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409 - Farnborough 6th Form - Elvetham Heath

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Hants & Surrey

Elvetham Heath - Farnborough 6th Form

Elvetham Heath, adj Ulric House 07:39
Elvetham Heath, opp Turstin Drive 07:40
Elvetham Heath, opp Sturmey Drive 07:40
Elvetham Heath, opp Lefreth Drive 07:42
Elvetham Heath, adj Fitzhugh Drive 07:42
Elvetham Heath, opp Cholseley Drive 07:43
Elvetham Heath, opp Upper Froyle Drive 07:44
Elvetham Heath, opp Silchester Drive 07:45
Elvetham Heath, adj Mattingley Drive 07:46
Elvetham Heath, opp Kings Worthy Road 07:47
Elvetham Heath, opp Eversley Drive 07:48
Elvetham Heath, adj Community Centre 07:49
Fleet Edenbrook (S-bound) 07:51
Fleet Hart Leisure Centre (S-bound) 07:52
Crookham Village The Street (S-bound) 07:54
Crookham Village, o/s Social Club 07:55
Crookham Village Malthouse Bridge (E-bound) 07:56
Church Crookham, adj Cheswell Gardens 07:58
Church Crookham Fox and Hounds (N-bound) 07:59
Fleet Leawood Road (NE-bound) 08:01
Fleet The Oatsheaf (Stop C) 08:03
Fleet Rochester Grove (E-bound) 08:04
Fleet Regent Street (E-bound) 08:05
Fleet Montrose Close (E-bound) 08:07
Pondtail Kings Road (E-bound) 08:08
Pondtail Aldershot Road (NW-bound) 08:09
Pondtail, opp Wood Lane 08:10
Pondtail Kenilworth Road (NW-bound) 08:10
Fleet Kent Road (NW-bound) 08:11
Fleet Kings Road (NE-bound) 08:12
Fleet Avondale Road (NE-bound) 08:13
Ancells Farm The Heron On the Lake (SE-bound) 08:15
Ancells Farm Ancells Road (E-bound) 08:16
Ancells Farm Bramshott Bridge (E-bound) 08:18
Southwood Cove Services (E-bound) 08:20
Southwood Trunk Road (E-bound) 08:21
Cove Ladywood Avenue (NE-bound) 08:22
Southwood Conway Drive (E-bound) 08:23
Cove The Plough & Horses (E-bound) 08:25
Rafborough Watts Road (NE-bound) 08:29
Rafborough West Heath Road (E-bound) 08:30
Hawley Lane, adj Mayfield Road 08:33
Farnborough Green Farnborough Sixth Form College (Stop C) 08:35
Farnborough Empress Avenue (S-bound) 08:37
Farnborough Ham and Blackbird (Stop M) 08:39
Farnborough Park College of Technology (S-bound) 08:43

Farnborough 6th Form - Elvetham Heath

Hawley Lane Farnborough Sixth Form College (Stop A) 16:25
Rafborough West Heath Road (W-bound) 16:28
Rafborough Watts Road (W-bound) 16:29
Cove The Plough & Horses (W-bound) 16:33
Southwood Conway Drive (W-bound) 16:33
Southwood Ladywood Avenue (SW-bound) 16:34
Southwood Trunk Road (W-bound) 16:34
Southwood Cove Services (W-bound) 16:35
Ancells Farm Bramshott Bridge (W-bound) 16:37
Ancells Farm Ancells Road (NW-bound) 16:39
Ancells Farm The Heron On the Lake (NW-bound) 16:39
Fleet Avondale Road (SW-bound) 16:41
Fleet Road (SE-bound) 16:42
Fleet Kent Road (SE-bound) 16:43
Pondtail Kenilworth Road (SE-bound) 16:43
Pondtail Wood Lane (SE-bound) 16:44
Pondtail Aldershot Road (SE-bound) 16:45
Pondtail Kings Road (W-bound) 16:45
Fleet Montrose Close (W-bound) 16:46
Fleet Regent Street (W-bound) 16:48
Fleet Rochester Grove (W-bound) 16:49
Fleet The Oatsheaf (Stop B) 16:51
Fleet Leawood Road (SW-bound) 16:52
Church Crookham Fox and Hounds (S-bound) 16:53
Church Crookham, opp Cheswell Gardens 16:54
Crookham Village Malthouse Bridge (W-bound) 16:55
Crookham Village, opp Social Club 16:57
Crookham Village The Street (NE-bound) 16:57
Fleet Hart Leisure Centre (N-bound) 16:59
Fleet Edenbrook (N-bound) 17:00
Elvetham Heath Fleet Road (N-bound) 17:02
Elvetham Heath, nr Community Centre 17:03
Elvetham Heath, adj Eversley Drive 17:03
Elvetham Heath, adj Kings Worthy Road 17:04
Elvetham Heath, opp Mattingley Drive 17:05
Elvetham Heath, adj Silchester Drive 17:05
Elvetham Heath, adj Upper Froyle Drive 17:06
Elvetham Heath, adj Cholseley Drive 17:07
Elvetham Heath, opp Fitzhugh Drive 17:08
Elvetham Heath, adj Lefreth Drive 17:08
Elvetham Heath, adj Sturmey Drive 17:10
Elvetham Heath, adj Turstin Drive 17:10
Elvetham Heath, opp Ulric House 17:12

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