Bus Times

418 - Newport - Saffron Walden - Radwinter - Finchingfield - Gt Saling

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

Gt Saling - Finchingfield - Radwinter - Saffron Walden - Newport

Great Saling, o/s Church 07:21
Great Saling, opp Glebe Road 07:21
Great Bardfield, opp Alienor Avenue 07:30
Great Bardfield Braintree Road (N-bound) 07:30
Great Bardfield Brook Street (W-bound) 07:31
Great Bardfield, adj Vine Street 07:31
Great Bardfield, adj Northampton Meadow 07:31
Great Bardfield, adj Beslyns Road 07:31
Great Bardfield, adj Northfield 07:31
Finchingfield, opp The Hopgrounds 07:34
Little Sampford, opp Flea Hall Road 07:40
Little Sampford, o/s Millfield Cottage 07:42
Little Sampford, o/s The Grange 07:42
Great Sampford, opp Parsonage Farm Lane 07:43
Great Sampford, adj Willetts Field 07:43
Great Sampford, opp The Red Lion 07:44
Great Sampford, opp Playing Field 07:44
Great Sampford, opp Howe Lane 07:45
Radwinter, opp Hill Farm 07:49
Radwinter, o/s Plough Inn 07:50
Radwinter, o/s Church 07:51
Radwinter, adj Maple Lane 07:53
Sewards End, o/s Village Hall 07:58
Sewards End, adj Tylers 07:59
Sewards End, adj Dragons Green 07:59
Saffron Walden, o/s Tesco Store 08:03
Saffron Walden, opp The Spike 08:04
Saffron Walden, opp Hatherley Court 08:05
Saffron Walden Chaters Hill (W-bound) 08:06
Saffron Walden Church Street (SW-bound) 08:06
Saffron Walden High Street (S-bound) 08:07
Saffron Walden, opp Council Offices 08:08
Saffron Walden, o/s Lower School Gate 08:09
Saffron Walden, o/s High School 08:10
Saffron Walden, opp High School 08:10
Saffron Walden, opp Lower School Gate 08:10
Saffron Walden, opp Adams Court 08:12
Newport, o/s The Coach & Horses 08:21
Newport, opp Gaces Acre 08:22
Newport School Lane (N-bound) 08:24
Newport, o/s JF Academy 08:25
Schooldays only

Newport - Saffron Walden - Radwinter - Finchingfield - Gt Saling

Newport, o/s JF Academy 15:20
Newport, opp The Coach & Horses 15:21
Wendens Ambo, opp Sparrowsend Hill 15:23
Audley End, opp The Fighting Cocks 15:25
Saffron Walden Audley End Village (N-bound) 15:28
Saffron Walden, opp High School 15:30
Saffron Walden, opp Lower School Gate 15:30
Saffron Walden, o/s Council Offices 15:30
Saffron Walden High Street (N-bound) 15:31
Saffron Walden East Street (E-bound) 15:32
Saffron Walden, adj Hatherley Court 15:33
Saffron Walden, opp Tesco Store 15:34
Sewards End, opp Dragons Green 15:37
Sewards End, opp Tylers 15:38
Sewards End, opp Village Hall 15:38
Radwinter, opp Maple Lane 15:45
Radwinter, opp Church 15:45
Radwinter, opp Plough Inn 15:46
Radwinter, o/s Hill Farm 15:47
Great Sampford, adj Howe Lane 15:50
Great Sampford, adj Playing Field 15:50
Great Sampford, o/s The Red Lion 15:51
Great Sampford, opp Willetts Field 15:51
Great Sampford, adj Parsonage Farm Lane 15:51
Little Sampford, opp The Grange 15:52
Little Sampford, opp Millfield Cottage 15:52
Little Sampford, adj Flea Hall Road 15:54
Finchingfield, opp Stephen Marshall Ave 15:57
Finchingfield, adj The Hopgrounds 15:58
Great Bardfield, opp Northfield 16:02
Great Bardfield, opp Beslyns Road 16:02
Great Bardfield, opp Northampton Meadow 16:03
Great Bardfield, opp Vine Street 16:03
Great Bardfield Brook Street (E-bound) 16:04
Great Bardfield Braintree Road (S-bound) 16:04
Great Bardfield Alienor Avenue (Stop A1) 16:04
Great Saling, adj Glebe Road 16:10
Great Saling, opp Church 16:11
Schooldays only

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