Bus Times

28A - Southbourne - Clanfield - Horndean - Oaklands School - Havant College

A bus service operated by Emsworth & District

Southbourne - Clanfield - Horndean - Oaklands School - Havant College

Southbourne, adj Manor Road 07:05
Southbourne, opp Breach Avenue 07:05
Westbourne, adj Lumley Farm 07:08
Westbourne, adj Mill Lane 07:09
Westbourne East Street (W-bound) 07:09
Westbourne The Square (SW-bound) 07:10
Emsworth The Wren Centre (W-bound) 07:10
New Brighton Southleigh Roundabout (NW-bound) 07:11
New Brighton Southleigh Roundabout (W-bound) 07:11
New Brighton Hollybank Lane (W-bound) 07:11
New Brighton Allendale Avenue (W-bound) 07:12
New Brighton Helston Drive (SE-bound) 07:13
New Brighton Belle Vue Lane (SE-bound) 07:14
Emsworth, opp Coldharbour Recreation Ground 07:15
Emsworth Horndean Road (N-bound) 07:15
Emsworth Christopher Way (N-bound) 07:15
New Brighton Fairlea Road (NE-bound) 07:16
New Brighton Southleigh Roundabout (W-bound) 07:17
New Brighton Hollybank Lane (W-bound) 07:17
New Brighton Allendale Avenue (W-bound) 07:18
Southleigh Locks Farm (W-bound) 07:19
Denvilles, adj Spindle Close 07:20
Denvilles Fourth Avenue (S-bound) 07:20
Denvilles First Avenue (S-bound) 07:21
Warblington Station (S-bound) 07:22
Warblington Green Pond Corner (W-bound) 07:23
Warblington Wade Court Road (W-bound) 07:23
Havant, adj Spring Arts Centre 07:24
Havant Bus Station (Stop A) 07:26
Havant College (W-bound) 07:27
Havant College (N-bound) 07:28
Havant Barncroft Bridge (NW-bound) 07:28
Havant Hooks Farm Way (NW-bound) 07:28
Leigh Park Hazelholt Drive (NW-bound) 07:29
Leigh Park Barncroft Way (E-bound) 07:30
Leigh Park Botley Drive (NE-bound) 07:30
Leigh Park Riders Lane (E-bound) 07:31
Leigh Park Park Parade (Stop B) 07:32
Leigh Park Bramdean Drive (NW-bound) 07:32
Leigh Park, opp The Swallow 07:33
Leigh Park, opp The Swallow 07:33
Leigh Park Crondall Avenue (SE-bound) 07:34
Leigh Park, adj Silkstead Avenue 07:34
Leigh Park High Lawn Way (NE-bound) 07:35
Leigh Park Staunton Park (E-bound) 07:36
Durrants Gardens (opp) 07:39
Durrants Staunton Arms (N-bound) 07:40
Red Hill The Drift (NE-bound) 07:42
Rowlands Castle, adj St Johns Church 07:45
Rowlands Castle Green (E-bound) 07:45
Rowlands Castle Uplands Road (NW-bound) 07:46
Red Hill Wellsworth Lane (N-bound) 07:46
Rowlands Castle Woodhouse Lane (NW-bound) 07:47
Horndean Wellington Close (NW-bound) 07:52
Blendworth Oakleaf Drive (N-bound) 07:53
Horndean, opp Anchor Terrace 07:53
Horndean, adj Downwood Way 07:55
Horndean South Road (N-bound) 07:55
Clanfield, adj St Michaels Way 07:56
Clanfield, adj Viking Way 07:56
Clanfield, adj Snells Corner 07:57
Clanfield, opp Drift Road Shops 07:57
Clanfield Green Lane (W-bound) 08:00
Clanfield Sunderton Lane (W-bound) 08:01
Clanfield Village (S-bound) 08:02
Clanfield Sword Close (SW-bound) 08:02
Clanfield Pipers Mead (SW-bound) 08:02
Clanfield Farm View Avenue (E-bound) 08:03
Clanfield New Road (SE-bound) 08:04
Clanfield, adj Drift Road Shops 08:05
Clanfield, opp Snells Corner 08:05
Clanfield, opp Viking Way 08:06
Clanfield, opp St Michaels Way 08:07
Horndean South Road (S-bound) 08:08
Horndean, nr Downwood Way 08:08
Horndean Precinct (Stop A) 08:11
Horndean, opp Napier Road 08:11
Horndean, nr Merchistoun Hall 08:12
Causeway Horndean Community School (S-bound) 08:15
Horndean Portsmouth Road (SE-bound) 08:17
Horndean Briars Close (S-bound) 08:17
Horndean Rosemary Way (S-bound) 08:18
Cowplain Hazleton Way Shops (SW-bound) 08:19
Cowplain Greenfield Crescent (SW-bound) 08:20
Cowplain Hazelton Way (W-bound) 08:22
Cowplain Padnell Avenue (W-bound) 08:24
Cowplain Shops (SW-bound) 08:25
Cowplain, adj Winscombe Avenue 08:25
Cowplain Cherry Tree Avenue (SE-bound) 08:25
Waterlooville Grassmere Way Shops (S-bound) 08:26
Waterlooville Cornelius Drive (SW-bound) 08:26
Waterlooville Florentina Way (SW-bound) 08:26
Waterlooville Crystal Way (NE-bound) 08:26
Waterlooville Ferndale (NW-bound) 08:26
Waterlooville Highfield Parade (NW-bound) 08:27
Waterlooville Highfield Avenue (SW-bound) 08:28
Waterlooville Jubilee Road (S-bound) 08:28
Waterlooville Hulbert Road Roundabout (SW-bound) 08:29
Waterlooville Ferndale (SE-bound) 08:31
Stakes Spruce Avenue (SE-bound) 08:32
Stakes Woodsedge (S-bound) 08:33
Stakes Springwood Avenue (SW-bound) 08:33
Stakes Mole Hill (W-bound) 08:34
Stakes Oaklands School (SW-bound) 08:35
Purbrook Crookhorn School (SW-bound) 08:35
Purbrook College Road (E-bound) 08:37
Leigh Park, nr Hulbert Road 08:39
Leigh Park, adj Park House Farm Way 08:40
Leigh Park Linkenholt Way (SE-bound) 08:41
Leigh Park Ashley Close (SE-bound) 08:42
Leigh Park Hazelholt Drive (SE-bound) 08:43
Havant Hooks Farm Way (SE-bound) 08:43
Havant, opp Woodgreen Avenue 08:44
Havant College (S-bound) 08:45

