29X - the Regency Route - Brighton - Lewes - Uckfield - Tunbridge Wells

A bus service operated by Brighton & Hove

Tunbridge Wells - Uckfield - Lewes - Brighton

Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place (Stop K2) 06:45
Tunbridge Wells War Memorial (Stop Q) 06:45
Tunbridge Wells Railway Station (Stop T) 06:48
Tunbridge Wells, adj Chapel Place 06:48
Tunbridge Wells, adj The Pantiles 06:49
Showfields Old West Station Sainsbury's (Stop A) 06:49
Showfields, adj Broadwater Lane 06:50
Ramslye, opp Summervale Road 06:51
Tunbridge Wells, adj Broadwater Down West 06:52
Eridge Green, adj Bunny Lane 06:55
Eridge Green, opp Church 06:58
Eridge Green, adj Sham Farm Road 06:58
Eridge Green, opp The Forstal 06:59
Eridge, opp Railway Station 07:00
Eridge, adj Sandhill Lane 07:01
Boarshead, adj The Boars Head Inn 07:03
Steel Cross, adj Green Lane North 07:04
Steel Cross Eridge Road (W-bound) 07:05
Steel Cross, adj Oakhurst Drive 07:05
Crowborough, opp Goldsmiths Leisure Centre 07:06
Crowborough, opp The Cross 07:07
Crowborough, opp Goldsmiths Avenue 07:07
Crowborough, o/s Rowan House 07:08
Crowborough, opp The Blue Anchor 07:08
Crowborough, adj South View Road 07:09
Crowborough Common, opp Fielden Road 07:09
Crowborough Common, opp Warren Camp 07:10
Poundgate, opp The Crow and Gate 07:11
Herons Ghyll, opp Barnsgate Manor 07:13
Herons Ghyll, adj Church 07:14
Herons Ghyll, adj Perrymans Lane 07:15
Five Ash Down, opp Hendall Gate Farm 07:16
Five Ash Down, opp Cobdown Lane 07:18
Uckfield Bus Station (Stand B) 07:23
Uckfield Bus Station (Stand B) 07:25
Little Horsted, adj Church 07:28
Little Horsted, adj Wicklands 07:30
Isfield, opp Horsted Lane 07:31
Isfield, opp Halfway House 07:33
Rose Hill, opp Old Ship 07:35
Upper Wellingham, opp Top of Clay Hill 07:36
Upper Wellingham, opp Barcombe Mills Road 07:37
Upper Wellingham, opp The Cock 07:38
Upper Wellingham, adj Ham Lane 07:39
Upper Wellingham, opp Wellingham Lane 07:41
S Malling, adj Upper Stoneham 07:42
S Malling, opp Prince Charles Road 07:43
S Malling, opp Church Lane 07:44
S Malling, opp The Spinneys 07:45
Lewes, opp Tesco Filling Station 07:46
Lewes Bus Station (Stop A) 07:47
Lewes Bus Station (Stop A) 07:50
Falmer, adj Railway Station 08:04
Moulsecoomb, opp Coldean Lane 08:06
Moulsecoomb Way (adj) 08:08
Moulsecoomb, opp Brighton University 08:10
Brighton, adj Lewes Road Bus Garage 08:13
Brighton, adj Elm Grove 08:16
Brighton St Peter's Church (Stop L) 08:19
Brighton, opp North Road East 08:21
Brighton Old Steine (Stop H) 08:24
Brighton North Street (Stop Y) 08:26
Brighton Imperial Arcade (Stop J) 08:28

Brighton - Lewes - Uckfield - Tunbridge Wells

Brighton Churchill Square (Stop G) 17:20
Brighton Old Steine (Stop F) 17:25
Brighton St Peter's Church (Stop U) 17:29
Brighton, opp Elm Grove 17:33
Brighton, opp Lewes Road Bus Garage 17:39
Moulsecoomb, adj Brighton University 17:41
Moulsecoomb Way (opp) 17:42
Moulsecoomb, adj Coldean Lane 17:44
Lewes, o/s Waitrose 17:59
Lewes, o/s Waitrose 18:01
Lewes, o/s Tesco Filling Station 18:02
S Malling, adj The Spinneys 18:04
S Malling, adj Church Lane 18:07
S Malling, adj Prince Charles Road 18:07
S Malling, opp Upper Stoneham 18:07
Upper Wellingham, adj Wellingham Lane 18:08
Upper Wellingham, opp Ham Lane 18:09
Upper Wellingham, adj The Cock 18:10
Upper Wellingham, adj Barcombe Mills Road 18:10
Upper Wellingham, adj Top of Clay Hill 18:11
Rose Hill, adj Old Ship 18:12
Isfield, o/s Halfway House 18:14
Isfield, adj Horsted Lane 18:15
Little Horsted, opp Wicklands 18:16
Little Horsted, opp Church 18:17
Uckfield Bus Station (Stand C) 18:21
Uckfield Bus Station (Stand C) 18:23
Five Ash Down, adj Cobdown Lane 18:27
Five Ash Down, adj Hendall Gate Farm 18:29
Herons Ghyll, opp Perrymans Lane 18:31
Herons Ghyll, opp Church 18:31
Herons Ghyll, adj Barnsgate Manor 18:33
Poundgate, adj The Crow and Gate 18:35
Crowborough Common, adj Warren Camp 18:36
Crowborough Common, adj Fielden Road 18:37
Crowborough, opp South View Road 18:37
Crowborough, o/s The Blue Anchor 18:38
Crowborough, opp Rowan House 18:38
Crowborough, adj Goldsmiths Avenue 18:39
Crowborough, adj The Cross 18:40
Crowborough, adj Goldsmiths Leisure Centre 18:40
Steel Cross, opp Oakhurst Drive 18:41
Steel Cross Eridge Road (E-bound) 18:41
Steel Cross Green Lane North (NE-bound) 18:41
Boarshead, opp The Boars Head Inn 18:43
Eridge, opp Sandhill Lane 18:44
Eridge, adj Railway Station 18:45
Eridge Green, adj The Forstal 18:46
Eridge Green, opp Sham Farm Road 18:47
Eridge Green, o/s Church 18:48
Eridge Green, opp Bunny Lane 18:50
Tunbridge Wells, opp Broadwater Down West 18:53
Ramslye, adj Summervale Road 18:54
Showfields, opp Broadwater Lane 18:55
Showfields Old West Station Sainsbury's (Stop A) 18:55
Tunbridge Wells, opp The Pantiles 18:56
Tunbridge Wells, opp Chapel Place 18:56
Tunbridge Wells Railway Station (Stop B) 18:58
Tunbridge Wells Monson Road (Stop L) 19:00

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