Bus Times

401 - Boorley Park - Barton Peveril College

A bus service operated by Xelabus

Boorley Park - Barton Peveril College

Long Common, adj Boorley Park 07:15
Boorley Green, opp Pear Tree 07:17
Boorley Green Oatlands Road (S-bound) 07:17
Botley Uplands Farm (SE-bound) 07:18
Botley, nr The Square 07:19
Botley C of E Primary School (NW-bound) 07:20
Botley Brook Lane (W-bound) 07:20
Broadoak, adj Brook Cottages 07:21
Broadoak Woodhouse Lane (W-bound) 07:22
Hedge End Maypole (NW-bound) 07:22
Wildern Botleigh Grange Hotel (NW-bound) 07:23
Wildern Locke Road (NW-bound) 07:23
Grange Park, opp Birchwood Gardens 07:25
Grange Park, opp Caravan Park 07:25
Grange Park Drummond Community Centre (E-bound) 07:26
Grange Park Stirling Crescent (E-bound) 07:26
Grange Park, nr Elliot Rise 07:27
Grange Park, opp Watkin Road 07:28
Grange Park, opp Martley Gardens 07:29
Grange Park, opp Marlborough Gardens 07:30
Grange Park Peppercorn Way (W-bound) 07:31
Grange Park, opp Berrywood Business Village 07:32
Grange Park Dowd's Farm Park (S-bound) 07:33
Grange Park Bradbeers Retail Park (SW-bound) 07:34
W End Dawson Lodge (NW-bound) 07:35
W End, opp Moorgreen Hospital 07:36
W End Hilldene Centre (W-bound) 07:37
W End Post Office & Shops (W-bound) 07:37
W End Midlands Estate (W-bound) 07:39
Townhill Park Barnsland (NW-bound) 07:40
Townhill Park Romill Close (NW-bound) 07:42
Mansbridge, opp White Swan 07:44
Mansbridge Itchenside Close (N-bound) 07:45
Mansbridge Octavia Road (NW-bound) 07:47
Mansbridge Monks Way (W-bound) 07:47
Swaythling Walnut Avenue (NE-bound) 07:48
Swaythling, opp Mountpark 07:49
Eastleigh Lakeside Country Park (NE-bound) 07:54
Eastleigh York Road (NE-bound) 07:56
Eastleigh Doncaster Road (NW-bound) 07:57
Eastleigh College (W-bound) 07:58
Eastleigh Barton Peveril College (W-bound) 08:00

Barton Peveril College - Boorley Park

Eastleigh Barton Peveril College (E-bound) 16:20
Eastleigh College (E-bound) 16:20
Eastleigh Doncaster Road (SE-bound) 16:20
Eastleigh York Road (SW-bound) 16:21
Eastleigh Lakeside Country Park (SW-bound) 16:21
Swaythling, adj Mountpark 16:23
Swaythling Walnut Avenue (SW-bound) 16:24
Mansbridge Monks Way (SE-bound) 16:24
Mansbridge Octavia Road (SE-bound) 16:25
Mansbridge Itchenside Close (S-bound) 16:25
Mansbridge White Swan (E-bound) 16:26
Townhill Park Romill Close (SE-bound) 16:28
Townhill Park Barnsland (SE-bound) 16:28
W End Midlands Estate (E-bound) 16:30
W End Post Office & Shops (E-bound) 16:31
W End Hilldene Centre (E-bound) 16:31
W End, o/s The Pavillions 16:32
W End Moorgreen Hospital (E-bound) 16:33
W End Dawson Lodge (SE-bound) 16:33
Grange Park Bradbeers Retail Park (NE-bound) 16:34
Grange Park Dowd's Farm Park (N-bound) 16:36
Grange Park, o/s Berrywood Business Village 16:36
Grange Park Peppercorn Way (E-bound) 16:38
Grange Park, adj Marlborough Gardens 16:38
Grange Park, adj Martley Gardens 16:40
Grange Park, adj Watkin Road 16:40
Grange Park, opp Elliot Rise 16:41
Grange Park Stirling Crescent (W-bound) 16:41
Grange Park Drummond Community Centre (W-bound) 16:42
Grange Park, adj Caravan Park 16:42
Grange Park, adj Birchwood Gardens 16:43
Wildern, nr Locke Road 16:43
Wildern Botleigh Grange Hotel (SE-bound) 16:44
Hedge End Maypole (SE-bound) 16:45
Broadoak Woodhouse Lane (E-bound) 16:45
Broadoak, opp Brook Cottages 16:46
Botley Brook Lane (E-bound) 16:47
Botley C of E Primary School (SE-bound) 16:48
Botley, adj The Square 16:48
Botley Uplands Farm (NW-bound) 16:50
Boorley Green, nr Woodhouse Lane 16:51
Boorley Green Oatlands Road (N-bound) 16:52
Boorley Green, o/s Pear Tree 16:53
Long Common, opp Boorley Park 16:55

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