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361 - Peasmarsh - Westfield - Bexhill College

A bus service operated by Rambler Coaches

Peasmarsh - Westfield - Bexhill College

Peasmarsh, adj School Lane 07:40
Peasmarsh, adj Farleys Way 07:40
Flackley Ash, adj Mill Lane 07:41
Four Oaks, o/s The Coach House 07:45
Beckley, adj Buddens Green 07:45
Beckley, adj School 07:46
Clayhill, opp Rose and Crown 07:48
Northiam, adj Frewen College 07:50
Northiam, o/s Primary School 07:51
Northiam, adj Dixter Road 07:52
Northiam, adj Goddens Gill 07:54
Northiam, opp Dixter Road 07:54
Northiam, opp Primary School 07:55
Broad Oak Arnold Bridge (S-bound) 07:59
Broad Oak, opp Oakhill Drive 08:01
Cackle Street, o/s Brede Village Hall 08:02
Cackle Street (SW-bound) 08:03
Brede, adj The Red Lion 08:04
Westfield, opp Cottage Lane 08:07
Westfield, adj Primary School 08:08
Westfield, opp Churchfield 08:08
Westfield, opp Whitegate Caravan Park 08:09
Westfield, adj Hole Farm 08:10
Baldslow Down (opp) 08:11
Baldslow Westfield Lane (o/s 8) 08:12
Baldslow, opp Maplehurst Road 08:12
Beauport Gardens (adj) 08:13
Beauport, adj Fletcher Avenue 08:14
Beauport, opp Hoads Court 08:14
Beauport, opp Washington Avenue 08:15
Beauport Home Farm Close (adj) 08:15
Hollington, opp Telford Road 08:17
Hollington Battle Road (o/s 272) 08:18
Hollington, adj Upper Church Road west 08:19
Hollington, adj Arthur Blackman Clinic 08:20
Hollington, o/s Blackman Avenue Shops 08:22
Hollington, opp Burden Place 08:22
Hollington, adj Lewis Road 08:23
Hollington, opp Ford Road 08:23
Hollington, opp Redgeland Rise 08:24
Hollington, adj Gillsman's Drive 08:25
Harley Shute, opp Wishing Tree Lane 08:26
Harley Shute, adj Fernside Avenue West 08:27
Harley Shute, opp Field Way 08:29
Bulverhythe Harley Shute Road Bottom (S-bound) 08:34
Bulverhythe Road (adj) 08:36
Bulverhythe, adj Bridge Way 08:37
Bulverhythe, opp Wyevale Garden Centre 08:38
Bulverhythe, opp Abbey Drive 08:39
Bulverhythe, opp The Bull 08:40
Glyne Gap, opp Bexleigh Avenue 08:41
Glyne Gap, opp Esso Garage 08:42
Glyne Gap, adj School Place 08:43
Pebsham, opp Third Avenue 08:46
Pebsham, o/s Bexhill College 08:48
Operates during Sixth Form College Terms

Bexhill College - Westfield - Peasmarsh

Pebsham, opp Bexhill College 16:40
Pebsham, adj Third Avenue 16:41
Glyne Gap, opp School Place 16:44
Glyne Gap, adj Esso Garage 16:45
Glyne Gap, adj Bexleigh Avenue 16:46
Bulverhythe, adj The Bull 16:47
Bulverhythe, adj Abbey Drive 16:49
Bulverhythe, adj Wyevale Garden Centre 16:50
Bulverhythe, opp Bridge Way 16:51
Bulverhythe Road (opp) 16:52
Bulverhythe, adj Harley Shute Road Bottom 16:53
Harley Shute, adj Combe Haven 16:55
Harley Shute, adj Field Way 16:58
Harley Shute, adj Darwell Close 17:02
Hollington, opp Gillsman's Drive 17:04
Hollington, adj Ironlatch Close 17:04
Hollington, adj Redgeland Rise 17:04
Hollington, opp Lewis Road 17:05
Hollington, adj Burden Place 17:05
Hollington, opp Blackman Avenue Shops 17:06
Hollington, opp Rymill Road 17:06
Hollington, opp Arthur Blackman Clinic 17:07
Hollington, opp Upper Church Road west 17:08
Hollington Battle Road (o/s 383) 17:09
Hollington, adj Telford Road 17:11
Beauport Home Farm Close (opp) 17:12
Beauport, adj Washington Avenue 17:12
Beauport, adj Hoads Court 17:13
Beauport, opp Fletcher Avenue 17:14
Beauport Gardens (opp) 17:14
Baldslow, adj Maplehurst Road 17:15
Baldslow Westfield Lane (opp 10) 17:15
Baldslow Down (adj) 17:16
Westfield, opp Hole Farm 17:17
Westfield, adj Whitegate Caravan Park 17:18
Westfield, adj Churchfield 17:19
Westfield, opp Primary School 17:20
Westfield, adj Cottage Lane 17:20
Brede, opp The Red Lion 17:23
Cackle Street (NE-bound) 17:23
Cackle Street, opp Brede Village Hall 17:24
Broad Oak, adj Oakhill Drive 17:26
Broad Oak Arnold Bridge (N-bound) 17:27
Northiam, o/s Primary School 17:31
Northiam, adj Dixter Road 17:32
Northiam, opp Goddens Gill 17:33
Northiam, opp Dixter Road 17:34
Northiam, opp Primary School 17:35
Northiam, opp Frewen College 17:35
Clayhill, o/s Rose and Crown 17:38
Beckley, opp School 17:39
Beckley, opp Buddens Green 17:40
Four Oaks, opp The Coach House 17:41
Flackley Ash, opp Mill Lane 17:43
Peasmarsh, opp Farleys Way 17:44
Peasmarsh, opp School Lane 17:45
Operates during Sixth Form College Terms

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