Bus Times

61S - Coventry Outer Circle Anticlockwise

A bus service operated by Travel De Courcey

Longford Tesco Superstore (Stop AE) 15:07
Rowley’s Green Ricoh Subway (Stop AJ) 15:08
Rowley’s Green, adj Lauderdale Avenue 15:12
Holbrooks, opp Briscoe Rd 15:13
Holbrooks, opp Roland Mount 15:16
Holbrooks, before Parkville Highway 15:18
Holbrooks, opp Watery Lane 15:20
Keresley, opp Sandpits Lane 15:23
Brownshill Green, adj Cardinal Newman School 15:25
Whitmore Park, adj Lowe Rd 15:25
Whitmore Park, opp Greens Rd 15:26
Whitmore Park, opp New Rd 15:26
Whitmore Park, adj The Scotchill 15:26
Coundon, adj Kipling Rd 15:27
Coundon, after Keresley Rd 15:28
Coundon, after Brownshill Green Rd 15:28
Coundon, adj Duncroft Avenue 15:28
Coundon, adj Norman Place Rd 15:29
Coundon, opp Haynestone Rd 15:29
Coundon, opp Gaveston Rd 15:29
Coundon, after Westhill Rd 15:30
Coundon Jun & Inf School (adj) 15:30
Coundon, adj Donnington Avenue 15:31
Coundon, before Forfield Rd 15:32
Coundon, opp Morfa Gardens 15:33
Chapel Fields, opp Westbury Rd 15:34
Chapel Fields, adj Lincroft Crescent 15:34
Chapel Fields, before Allesley Old Rd 15:34
Whoberley, opp Torbay Rd 15:35
Allesley Park, opp Ashbridge Rd 15:35
Allesley Park, opp Westmede Centre 15:36
Whoberley, before Gorseway 15:37
Whoberley, before Broad Lane 15:38
Whoberley, opp Wildcroft Rd 15:39
Whoberley, adj Kings Gardens 15:39
Whoberley, before Claverdon Road 15:40
Whoberley, adj Honeybourne Close 15:41
Allesley Park, opp Berwick Close 15:42
Allesley Park, opp Scafell Close 15:43
Allesley Green, opp Caithness Close 15:43
Allesley Green, after Sutherland Ave 15:44
Allesley Green, on Unicorn House 15:45
Eastern Green, opp Windermere Avenue 15:47
Eastern Green, opp Sutton Avenue 15:48
Eastern Green, opp Moyle Crescent 15:48
Eastern Green, before Goldthorn Close 15:49
Eastern Green, adj Farcroft Ave 15:50
Eastern Green, opp Hawthorn Lane 15:51
Eastern Green, opp Vesey & Sharples Works 15:51
Eastern Green, opp Coleman St 15:52
Tile Hill North, before Faseman Ave 15:53
Tile Hill North, adj Tile Hill Library 15:53
Tile Hill North, adj Shopping Centre 15:54
Tile Hill North Terminus (adj) 15:55
Tile Hill North Terminus (on) 15:55
Tile Hill North, opp Shopping Centre 15:55
Tile Hill North, opp Tile Hill Library 15:56
Tile Hill North Jardine Crescent 15:56
Tile Hill North, adj Brazil St 15:56
Tile Hill North, opp Nutbrook Ave 15:57
Tile Hill North, opp Hawthorn Lane 15:58
Tile Hill North, opp Hornbeam Drive 15:58
Tanyard Farm, opp Tanners Lane 16:00
Tile Hill South, adj Torrington Avenue 16:00
Tile Hill South, after Tile Hill Rail Station 16:00
Tile Hill South, opp Dalmeny Rd 16:01
Tile Hill South, opp Marina Close 16:01
Westwood Heath, adj Bradney Green 16:01
Westwood Heath, adj Marler Rd 16:02
Westwood Business Park, adj Wolfe Rd 16:02
Westwood Business Park, opp Ten Shilling Wood 16:02
Westwood Heath, adj Warren Green 16:03
Kirby Corner, adj Mitchell Avenue 16:05
Kirby Corner Rd (Stop GH1) 16:07
