Bus Times

673 - Wickham Bishops - Maldon - Boreham - Springfield - Chelmsford

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

Wickham Bishops - Maldon - Boreham - Springfield - Chelmsford

Wickham Bishops Snows Corner (S-bound) 07:00
Great Totham, opp Barn Church 07:02
Great Totham, o/s The Prince of Wales 07:02
Great Totham, opp Captains Wood Road 07:03
Great Totham, opp Totham Lodge 07:04
Great Totham, opp Broad Street Green 07:05
Heybridge, opp Scylla Close 07:06
Heybridge, opp Oak Road 07:07
Heybridge Goldhanger Road (E-bound) 07:08
Heybridge, adj Lawling Avenue 07:09
Heybridge, adj Coopers Avenue 07:09
Heybridge, opp Basin Road 07:10
Heybridge, adj The Colliers 07:12
Heybridge Basin Road (N-bound) 07:13
Heybridge, opp Coopers Avenue 07:14
Heybridge, opp Lawling Avenue 07:15
Heybridge Goldhanger Road (W-bound) 07:15
Heybridge, opp Bentalls Shopping Centre 07:17
Heybridge, opp Church 07:17
Maldon, adj Bates Road 07:18
Maldon The Causeway (S-bound) 07:19
Maldon, o/s The Swan Hotel 07:21
Maldon, opp Wantz Road 07:21
Maldon, adj Victoria Road 07:21
Maldon Prom Gates (o/s) 07:22
Maldon, opp Meadway 07:23
Maldon, opp Jersey Road 07:23
Maldon, o/s Blackwater Leisure Centre 07:24
Maldon, adj Randolph Close 07:26
Maldon, adj Lambourne Grove 07:27
Maldon, opp Fambridge Close 07:27
Maldon Fambridge Road (W-bound) 07:28
Maldon, adj Essex Road 07:28
Maldon Acacia Drive (NW-bound) 07:29
Langford Place (o/s) 07:38
Langford, opp Church 07:40
Langford Hatfield Road (NW-bound) 07:40
Langford, adj Ulting Lane 07:40
Langford, o/s Business Park 07:40
Ulting, o/s Blackwater Cottage 07:40
Ulting Does Corner (NW-bound) 07:41
Hatfield Peverel, adj Church Road 07:44
Hatfield Peverel, adj New Road 07:45
Hatfield Peverel, opp The Duke of Wellington 07:45
Hatfield Peverel, opp Station Road 07:46
Hatfield Peverel, opp The Swan Inn 07:46
Hatfield Peverel, o/s William Boosey 07:46
Hatfield Peverel Terling Road Corner (W-bound) 07:47
Boreham, adj Damases Lane 07:49
Boreham, opp Waltham Rd 07:50
Boreham, o/s Recreation Ground 07:51
Boreham, adj Hurrell Down 07:51
Boreham, opp Elm Way 07:53
Boreham House (o/s) 07:54
Springfield, opp Pump Lane 07:57
Springfield, opp Aldi 07:57
Springfield, opp The Plough 07:58
Springfield, opp The Endeavour 07:58
Springfield Green (SW-bound) 07:59
Springfield Lawn Lane (NW-bound) 07:59
Springfield, opp Paignton Avenue 08:00
Springfield, o/s Medical Centre 08:02
Chelmsford, opp Patching Hall Lane 08:06
Chelmsford, o/s St. John Payne School 08:08
Chelmsford Partridge Ave (W-bound) 08:08
Chelmsford, adj Tennyson Road 08:10
Chelmsford North Avenue (SE-bound) 08:10
Chelmsford, opp The Barn 08:11
Chelmsford Corporation Road (SE-bound) 08:12
Chelmsford Cockney Corner (SE-bound) 08:12
Chelmsford, o/s Keene Home 08:13
Schooldays only

Chelmsford - Springfield - Boreham - Maldon - Wickham Bishops

Chelmsford, o/s St. John Payne School 15:45
Chelmsford Partridge Ave (W-bound) 15:45
Chelmsford, adj Tennyson Road 15:47
Chelmsford North Avenue (SE-bound) 15:48
Chelmsford, opp The Barn 15:48
Chelmsford Corporation Road (SE-bound) 15:49
Chelmsford, o/s Keene Home 15:51
Springfield, opp Medical Centre 15:56
Springfield, adj Paignton Avenue 15:57
Springfield Lawn Lane (SE-bound) 15:58
Springfield Green (NE-bound) 15:59
Springfield, o/s The Endeavour 15:59
Springfield, o/s The Plough 16:00
Springfield, o/s Aldi 16:00
Springfield, opp T A Centre 16:00
Springfield, adj Sainsburys 16:01
Springfield, opp Royal Mail 16:02
Boreham House (opp) 16:03
Boreham, adj Elm Way 16:05
Boreham, opp Hurrell Down 16:05
Boreham, opp Recreation Ground 16:06
Boreham, adj Waltham Rd 16:07
Boreham, opp Damases Lane 16:07
Hatfield Peverel Terling Road Corner (E-bound) 16:09
Hatfield Peverel, opp William Boosey 16:10
Hatfield Peverel, o/s The Swan Inn 16:10
Hatfield Peverel, adj Station Road 16:11
Hatfield Peverel, o/s The Duke of Wellington 16:11
Hatfield Peverel, opp New Road 16:12
Hatfield Peverel, opp Church Road 16:12
Ulting Does Corner (SE-bound) 16:18
Ulting, opp Blackwater Cottage 16:18
Langford, opp Business Park 16:18
Langford, opp Ulting Lane 16:19
Langford Hatfield Road (SE-bound) 16:19
Langford, adj Church 16:20
Langford Place (opp) 16:21
Langford, adj Doubleday Drive 16:22
Maldon, adj Spital Road Flats 16:26
Maldon Acacia Drive (SE-bound) 16:27
Maldon, opp Essex Road 16:28
Maldon Fambridge Road (E-bound) 16:28
Maldon, adj Fambridge Close 16:29
Maldon, opp Lambourne Grove 16:30
Maldon, opp Randolph Close 16:30
Maldon Limebrook Way West (NE-bound) 16:31
Maldon Limebrook Way East (NE-bound) 16:32
Maldon, opp Blackwater Leisure Centre 16:34
Maldon, adj Jersey Road 16:34
Maldon, adj Meadway 16:34
Maldon, o/s Berridge House 16:35
Maldon, opp Victoria Road 16:36
Maldon, opp The Swan Hotel 16:37
Maldon, opp Bates Road 16:39
Heybridge, o/s Church 16:40
Heybridge, o/s Bentalls Shopping Centre 16:41
Heybridge Goldhanger Road (E-bound) 16:42
Heybridge, adj Lawling Avenue 16:43
Heybridge, adj Coopers Avenue 16:44
Heybridge, opp Basin Road 16:45
Heybridge, adj The Colliers 16:49
Heybridge Basin Road (N-bound) 16:50
Heybridge, opp Coopers Avenue 16:50
Heybridge, opp Lawling Avenue 16:51
Heybridge Goldhanger Road (W-bound) 16:51
Heybridge, adj Oak Road 16:52
Heybridge, adj Scylla Close 16:53
Great Totham, adj Broad Street Green 16:54
Great Totham, o/s Totham Lodge 16:56
Great Totham, adj Captains Wood Road 16:57
Great Totham, opp The Prince of Wales 16:57
Great Totham, o/s Barn Church 16:58
Wickham Bishops Snows Corner (N-bound) 17:00
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