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50b - Sheffield - Chesterfield

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Chesterfield


Chesterfield - Sheffield

Chesterfield New Beetwell Street (Stop B3) 07:03
Chesterfield Beetwell Street (Stop G) 07:04
Chesterfield Cavendish Street (Stop T1) 07:07
Chesterfield Holywell Cross (Stop V) 07:07
Stonegravels, adj Brunswick Street 07:09
Stonegravels, adj Stagecoach Bus Depot 07:10
Stonegravels, opp Parish Centre 07:10
The Stonegravels (opp) 07:11
Stonegravels, opp Lockoford Lane 07:11
Whittington Moor, opp Donkey Derby 07:12
Whittington Moor, opp Proact Stadium 07:13
Whittington Moor, adj Stand Road 07:13
Whittington Moor, opp Derby Tup 07:14
Whittington Moor Lidl (Stop 1) 07:15
Whittington Moor, adj Brimington Road North 07:15
Old Whittington, adj Whittington Way 07:16
Old Whittington, adj Bulls Head 07:18
Old Whittington Station Lane Top (SE-bound) 07:18
Old Whittington, opp Gypsy Lane 07:19
Old Whittington, adj Webster Croft 07:19
Old Whittington Ashcroft Drive (NE-bound) 07:20
Old Whittington, opp Potters Close 07:21
Old Whittington, adj Burnbridge Road 44 07:21
Old Whittington, opp Compass Crescent 07:22
Old Whittington, adj Burnbridge Road Top 07:23
Old Whittington, opp Brearley Park 07:24
New Whittington, opp London Street 07:25
New Whittington, opp The Wellington 07:27
New Whittington High Street (NE-bound) 07:27
New Whittington Highland Road (N-bound) 07:28
New Whittington Eckington Road (NE-bound) 07:29
Nether Handley Handley Cross Roads (NE-bound) 07:31
Middle Handley, opp Devonshire Arms 07:32
Marsh Lane, adj Bramley Road 07:34
Marsh Lane Lightwood Road (N-bound) 07:34
Marsh Lane, adj Butchers Arms 07:35
Marsh Lane, opp Fox and Hounds 07:35
Marsh Lane, opp St Johns Cross Farm 07:36
Eckington, adj School 07:36
Eckington, adj Ravencar Road 07:36
Eckington, opp Curlew Avenue 07:37
Eckington, opp Pasture Grove 07:38
Eckington, adj Greenhall Road 07:39
Eckington, opp Darcy Road 07:40
Eckington, adj School Street 07:42
Eckington Bus Station (Bay 3) 07:45
Eckington Bus Station (Bay 3) 07:46
Eckington, opp Prince of Wales 07:46
Eckington, opp Rectory Close 07:47
Eckington, opp Pipworth Lane 07:49
Halfway, adj Rotherham Road 07:51
Halfway, adj Mosborough Hall Drive 07:52
Mosborough, adj Duke Street 07:56
Mosborough, adj Cadman Street 07:57
Mosborough, adj Queen Street 07:59
Mosborough, adj Ferncroft Avenue 07:59
Mosborough, opp Moorside Close 08:00
Quarry Hill, adj Owlthorpe Rise 08:01
Quarry Hill, opp Owlthorpe Drive 08:02
Quarry Hill (adj) 08:02
Quarry Hill, opp Moor Valley Close 08:04
Birley Lane (adj) 08:06
Frecheville, adj Heathfield Road 08:09
Intake, adj Hollinsend Road 08:12
Manor Top, adj Newlands Drive 08:15
Manor Top, adj Eastern Avenue 08:17
Manor, opp City Road Cemetery 08:21
Skye Edge, adj Granville Road 08:23
Park Hill, opp Crown Place 08:28
Sheffield Centre Cg1 (CG1) 08:29
Sheffield Centre, at Fitzalan Square 08:30
Sheffield Centre, at Sheffield Interchange 08:31

Sheffield - Chesterfield

Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange B5 (B5) 17:04
Sheffield Centre Sheffield Station SS4 (SS4) 17:05
Norfolk Park, opp Sheffield College 17:08
Manor Lane (adj) 17:12
Manor, adj City Road Cemetery 17:15
Manor Top, opp Eastern Avenue 17:19
Manor Top, at Elm Tree 17:21
Intake, adj Woodhouse Road 17:22
Intake, adj Hollybank Road 17:23
Frecheville, opp Heathfield Road 17:26
Hackenthorpe, adj Sheffield Road 17:29
Quarry Hill, adj Moor Valley Close 17:30
Quarry Hill (opp) 17:32
Quarry Hill, opp Owlthorpe Rise 17:33
Mosborough, adj Moor Farm Avenue 17:33
Mosborough, adj Westfield Crescent 17:34
Mosborough, nr Station Road 17:35
Mosborough, opp Cadman Street 17:36
Mosborough, at Opp George and Dragon Ph 17:36
Halfway, nr Mosborough Hall Drive 17:38
Halfway, at Rotherham Road 17:38
Eckington, adj Pipworth Lane 17:41
Eckington, adj Rectory Close 17:42
Eckington, adj Prince of Wales 17:43
Eckington Bus Station (Bay 2) 17:45
Eckington Bus Station (Bay 2) 17:46
Eckington, opp School Street 17:47
Eckington, adj Darcy Road 17:48
Eckington, opp Greenhall Road 17:49
Eckington, adj Pasture Grove 17:50
Eckington, adj Curlew Avenue 17:50
Eckington, o/s Ravencar Road 17:51
Marsh Lane, adj St Johns Cross Farm 17:52
Marsh Lane, adj Fox and Hounds 17:53
Marsh Lane, opp Butchers Arms 17:53
Marsh Lane Lightwood Road (S-bound) 17:55
Marsh Lane, opp Bramley Road 17:55
Middle Handley Lightwood Lane (SE-bound) 17:56
Middle Handley, adj Devonshire Arms 17:56
Nether Handley Handley Cross Roads (SW-bound) 17:57
New Whittington, opp Eckington Road 17:59
New Whittington Highland Road (S-bound) 18:00
New Whittington High Street (SW-bound) 18:02
New Whittington, adj The Wellington 18:03
New Whittington, adj London Street 18:03
Old Whittington, adj Brearley Park 18:04
Old Whittington Burnbridge Road Top (S-bound) 18:05
Old Whittington, adj Compass Crescent 18:06
Old Whittington, opp Burnbridge Road 44 18:06
Old Whittington, adj Potters Close 18:07
Old Whittington Ashcroft Drive (SW-bound) 18:07
Old Whittington, opp Webster Croft 18:08
Old Whittington, adj Gypsy Lane 18:08
Old Whittington Station Lane Top (NW-bound) 18:09
Old Whittington, opp Bulls Head 18:11
Old Whittington Whittington Hill (S-bound) 18:11
Old Whittington, opp Whittington Way 18:12
Whittington Moor, opp Brimington Road North 18:13
Whittington Moor Lidl (Stop 3) 18:14
Whittington Moor, adj Peter Webster Centre 18:14
Whittington Moor, opp Stand Road 18:14
Whittington Moor, adj Proact Stadium 18:15
Whittington Moor, adj Donkey Derby 18:15
Stonegravels, adj Lockoford Lane 18:16
The Stonegravels (adj) 18:16
Stonegravels, adj Parish Centre 18:17
Stonegravels, opp Stagecoach Bus Depot 18:18
Chesterfield, adj St Helena Centre 18:20
Chesterfield Cavendish Street (Stop U1) 18:22

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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