22X - Lakeside - Aveley - Purfleet

A bus service operated by Ensignbus

Lakeside Bus Station (Bay B) 00:35 23:35
Lakeside Pilgrims Roundabout (E-bound) 00:36 23:36
N Stifford Caravan Park (N-bound) 00:37 23:37
Stifford, o/s Davy Down 00:38 23:38
S Ockendon Cullen Square (W-bound) 00:38 23:38
S Ockendon Cander Way (W-bound) 00:39 23:39
S Ockendon Fortin Way (N-bound) 00:40 23:40
S Ockendon Fairham Avenue (N-bound) 00:41 23:41
S Ockendon Derwent Parade (N-bound) 00:42 23:42
S Ockendon Elan Road (W-bound) 00:42 23:42
S Ockendon Elmdon Road (W-bound) 00:43 23:43
S Ockendon Easington Way (S-bound) 00:44 23:44
S Ockendon Gatehope Drive (S-bound) 00:45 23:45
S Ockendon Garron Lane (S-bound) 00:45 23:45
S Ockendon Stifford Road (W-bound) 00:46 23:46
Aveley Stanford Gardens (W-bound) 00:48 23:48
Aveley High Street (W-bound) 00:50 23:50
Aveley Hanford Road (N-bound) 00:50 23:50
Aveley St Pauls Close (W-bound) 00:50 23:50
Aveley Shannon Way (E-bound) 00:51 23:51
Aveley Teviot Avenue (N-bound) 00:51 23:51
Aveley Usk Rd (W-bound) 00:52 23:52
Aveley Shannon Way (S-bound) 00:53s 23:53s
Aveley St Pauls Close (E-bound) 00:53s 23:53s
Aveley Hanford Road (S-bound) 00:54s 23:54s
Aveley Library (opp) 00:55s 23:55s
Aveley Blenheim Gardens (W-bound) 00:55s 23:55s
Aveley Purfleet Road (W-bound) 00:56s 23:56s
Aveley London Road (W-bound) 00:57s 23:57s
Purfleet Marlow Avenue (S-bound) 01:00s 00:00s
Purfleet, o/s War Memorial 01:01s 00:01s
Purfleet Railway Station (E-bound) 01:02s 00:02s
Purfleet Linnet Way (E-bound) 01:02s 00:02s
Purfleet London Road Lindon Close (E-bound) 01:03s 00:03s
Purfleet Locker Road (E-bound) 01:03s 00:03s
Purfleet Hutson Terrace (E-bound) 01:04s 00:04s
Purfleet, after Stonehouse Corner 01:05 00:05
10th to 21st December only

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Cash or 💳 contactless payment accepted

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