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457 - Newent - Kilcot - Gorsley - Brockhampton - King's Caple - Hereford

A bus service operated by Nick Maddy Coaches (Hereford)


Newent - Kilcot - Gorsley - Brockhampton - King's Caple - Hereford

Newent, by The Library 09:28
Newent, opp Lakeside 09:28
Newent, opp Kings Arms 09:28
Newent, o/s Picklenash School 09:29
Newent, opp Oxenhall Turn 09:30
Newent, before Conigree Road 09:31
Kilcot, opp Inn 09:32
Kilcot, nr Briery Hill Lane 09:32
Kilcot, o/s Garage 09:33
Gorsley, o/s Christ Church 09:33
Gorsley, nr Sterrys Road 09:34
Gorsley, before Telephone Exchange 09:34
Gorsley, adj Quarry Lane 09:35
Gorsley, opp Goffs School 09:35
Gorsley Jay's Green (NW-bound) 09:35
Hill Top, adj Two Park Farm 09:36
Hill Top, opp Shelter 09:37
Upton Bishop Cross (SW-bound) 09:38
Old Gore Cottage (adj) 09:42
How Caple Crossway (NW-bound) 09:46
Upper Buckenhill, adj Gurney's Oak Brockhampton Turn 09:50
Brockhampton, opp Church 09:53
Brockhampton Brinkley Hill (SW-bound) 09:55
Kings Caple, opp Village Hall 10:06
Hoarwithy, adj Church 10:10
Little Dewchurch The Weaven (NW-bound) 10:14
Little Dewchurch, opp Carey Turn 10:15
Little Dewchurch, adj Village Hall 10:17
Aconbury Caldicott Pike (N-bound) 10:18
Aconbury Turn (adj) 10:21
Dinedor, adj Huntless House 10:22
Upper Dinedor Turn (opp) 10:23
Dinedor, adj Fairbrook House 10:23
Lower Dinedor (N-bound) 10:24
Ridge Hill Turn (adj) 10:25
Ridge Hill Green Crize (N-bound) 10:26
Putson, opp Aconbury Avenue 10:28
Putson Hoarwithy Road (opp 53) 10:29
Putson, adj Tesco Express 10:30
Hereford, opp St Martin's Church 10:31
Hereford Meadow Close (NE-bound) 10:32
Hereford, o/s St Martin's Street 10:33
Hereford Bridge Street (N-bound) 10:35
Hereford, adj Old Market 10:37
Hereford, adj Franklin Barnes 10:38
Hereford, adj Merton Hotel 10:39
Hereford Country Bus Station (Stand 10) 10:40
Concessionary Passes are valid on this trip

Hereford - King's Caple - Brockhampton - Gorsley - Kilcot - Newent

Hereford Country Bus Station (Stand 12) 13:30
Hereford, adj The Hop Pole 13:31
Hereford Maylord Shopping Centre (Stand 2) 13:32
Hereford, opp Gala Bingo 13:36
Hereford Broad Street (S-bound) 13:38
Hereford, adj Meadow Close 13:41
Hereford, adj St. Martin's Church 13:42
Putson, opp Tesco Express 13:44
Putson, opp Post Office 13:44
Putson, adj Aconbury Avenue 13:45
Ridge Hill Green Crize (S-bound) 13:47
Ridge Hill Turn (opp) 13:49
Lower Dinedor (S-bound) 13:49
Dinedor, opp Fairbrook House 13:50
Upper Dinedor Turn (adj) 13:50
Dinedor, opp Huntless House 13:51
Aconbury Turn (opp) 13:54
Aconbury Caldicott Pike (SE-bound) 13:57
Little Dewchurch, opp Village Hall 14:01
Little Dewchurch, adj Carey Turn 14:02
Little Dewchurch The Weaven (SE-bound) 14:03
Hoarwithy, adj Altbough Farm 14:05
Hoarwithy, opp Church 14:07
Kings Caple, opp Village Hall 14:11
Brockhampton Brinkley Hill (NE-bound) 14:23
Brockhampton, adj Church 14:27
Upper Buckenhill, opp Gurney's Oak Brockhampton Turn 14:30
How Caple Crossway (SE-bound) 14:34
Old Gore Cottage (opp) 14:38
Upton Bishop Cross (NE-bound) 14:43
Hill Top, adj Shelter 14:44
Hill Top, opp Two Park Farm 14:45
Gorsley Jay's Green (NE-bound) 14:46
Gorsley, adj Goffs School 14:47
Gorsley, opp Quarry Lane 14:48
Gorsley, nr Telephone Exchange 14:48
Gorsley, opp Sterrys Road 14:48
Gorsley, nr Christ Church 14:49
Kilcot, opp Garage 14:50
Kilcot, opp Briery Hill Lane 14:50
Kilcot, by Inn 14:50
Newent, after Conigree Road 14:51
Newent Oxenhall Turn (corner of) 14:52
Newent, before Picklenash School 14:53
Newent, by Kings Arms 14:54
Newent, after Lakeside 14:54
Newent, nr The Co-Op 14:55

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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