Bus Times

42 - Berwick - Hailsham - Alciston - Alfriston - Hailsham

A bus service operated by Cuckmere Buses

Berwick - Hailsham - Alciston - Alfriston - Hailsham

Berwick, adj Railway Station 09:22
Chalvington Lovers Corner (SW-bound) 09:30
Upper Dicker, opp Village Shop 09:34
Lower Dicker, opp Baptist Chapel 09:38
Lower Horsebridge, adj Pay Gate Cottages 09:39
Lower Horsebridge, opp The Kings Head 09:40
Upper Horsebridge, adj Manor Park Road 09:41
Hailsham, opp Lepeland 09:42
Hailsham, opp Leap Cross 09:43
Hailsham, opp Grovelands Road 09:44
Hailsham Old Railway Bridge (SE-bound) 09:45
Hailsham High Street (SE-bound) 09:46
Hailsham, o/s Police Station 09:50
Hailsham, adj Church 09:51
Hailsham, adj Knights Garden 09:52
Hailsham Windsor Road (NE-bound) 09:53
Hailsham The Drive (SE-bound) 09:54
Hailsham, opp Ersham Way 09:55
Hailsham, opp The Avenue 09:56
Hailsham Sandbanks Way (NE-bound) 09:57
Hailsham, opp Windsor Road 09:59
Hailsham, opp Knights Garden 10:00
Hailsham, opp Diplocks Way 10:01
Hailsham Ingrams Way (NE-bound) 10:02
Hailsham, opp Ingrams Way 10:02
Hailsham, adj Ropemaker Park 10:04
Hailsham, opp Gordon Road 10:05
Hailsham, o/s Tesco 10:08
Hailsham High Street (SE-bound) 10:09
Hailsham, o/s Police Station 10:10
Hailsham, o/s Tesco 10:10
Hailsham Old Railway Bridge (NW-bound) 10:11
Hailsham, adj Grovelands Road 10:12
Hailsham, adj Leap Cross 10:13
Hailsham, adj Lepeland 10:13
Upper Horsebridge, opp Manor Park Road 10:14
Lower Horsebridge, adj The Kings Head 10:16
Lower Horsebridge, opp Pay Gate Cottages 10:16
Lower Dicker, adj Baptist Chapel 10:17
Upper Dicker, adj Village Shop 10:22
Selmeston, adj Village Hall 10:30
Alciston Road (opp) 10:31
Alciston, opp The Rose Cottage Inn 10:34
Berwick Crossroads (SE-bound) 10:37
Berwick Drusillas Corner (S-bound) 10:38
Alfriston, at Waterloo Square 10:43
Berwick Drusillas Corner (N-bound) 10:48
Berwick, adj Railway Station 10:52
Arlington, adj Yew Tree Inn 10:58
Upper Dicker Milton Hide (N-bound) 11:04
Hailsham, opp Ingrams Way 11:08
Hailsham, adj Ropemaker Park 11:08
Hailsham, opp Gordon Road 11:09
Hailsham, o/s Tesco 11:10
Hailsham High Street (SE-bound) 11:12

Hailsham - Alfriston - Alciston - Hailsham - Berwick

Hailsham High Street (SE-bound) 12:03
Hailsham, o/s Police Station 12:03
Hailsham, adj Church 12:04
Hailsham, adj Knights Garden 12:05s
Hailsham Windsor Road (NE-bound) 12:06s
Hailsham The Drive (SE-bound) 12:07s
Hailsham, opp Ersham Way 12:08s
Hailsham, opp The Avenue 12:09s
Hailsham Sandbanks Way (NE-bound) 12:10s
Hailsham, opp Windsor Road 12:12s
Hailsham, opp Knights Garden 12:13s
Hailsham, opp Diplocks Way 12:14s
Hailsham Ingrams Way (NE-bound) 12:15s
Hailsham, adj Ingrams Way 12:20
Upper Dicker, opp Village Shop 12:22
Lower Dicker, opp Baptist Chapel 12:28
Lower Horsebridge, adj Pay Gate Cottages 12:30
Lower Horsebridge, opp The Kings Head 12:31
Upper Horsebridge, adj Manor Park Road 12:32
Hailsham, opp Lepeland 12:33
Hailsham, opp Leap Cross 12:34
Hailsham, opp Grovelands Road 12:35
Hailsham Old Railway Bridge (SE-bound) 12:36
Hailsham High Street (SE-bound) 12:37
Hailsham, o/s Police Station 12:42
Hailsham, adj Church 12:43
Hailsham, opp Diplocks Way 12:43
Hailsham, adj Ingrams Way 12:44
Upper Dicker Milton Hide (S-bound) 12:50
Arlington, opp Yew Tree Inn 12:56
Berwick, adj Railway Station 13:02
Chalvington Lovers Corner (SW-bound) 13:10
Selmeston, adj Village Hall 13:17
Alciston Road (opp) 13:18
Alciston, opp The Rose Cottage Inn 13:18
Berwick, o/s The Cricketers Arms 13:19
Berwick Crossroads (SE-bound) 13:20
Berwick Drusillas Corner (S-bound) 13:21
Alfriston, at Waterloo Square 13:26
Berwick Drusillas Corner (N-bound) 13:29
Berwick, adj Railway Station 13:33
serves Cricketers Arms if required
serves Alciston if required, may run 5-10 mins late

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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