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43 - Cranleigh - Godalming College

A bus service operated by Compass Travel

Cranleigh - Godalming College

Godalming College - Cranleigh

Holloway Hill, opp Godalming College 16:25
Holloway Hill Tuesley Lane (S-bound) 16:25
Holloway Hill, adj Maplehatch Close 16:26
Busbridge The Drive (E-bound) 16:27
Busbridge, opp Village Hall 16:27
Crownpits Brighton Road Turn (N-bound) 16:28
Crownpits Munstead Wood (N-bound) 16:28
Godalming Croft Road Turn (N-bound) 16:29
Farncombe, adj Chalk Road 16:30
Farncombe, adj Llanaway Road 16:31
Farncombe, adj King's Road 16:32
Farncombe, opp Wyatt's Close 16:32
Farncombe, adj Broadwater Park 16:33
Peasmarsh, opp Tilthams Green 16:34
Peasmarsh, adj New Pond Road 16:35
Peasmarsh, opp Filling Station 16:36
Peasmarsh, opp The Green 16:36
Broadford Road (NE-bound) 16:38
Shalford, adj Poplar Road 16:39
Gosden Common, opp Foxborough Hill Road 16:40
Bramley, adj Gosden House School 16:40
Bramley, opp Links Road 16:41
Bramley Grange (nr) 16:42
Bramley, opp Barton Road 16:42
Wonersh, adj Chinthurst Lane 16:43
Wonersh, opp The Grantley Arms 16:45
Wonersh, adj St John's Seminary 16:46
Shamley Green Lords Hill Turning (S-bound) 16:47
Wonersh and Shamley Green School (opp) 16:47
Shamley Green, opp Nursery Hill 16:48
Shamley Green, adj Red Lion 16:49
Shamley Green Stroud Common (SE-bound) 16:50
Rowly, opp Gaston Gate 16:52
Rowly Drive (opp) 16:53
Rowly, adj Thorns Flush 16:53
Cranleigh, opp Garden Centre 16:54
Cranleigh Common (opp) 16:55
Cranleigh Crossroads (SE-bound) 16:55
Cranleigh Baptist Church (SE-bound) 16:56
Cranleigh High Street (E-bound) 16:57
Cranleigh Hospital (opp) 16:57
Cranleigh, opp Hitherwood 16:58
Cranleigh, adj Avenue Road 16:59
Cranleigh, adj Grove Road 17:01
Operates during Sixth Form College Terms

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