Bus Times

398 - Southwater - Horsham - St Wilfred's School

A bus service operated by Metrobus

Southwater - Horsham - St Wilfred's School

Southwater, adj The Copse 07:27
Southwater, opp The Brook 07:28
Southwater, adj Camelot Close 07:29
Southwater, adj Easteds Lane 07:30
Southwater Cripplegate Lane (S-bound) 07:30
Southwater, opp Country Park 07:32
Southwater, adj Millfield North 07:33
Southwater, adj Millfield South 07:34
Southwater Cripplegate Corner (NW-bound) 07:35
Southwater, adj Shipley Road 07:36
Southwater, adj College Road 07:36
Southwater, o/s The Cock Inn 07:37
Southwater, opp Lintot Square 07:38
The Southwater Junior Academy (opp) 07:38
Southwater, opp Roundstone Caravan Park 07:39
Southwater Street (opp) 07:40
Southwater, opp Warnham Gate 07:42
Tower Hill, adj Salisbury Road 07:46
Horsham, adj Larksfield 07:48
Horsham, opp Cricketfield Road 07:48
Horsham Bus Station (Bay C) 07:50
Horsham Bus Station (Bay C) 07:52
Horsham Carfax (Stop J) 07:54
Horsham Railway Station (Stop K) 07:57
Oakhill, adj Plovers Road 08:00
Oakhill, opp Watercress Place 08:01
Oakhill, adj Blackthorn Close 08:02
Oakhill, o/s Millais School 08:04
Oakhill, opp Stirling Way 08:05
Roffey, opp Forest Hospital 08:10
Roffey, opp The Star 08:11
Roffey, adj Leith View Road 08:12
Roffey Corner (opp 240) 08:13
Roffey Shepherds Way (NW-bound) 08:14
Faygate Roundabout (NE-bound) 08:23
Bewbush, adj Francis Edwards Way 08:28
Bewbush, adj Barlow Road 08:28
Bewbush Roundabout (NE-bound) 08:29
Bewbush, at Dorsten Square 08:30
Bewbush, adj Colwyn Close 08:31
Bewbush, adj Ellman Road 08:32
Bewbush, adj Henshaw Close 08:33
Gossops Green, adj Gossops Drive 08:34
Gossops Green, adj Dower Walk 08:35
Gossops Green, adj Kingscote Hill 08:36
Gossops Green, o/s Holy Trinity School 08:37
Southgate, o/s St Wilfrid's School 08:44
Schooldays only

St Wilfred's School - Horsham - Southwater

Southgate, o/s St Wilfrid's School 15:32
Gossops Green Cheals Roundabout (NE-bound) 15:40
Gossops Green, o/s Holy Trinity School 15:42
Gossops Green, opp Kingscote Hill 15:42
Gossops Green, opp Dower Walk 15:44
Gossops Green, adj Buckswood Drive 15:44
Bewbush, opp Henshaw Close 15:45
Bewbush, opp Ellman Road 15:46
Bewbush, opp Colwyn Close 15:47
Bewbush, at Dorsten Square 15:48
Bewbush, opp Wesley Close 15:48
Bewbush, adj Warrington Close 15:48
Bewbush, adj Redditch Close 15:49
Faygate Roundabout (SW-bound) 15:53
Faygate, opp The Cherry Tree 15:54
Roffey Shepherds Way (SE-bound) 15:59
Roffey Corner (o/s 246) 16:00
Roffey, opp Leith View Road 16:00
Roffey, adj The Star 16:01
Oakhill, opp Watercress Place 16:04
Oakhill, adj Blackthorn Close 16:04
Oakhill, o/s Millais School 16:06
Oakhill, o/s The Forest School 16:10
Oakhill, after Comptons Lane 16:11
Oakhill, adj Bethune Road 16:12
Oakhill Road (adj) 16:12
Oakhill, before Highlands Road 16:12
Oakhill, opp Stirling Way 16:13
Horsham Railway Station (Stop L) 16:17
Horsham, adj Wellington Road 16:17
Horsham Albion Way (Stop Q) 16:19
Horsham, adj Cricketfield Road 16:21
Horsham, opp Larksfield 16:21
Tower Hill, opp Salisbury Road 16:23
Southwater, adj Warnham Gate 16:27
Southwater Street (adj) 16:28
Southwater, adj Roundstone Caravan Park 16:29
Southwater, adj The Copse 16:30
Southwater, opp The Brook 16:30
Southwater, adj Camelot Close 16:31
Southwater, adj Easteds Lane 16:32
Southwater Cripplegate Lane (S-bound) 16:32
Southwater, opp Country Park 16:34
Southwater, adj Millfield North 16:34
Southwater, adj Millfield South 16:35
Southwater Cripplegate Corner (NW-bound) 16:36
Southwater, adj Shipley Road 16:36
Southwater, adj College Road 16:37
Southwater, o/s The Cock Inn 16:37
Southwater, opp Lintot Square 16:38
Schooldays only

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