442 - Clehonger - Abergavenny via Ewyas Harold, Longtown

A bus service operated by Yeomans Travel

Clehonger - Abergavenny via Ewyas Harold, Longtown

Abergavenny - Clehonger via Ewyas Harold, Longtown

Abergavenny Bus Station (Stand 1) 13:45
Abergavenny, nr Pavilion 13:46
Mardy, after Priory Road 13:47
Mardy, after L&NWR Bridge 13:47
Mardy, nr Croesonen Crescent 13:48
Mardy, nr Croesonen Cottages 13:49
Mardy, nr Post Office 13:50
Mardy, nr Pumps 13:50
Mardy, nr St Teilo's Church 13:52
Abergavenny, o/s Triley Mill 13:54
Crossways, opp Triley Farm 13:57
Werngifford, before Grosmont Turn 14:03
Pandy, nr Police Station 14:04
Pandy, after Lancaster Arms 14:05
Penbidwal, nr Post Office 14:06
Penbidwal, before Pandy Inn 14:07
Tre-wyn, nr Trewyn Mill 14:07
Oldcastle Turn (after) 14:10
Clodock, opp Church 14:15
Longtown, adj Greyhound Close 14:18
Longtown, opp Greyhound Close 14:18
Longtown The Bryn (NW-bound) 14:25
Lower Maes-Coed, opp Telephone Box 14:32
Dulas, opp Old Trout Inn 14:35
Ewyas Harold, adj Temple Bar PH 14:40
Ewyas Harold, adj Morgan's Garage 14:42
Pontrilas, adj Telephone Exchange 14:45
Pontrilas, adj Telephone Exchange 14:53
Pontrilas, adj Post Office 14:53
Ewyas Harold, opp Morgan's Garage 14:56
Ewyas Harold, opp Temple Bar PH 14:58
Ewyas Harold, adj Elmdale Turn 14:59
Ewyas Harold Elmdale Housing Estate (E-bound) 15:00
Ewyas Harold Elmdale Housing Estate (W-bound) 15:00
Ewyas Harold, opp Elmdale Turn 15:00
Abbey Dore, adj Neville Arms 15:03
Abbey Dore, adj Village Hall 15:05
Kingstone, opp Church 15:13
Kingstone, opp The Deans 15:13
Kingstone Dews Corner (N-bound) 15:14
Kingstone, opp Arkstone Turn 15:16
Smallbrook, adj Brook View 15:18
Clehonger, opp Poplar Road 15:18
Clehonger Main Road (E-bound) 15:20
Clehonger Birch Hill Road (o/s 9) 15:20
Clehonger Gosmore Road (opp 16) 15:21

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