Kirby Corner Scarman Rd (GH3) 16:08
Kirby Corner Interchange (Stop UW1) 16:10
Kirby Corner Scarman Rd (GH4) 16:11
Kirby Corner Rd 16:12
Cannon Park, adj University Westwood Site 16:13
Cannon Park, before Lynchgate Rd 16:15
Cannon Park Shops (adj) 16:16
Canley, opp Centenary Rd 16:17
Canley Rd (adj) 16:19
War Memorial Park, opp Cannon Park Rd 16:22
Green Lane, opp Wainbody Ave 16:25
Green Lane, adj Renaissance Court 16:25
Green Lane, opp Bathway Rd 16:27
Finham, adj Leamington Road 16:30
Finham, opp Stonebridge Highway 16:30
Stivichall, adj Dewsbury Avenue 16:30
Stivichall, adj The Chesils 16:31
Stivichall, after Ridgeway Avenue 16:31
Stivichall, before Knoll Drive 16:32
Cheylesmore, before Dillotford Avenue 16:32
Cheylesmore, before Ulverscroft Rd 16:33
Cheylesmore, opp Castle Close 16:34
Cheylesmore, after Seneschal Rd 16:35
Cheylesmore, before Esher Drive 16:35
Cheylesmore, before Cecily Rd 16:36
Cheylesmore, adj The Mount 16:37
Whitley Jaguar Works 16:41
Cheylesmore, before London Rd 16:43
Whitley, opp Riverside Close 16:46
Whitley, opp Tonbridge Rd 16:47
Whitley, opp Abbey Rd 16:48
Whitley, adj Chace Avenue 16:48
Willenhall, adj St James Lane 16:49
Willenhall, after London Rd 16:49
Willenhall, adj Cedric Close 16:50
Willenhall, adj Dunsmore Avenue 16:51
Willenhall Social Club (opp) 16:51
Willenhall, after Robin Hood Rd 16:52
Willenhall, adj Meadfoot Rd 16:52
Willenhall, adj Remembrance Rd 16:53
Binley, opp Middle Ride 16:53
Binley, adj Craigends Avenue 16:54
Binley, adj William Mckee Close 16:55
Binley, adj Ashby Close 16:55
Binley, opp Invicta Rd 16:56
Binley, adj Sandwick Close 16:57
Binley, after Willenhall Lane 16:58
Binley, on Industrial Estate 16:58
Binley, after Willenhall Lane 16:59
Binley Park Inn (opp) 16:59
Binley Church (adj) 17:00
Stoke, opp Coombe Park Rd 17:00
Stoke, adj Bridgeacre Gardens 17:01
Stoke, opp Gainford Rise 17:02
Wyken Green, opp Tesco 17:02
Walsgrave Caludon Centre (Stop WH) 17:05
Walsgrave University Hospital (Stop WF) 17:05
Walsgrave University Hospital (Stop UH3) 17:06
Walsgrave University Hospital (Stop UH3) 17:08
Walsgrave Caludon Centre (Stop WG) 17:09
Wyken Green, before Dorchester Way 17:10
Wyken, after Clifford Bridge Rd 17:11
Wyken, adj Westmorland Rd 17:12
Wyken, opp Arch Rd 17:13
Wyken Green, after Attoxhall Rd 17:14
Wyken Green, adj Macaulay Road 17:14
Wyken Green, opp Wyken Avenue 17:16
Wyken Green, after Tiverton Rd 17:17
Wyken, after Lamerton Close 17:19
Stoke Heath, adj Dennis Rd 17:20
Stoke Heath, after Blackberry Lane 17:21
Court House Green Stoke Heath 17:21
Court House Green, after Purcell Rd 17:22
Court House Green, opp Courthouse Green School 17:23
Foleshill, adj Elkington St 17:24
Foleshill, adj Gayer St 17:24
Foleshill, adj Thomas Lane St 17:25
Foleshill Old Church Rd 17:26
Little Heath, before Foleshill Rd 17:27
Little Heath, opp The Wheatsheaf 17:28
Little Heath Parkstone Rd (Stop AF) 17:29
Longford Tesco Superstore (Stop AE) 17:30

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