Bus Times

388 - Welwyn Garden City - Hertford

A bus service operated by Centrebus (South)


Stevenage Bus Station (Stop H) 06:37
Monk’s Wood Roaring Meg Retail Park (Stop B) 06:38
Monk’s Wood, opp Retail Park 06:39
Stevenage, opp Tesco 06:40
Stevenage, nr The Roebuck Hotel 06:41
Knebworth, opp Golf Club 06:43
Knebworth Station Road (Stop D) 06:45
Knebworth, opp Gun Road 06:46
Woolmer Green, opp Monread Lodge 06:46
Woolmer Green, opp Wickfield 06:47
Woolmer Green, opp Red Lion PH 06:48
Mardley Hill, opp The Drive 06:50
Mardley Hill, nr Mardley Avenue 06:50
Mardley Hill, opp The North Star PH 06:51
Mardley Hill, opp The Avenue 06:53
Welwyn, opp Church Place 06:55
Welwyn, opp St Mary's Church 06:56
Welwyn, opp St Mary's School 06:57
Welwyn, opp The Crescent 06:58
Welwyn, opp Node Way Gardens 06:59
Welwyn, adj Roman Baths 07:00
Digswell Park, nr Sherrardswood School 07:02
Digswell Park, opp Pumping Station 07:04
Digswell Park Digswell Road (SW-bound) 07:06
Digswell Park, adj Knightsfield 07:07
Welwyn Garden City, opp Pentley Park 07:08
Welwyn Garden City, nr Campus East 07:10
Welwyn Garden City Bus Station (Stop A) 07:11
Welwyn Garden City Waitrose (Stop H) 07:11
Welwyn Garden City, opp Broadwater Road 07:12
Welwyn Garden City, opp Royal Mail Depot 07:13
Welwyn Garden City Business Parks North (NE-bound) 07:15
Haldens, nr Nursery Hill 07:17
Digswell Park, nr Pumping Station 07:19
Digswell Welwyn North Railway Station (Stop B) 07:22
Digswell, opp Mornington 07:22
Harmer Green New Road (NE-bound) 07:23
Burnham Green Kitts Corner (NE-bound) 07:24
Burnham Green Road (nr) 07:26
Burnham Green, adj Desborough Drive 07:27
Tewin Upper Green (SE-bound) 07:30
Tewin, o/s Plume of Feathers PH 07:32
Tewin, opp Rose and Crown PH 07:35
Tewin Grasswarren Estate (S-bound) 07:35
Tewin Mill, adj Tewin Bury Farm Hotel 07:39
Panshanger, opp Golf Club 07:42
Panshanger, opp Herns Way 07:43
Panshanger, o/s Sir Frederic Osborn School 07:44
Panshanger, opp Morrisons 07:47
Panshanger, nr Sylvan Way 07:48
Welwyn Garden City Cole Green Lane (SE-bound) 07:49
Cole Green, o/s Garden Centre 07:54
Cole Green, adj Lodge Gates 07:55
Birch Green, opp War Memorial 07:58
Staines Green Old Coach Road (E-bound) 07:58
Hertingfordbury, nr Prince of Wales PH 07:59
Hertingfordbury, nr The White Horse Hotel 08:00
Hertford, opp Ladywood Road 08:02
Hertford, nr Golden Griffin PH 08:05
Hertford, opp Fordwich Rise 08:06
Hertford North Railway Station (Stop A) 08:09
Hertford, opp County Hospital 08:10
Hertford, opp St Andrews Church 08:12
Hertford, opp Theatre 08:13
Hertford Market Street (Stop 11) 08:15s
Hertford Bus Station (Stop 4) 08:16
Hertford, adj Park Road 08:17
Presdales, o/s School 08:25
Hertfordshire Schooldays only


Presdales, o/s School 15:40
Hertford, opp Park Road 15:53
Hertford Bus Station (Stop 5) 15:55
Hertford Fore Street (Stop 9) 15:56
Hertford, adj Theatre 15:57
Hertford, o/s St Andrews Church 15:57
Hertford, o/s County Hospital 15:59
Hertford North Railway Station (Stop B) 16:00
Hertford, nr Fordwich Rise 16:01
Hertford, o/s Turpins Close 16:02
Hertford, adj Ladywood Road 16:02
Hertingfordbury, opp The White Horse Hotel 16:04
Hertingfordbury, opp Prince of Wales PH 16:04
Staines Green Old Coach Road (W-bound) 16:07
Birch Green, nr War Memorial 16:08
Cole Green, opp Lodge Gates 16:09
Cole Green, opp Garden Centre 16:09
Welwyn Garden City Cole Green Lane (NW-bound) 16:11
Panshanger, opp Sylvan Way 16:12
Panshanger, nr Morrisons 16:13
Panshanger, opp Sir Frederic Osborn School 16:14
Panshanger, nr Herns Way 16:14
Panshanger, nr Golf Club 16:15
Tewin Mill, opp Tewin Bury Farm Hotel 16:16
Tewin Grasswarren Estate (N-bound) 16:19
Tewin, nr Rose and Crown PH 16:20
Tewin, opp Plume of Feathers PH 16:21
Tewin Upper Green (NW-bound) 16:22
Burnham Green, opp Desborough Drive 16:24
Burnham Green Road (adj) 16:25
Burnham Green Kitts Corner (SW-bound) 16:26
Harmer Green New Road (SW-bound) 16:27
Digswell, adj Mornington 16:28
Digswell Welwyn North Railway Station (Stop A) 16:30
Digswell Park, opp Pumping Station 16:31
Haldens, opp Nursery Hill 16:33
Welwyn Garden City, nr Waterside 16:34
Panshanger, nr Mundells 16:35
Welwyn Garden City Business Parks South (SW-bound) 16:36
Welwyn Garden City, o/s Royal Mail Depot 16:37
Welwyn Garden City, nr Broadwater Road 16:38
Welwyn Garden City Bus Station (Stop B) 16:40
Welwyn Garden City John Lewis (Stop J) 16:40
Welwyn Garden City, nr Campus West 16:41
Welwyn Garden City, adj Pentley Park 16:41
Digswell Park, nr Pumping Station 16:45
Digswell Park, opp Sherrardswood School 16:46
Welwyn, nr Fire Station 16:47
Welwyn, adj Node Way Gardens 16:49
Welwyn, nr The Crescent 16:50
Welwyn, nr St Mary's School 16:50
Welwyn, nr St Mary's Church 16:52
Welwyn, nr Church Place 16:52
Welwyn, nr Carleton Rise 16:52
Mardley Hill, nr The Avenue 16:54
Mardley Hill, nr The North Star PH 16:55
Mardley Hill, opp Mardley Avenue 16:56
Mardley Hill, nr The Drive 16:57
Woolmer Green, nr Red Lion PH 16:58
Woolmer Green, nr Wickfield 16:59
Woolmer Green, nr Monread Lodge 17:00
Knebworth, nr Gun Road 17:00
Knebworth Station Road (Stop C) 17:02
Knebworth, nr Golf Club 17:03
Stevenage, opp The Roebuck Hotel 17:05
Stevenage, o/s Tesco 17:06
Monk’s Wood, o/s Retail Park 17:06
Monk’s Wood Roaring Meg Retail Park (Stop A) 17:07
Stevenage Bus Station (Stop D) 17:10
Hertfordshire Schooldays only

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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