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432 - Longwell Green - Wellsway School

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Gloucester

Longwell Green - Wellsway School

Wellsway School - Longwell Green

Keynsham Wellsway School (S-bound) 15:15
Keynsham Lambourn Road (S-bound) 15:15
Keynsham Torridge Road (SW-bound) 15:16
Keynsham Hurn Lane - West (W-bound) 15:17
Keynsham Hurn Lane (N-bound) 15:17
Keynsham Limekilns Close (N-bound) 15:19
Keynsham Wellsway (NW-bound) 15:19
Keynsham Memorial Park (NW-bound) 15:20
Keynsham Ashton Way (N-bound) 15:22
Keynsham Church (Stop C) 15:23
Keynsham Station (Stop C) 15:24
Willsbridge The Marina (NE-bound) 15:25
Willsbridge Tudor House (NE-bound) 15:25
Willsbridge Londonderry Farm (NE-bound) 15:26
Willsbridge Keynsham Road (N-bound) 15:27
Willsbridge Kenilworth Drive (E-bound) 15:27
Bitton Cherry Garden Road (E-bound) 15:27
Willsbridge Kenilworth Drive (W-bound) 15:27
Willsbridge Hill (NW-bound) 15:28
Longwell Green Court Farm Road (W-bound) 15:32
Longwell Green The Crown (N-bound) 15:36
Longwell Green Shellards Road (N-bound) 15:37
Longwell Green Parkwall Road (NW-bound) 15:38
Longwell Green Woodward Drive (N-bound) 15:39
Longwell Green Craven Close (NE-bound) 15:41
Longwell Green Stoneleigh Drive (NE-bound) 15:41
Warmley Palmers Close (E-bound) 15:43
Warmley Howes Close (E-bound) 15:43
Cadbury Heath Kennmoor Close (E-bound) 15:44
Warmley Tower Gleneagles Road (E-bound) 15:46
Cadbury Heath Tower Road South (S-bound) 15:47
Cadbury Heath Rogers Close (S-bound) 15:48
Oldland Common Westcourt Drive (SE-bound) 15:49
Oldland Common Court Road (S-bound) 15:50
Oldland Common The Cherry Tree (S-bound) 15:51
Oldland Common The Clamp (N-bound) 15:51
Oldland Common The Dolphin (NE-bound) 15:52
Oldland Common Redfield Edge (NE-bound) 15:53
N Common Victoria Road (N-bound) 15:55

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