24A - Forfar - Town service circular

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Strathtay

Forfar, at Community Campus 07:55
Forfar, at Zoar Inn 07:56
Forfar, opp Tesco Side Entrance 07:58
Forfar, at Isla Place 07:59
Whitehills, at Prosen Place 08:00
Whitehills, at St Margaret's Park 08:01
Whitehills HCCC Car Park (at) 08:02
Whitehills HCCC (opp) 08:02
Forfar, at Wester Restenneth 08:02
Forfar, nr William Street 08:03
Forfar, opp Prior Road Depot 08:04
Forfar, opp Queen Street 08:05
Forfar, opp St John's Church 08:06
Forfar, opp St John's Church 08:10
Forfar, at Council Offices 08:10
Forfar, at Asda 08:12
Forfar, opp Lyninghills 08:12
Gallowshade, opp Lentlands Road 08:13
Gallowshade, nr Glenogil Terrace 08:14
Gallowshade, at Glenclova Terrace 08:15
Gallowshade, nr Glenmoy Terrace 08:15
Gallowshade, at Glenmoy Terrace 08:16
Gallowshade Strathmore Avenue (at 36) 08:17
Gallowshade, at Car Park 08:17
Gallowshade, opp Lentlands Road 08:18
Westfield, opp Langlands Road 08:19
Westfield, at Lintie Crescent 08:19
Westfield, opp Jeanfield Crescent 08:20
Westfield Threewells Drive (at 159) 08:21
Westfield Park (at) 08:21
Westfield Drive (opp) 08:21
Orchardbank, at Don & Low 08:21
Orchardbank, opp Guide Dog Centre 08:22
Orchardbank, at Angus House Council Offices 08:23
Orchardbank, at Industrial Estate 08:23
Westfield, at Benholm Gardens 08:25
Forfar Lochview Terrace (opp 8) 08:26
Forfar, at Lochside Park 08:26
Forfar Graham Crescent (at 8) 08:27
Westfield, at Grampian Park 08:28
Forfar, at Police Station 08:29
Forfar, opp The Cross 08:30
Forfar, at Royal Bank of Scotland 08:31
Forfar, at Royal Bank of Scotland 08:34
Forfar, at Queen Street 08:35
Forfar, opp North Street Dairy 08:36
Forfar, opp Service Road 08:38
Forfar, at John Street 08:39
Forfar, at Tesco Side Entrance 08:41
Forfar, opp Zoar Inn 08:42
Forfar, at Community Campus 08:44
Operates on Angus schooldays only

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