Bus Times

273 - Sheffield - Castleton

A bus service operated by Hulleys of Baslow

Sheffield - Castleton

Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange D2 (D2) 10:30
Sheffield Centre Sheffield Station SS1 (SS1) 10:31
Sheffield Centre, opp Arundel Lane 10:32
Sheffield Centre Moorhead MH3 (MH3) 10:33
Sheffield Centre Moor Market MF1 (MF1) 10:35
Western Bank, adj Sheffield University 10:40
Western Bank, adj Childrens Hospital 10:40
Western Bank, nr Weston Park Hospital 10:42
Broomhill, opp Moor Oaks Road 10:43
Broomhill BH2 (opp) 10:43
Broomhill, opp Lawson Road 10:45
Tapton Hill, opp Tapton House Road 10:46
Crosspool, opp Vernon Terrace 10:48
Crosspool, nr Sandygate Road 10:49
Crosspool, adj Benty Lane 10:50
Crosspool, adj Den Bank Drive 10:50
Crosspool, adj Coldwell Lane 10:51
Crosspool, adj Den Bank Avenue 10:51
Rivelin, at Bell Hagg 10:53
Rivelin Valley Road (at) 10:55
Rivelin, adj Pump House 10:56
Rivelin, nr Onksley Lane 10:57
Rivelin, adj Wyming Brook Drive 10:58
Hollow Meadows, opp Holme Farm 10:59
Hollow Meadows, opp Old School House 10:59
Hollow Meadows, at Moscar Grange 11:00
Hollow Meadows, opp Moscar Lodge 11:01
Ashopton, opp Strines Turn 11:01
Ashopton, opp Cutthroat Bridge 11:02
Ashopton, opp Ladybower Inn 11:04
Ashopton, opp Viaduct 11:06
Ashopton, adj Crookhill Farm 11:07
Ashopton, adj Fearfall Wood 11:08
Derwent, adj War Memorial 11:10
Derwent, adj Bridge End 11:10
Derwent, opp Overlook Car Park 11:12
Derwent, opp Fairholmes 11:13
Derwent, adj Fairholmes 11:13
Derwent, adj Overlook Car Park 11:13
Derwent, opp Bridge End 11:14
Derwent, opp War Memorial 11:15
Ashopton, opp Fearfall Wood 11:15
Ashopton, opp Crookhill Farm 11:16
Ashopton, adj Viaduct 11:17
Ashopton, adj Heatherdene 11:19
Yorkshire Bridge Hotel (opp) 11:20
Yorkshire Bridge, opp Lydgate Lane 11:20
Yorkshire Bridge, adj Lydgate Cottages 11:20
Bamford, adj Old Road 11:21
Bamford, adj Greenhead Park 11:22

Castleton - Sheffield

Castleton, adj Bus Station 15:55
Castleton, adj Losehill Hall 15:56
Hope, adj Warehouse Lane 15:57
Hope, adj The Marshes 15:57
Hope, opp College 15:59
Hope, adj Post Office 16:00
Hope, adj Aston Lane 16:00
Hope, adj Station Road End 16:01
Brough, o/s Travellers Rest 16:02
Bamford, adj The Rising Sun 16:04
Bamford, adj Thornhill Lane 16:05
Bamford, opp Shatton Lane 16:05
Bamford, adj Bus Turnaround 16:07
Bamford, opp Saltergate Lane 16:07
Bamford Station Road (N-bound) 16:07
Bamford, adj Victoria Road 16:08
Bamford, opp Derwent Hotel 16:08
Bamford, adj Institute 16:08
Bamford, opp Greenhead Park 16:09
Bamford, opp Old Road 16:10
Yorkshire Bridge, opp Lydgate Cottages 16:10
Yorkshire Bridge, adj Lydgate Lane 16:11
Yorkshire Bridge Hotel (adj) 16:11
Ashopton, opp Heatherdene 16:12
Ashopton, opp Viaduct 16:14
Ashopton, adj Crookhill Farm 16:15
Ashopton, adj Fearfall Wood 16:16
Derwent, adj War Memorial 16:17
Derwent, adj Bridge End 16:18
Derwent, opp Overlook Car Park 16:19
Derwent, opp Fairholmes 16:20
Derwent, adj Fairholmes 16:20
Derwent, adj Overlook Car Park 16:20
Derwent, opp Bridge End 16:22
Derwent, opp War Memorial 16:23
Ashopton, opp Fearfall Wood 16:24
Ashopton, opp Crookhill Farm 16:26
Ashopton, adj Viaduct 16:27
Ashopton, adj Ladybower Inn 16:30
Ashopton, adj Cutthroat Bridge 16:31
Ashopton, adj Strines Turn 16:32
Hollow Meadows, adj Moscar Lodge 16:32
Hollow Meadows Church (on) 16:33
Hollow Meadows, adj Rosary Cottage 16:33
Hollow Meadows, adj Old School House 16:34
Hollow Meadows, adj Holme Farm 16:34
Hollow Meadows, at Surrey Farm 16:35
Rivelin, opp Wyming Brook Drive 16:35
Rivelin, at Onksley Lane 16:36
Rivelin, opp Pump House 16:38
Rivelin Valley Road (adj) 16:38
Rivelin, adj Rails Road 16:39
Rivelin, nr Blackbrook Bridge 16:40
Rivelin, o/s Low Coppice Farm 16:41
Crosspool, opp Den Bank Avenue 16:42
Crosspool, adj Hagg Lane 16:43
Crosspool, nr Barnfield Road 16:43
Crosspool, opp Den Bank Drive 16:44
Crosspool, adj Post Office 16:45
Crosspool, adj Vernon Terrace 16:46
Tapton Hill, adj Tapton House Road 16:48
Broomhill BH7 (at) 16:50
Broomhill BH1 (adj) 16:51
Western Bank, adj Northumberland Road 16:53
Western Bank, opp Clarkson Street 16:55
Western Bank, adj Glossop Road 16:55
Sheffield Centre, adj Regent Terrace 16:57
Sheffield Centre, adj Mappin Street 16:58
Sheffield Centre, adj Rockingham Street 16:59
Sheffield Centre City Hall CH1 (CH1) 17:00
Sheffield Centre Moorhead MH1 (MH1) 17:01
Sheffield Centre, adj Arundel Lane 17:02
Sheffield Centre Sheffield Station SS2 (SS2) 17:03
Sheffield Centre, at Sheffield Interchange 17:05

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