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614 - West and East Wittering - Selsey Academy

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Hants & Surrey

West and East Wittering - Selsey Academy

E Wittering, opp Furzefield 07:38
W Wittering, opp Itchenor Road 07:40
W Wittering, adj Chapel Lane 07:41
W Wittering, adj Emery Cottages 07:42
W Wittering, adj Malthouse Cottages 07:43
W Wittering Rookwood Road Shops (SW-bound) 07:43
W Wittering, adj Old House At Home 07:44
W Wittering, opp Berrybarn Lane 07:44
W Wittering, adj The Byeway 07:45
E Wittering, opp Cakeham Manor House 07:46
E Wittering, opp Cakeham House 07:47
E Wittering, adj Scotts Farm Caravan Park 07:47
E Wittering, adj Post Office 07:48
E Wittering, adj St Anne's Court 07:48
E Wittering, opp Coney Road 07:49
E Wittering, adj Wessex Avenue 07:49
E Wittering, opp Kimbridge Road 07:50
Bracklesham Bay, adj Woodborough Close 07:55
Bracklesham Bay, adj Middleton Close 07:59
Bracklesham Bay, opp Clappers Lane 07:59
Bracklesham Bay, opp Holdens Farm Caravan Park 07:59
Bracklesham Bay, adj Clayton Lane 08:00
Somerley, opp Glen Nurseries 08:02
Somerley, opp Mill 08:03
Birdham, adj The Bell Inn 08:03
Birdham, adj Stores 08:05
Birdham, adj Church Lane 08:06
Highleigh, adj Nursery 08:11
Sidlesham, adj Primary School 08:13
Sidlesham, opp Chalk Lane 08:13
Sidlesham, adj Manhood Lane 08:15
Sidlesham, opp Redgate Nursery 08:16
Sidlesham, adj Nature Reserve 08:17
Norton, adj Knight Fencing 08:18
Norton, opp Comptons Farm Shop 08:20
Norton, opp Coles Farm 08:20
Selsey Norton Corner (SW-bound) 08:21
Selsey, opp Golf Links Lane 08:23
Selsey, opp Police Station 08:23
Selsey, adj Manor Farm Court 08:23
Selsey, adj Royal British Legion 08:24
Selsey, opp The Academy 08:25
Schooldays only

Selsey Academy - West and East Wittering

Selsey, opp The Academy 15:10
Selsey, opp Royal British Legion 15:10
Selsey, adj Police Station 15:11
Selsey, adj Golf Links Lane 15:11
Selsey Norton Corner (NE-bound) 15:12
Norton, adj Coles Farm 15:14
Norton, adj Comptons Farm Shop 15:14
Norton, opp Knight Fencing 15:16
Norton, opp Ferry Farm House 15:16
Sidlesham, opp Nature Reserve 15:17
Sidlesham, adj Redgate Nursery 15:18
Sidlesham, opp Manhood Lane 15:20
Sidlesham, adj Chalk Lane 15:21
Sidlesham, opp Primary School 15:22
Highleigh, opp Nursery 15:23
Birdham, opp Church Lane 15:28
Birdham, opp Stores 15:30
Birdham, opp The Bell Inn 15:31
Somerley, adj Mill 15:32
Somerley, adj Glen Nurseries 15:32
Bracklesham Bay, opp Clayton Lane 15:34
Bracklesham Bay, adj Holdens Farm Caravan Park 15:35
Bracklesham Bay, adj Clappers Lane 15:35
Bracklesham Bay, opp Middleton Close 15:36
Bracklesham Bay, adj Woodborough Close 15:40
E Wittering, adj Kimbridge Road 15:43
E Wittering, opp Wessex Avenue 15:44
E Wittering, adj Coney Road 15:44
E Wittering, opp St Anne's Court 15:45
E Wittering, opp Post Office 15:46
E Wittering, opp Scotts Farm Caravan Park 15:46
E Wittering, adj Cakeham House 15:46
E Wittering, o/s Cakeham Manor House 15:47
W Wittering, opp The Byeway 15:48
W Wittering, adj Berrybarn Lane 15:49
W Wittering, opp Old House At Home 15:49
W Wittering Rookwood Road Shops (NE-bound) 15:50
W Wittering, opp Malthouse Cottages 15:51
W Wittering, opp Emery Cottages 15:52
W Wittering, opp Chapel Lane 15:52
W Wittering, adj Itchenor Road 15:53
E Wittering, adj Furzefield 15:56
Schooldays only

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