adj Longdown Cottages 17:05
Nutcombe, adj Polecat Hill Turn 17:06
Nutcombe, adj Honey Hanger 17:07
Shottermill, opp Nutcombe Lane 17:08
Shottermill, opp Critchmere Hill 17:09
Shottermill Hindhead Road (E-bound) 17:10
Shottermill Lion Green (E-bound) 17:11
Haslemere Wey Hill (E-bound) 17:11
Haslemere Railway Station (Stop F) 17:13
Haslemere Town Hall (Stop D) 17:15

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