Havant College - Oaklands School - Horndean - Clanfield - Southbourne

Causeway Horndean Community School (S-bound) 15:15
Causeway, opp Hamilton Close 15:15
Horndean Kings Mede (SE-bound) 15:15
Horndean, adj Catherington Lane 15:15
Horndean, adj Merchistoun Hall 15:15
Horndean, adj Napier Road 15:16
Horndean Precinct (Stop B) 15:16
Horndean, opp Anchor Terrace 15:16
Horndean, adj Downwood Way 15:17
Horndean South Road (N-bound) 15:17
Clanfield, adj St Michaels Way 15:17
Clanfield, adj Viking Way 15:18
Clanfield, adj Snells Corner 15:18
Clanfield, opp Drift Road Shops 15:18
Clanfield New Road (NW-bound) 15:18
Clanfield Farm View Avenue (W-bound) 15:19
Clanfield Pipers Mead (NE-bound) 15:19
Clanfield Sword Close (NE-bound) 15:19
Clanfield Village (N-bound) 15:20
Clanfield Sunderton Lane (E-bound) 15:20
Clanfield Green Lane (E-bound) 15:22
Clanfield, adj Drift Road Shops 15:25
Clanfield, opp Snells Corner 15:25
Clanfield, opp Viking Way 15:26
Clanfield, opp St Michaels Way 15:26
Horndean South Road (S-bound) 15:27
Horndean, nr Downwood Way 15:28
Horndean, o/s Anchor Terrace 15:29
Blendworth Oakleaf Drive (S-bound) 15:30
Horndean Wellington Close (SE-bound) 15:31
Red Hill Wellsworth Lane (S-bound) 15:38
Rowlands Castle Green (W-bound) 15:39
Rowlands Castle, nr St Johns Church 15:40
Red Hill, adj The Drift 15:42
Durrants Staunton Arms (S-bound) 15:45
Durrants Gardens (adj) 15:45
Leigh Park Staunton Park (SW-bound) 15:48
Leigh Park High Lawn Way (W-bound) 15:49
Leigh Park, opp Silkstead Avenue 15:50
Leigh Park, opp Crondall Avenue 15:50
Leigh Park, o/s The Swallow 15:51
Leigh Park, opp Bramdean Drive 15:52
Leigh Park Park Parade (Stop A) 15:53
Leigh Park Purbrook Way (W-bound) 15:53
Leigh Park Botley Drive (SW-bound) 15:54
Leigh Park Ashley Close (SE-bound) 15:54
Leigh Park Hazelholt Drive (SE-bound) 15:55
Havant Hooks Farm Way (SE-bound) 15:55
Havant, opp Woodgreen Avenue 15:55
Havant College (S-bound) 15:56
Havant College (E-bound) 15:56
Havant Bus Station (Stop A) 16:00
Havant, opp Spring Arts Centre 16:01
Warblington Wade Court Road (E-bound) 16:02
Warblington Berkeley Square (N-bound) 16:03
Warblington School (N-bound) 16:03
Denvilles First Avenue (N-bound) 16:04
Denvilles Fourth Avenue (N-bound) 16:05
Denvilles Spindle Close (NE-bound) 16:06
Southleigh Locks Farm (E-bound) 16:06
New Brighton Allendale Avenue (E-bound) 16:09
New Brighton Hollybank Lane (E-bound) 16:09
New Brighton Southleigh Roundabout (E-bound) 16:10
New Brighton, opp Fairlea Road 16:10
Emsworth Christopher Way (S-bound) 16:11
Emsworth Horndean Road (S-bound) 16:11
Emsworth Coldharbour Recreation Ground (NW-bound) 16:12
New Brighton Belle Vue Lane (NW-bound) 16:13
New Brighton Helston Drive (NW-bound) 16:14
New Brighton Allendale Avenue (E-bound) 16:15
New Brighton Hollybank Lane (E-bound) 16:15
New Brighton Southleigh Roundabout (E-bound) 16:15
New Brighton Southleigh Roundabout (SE-bound) 16:16
Emsworth The Wren Centre (E-bound) 16:16
Westbourne The Square (NE-bound) 16:17
Westbourne East Street (E-bound) 16:17
Westbourne, opp Mill Lane 16:18
Westbourne, opp Mill Lane 16:18
Southbourne, adj Breach Avenue 16:23
Southbourne, opp Manor Road 16:25

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