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701 - Oxton - Gayton

A bus service operated by Selwyn’s Travel


Oxton, opp Kingsmead Road 16:05
Oxton, opp Westminster Court 16:06
Oxton Wexford Road (SE-bound) 16:06
Oxton, adj Silverdale Road 16:07
Oxton, nr Bidston Road 16:08
Oxton, adj Flatt Lane 16:08
Oxton, adj Churton Avenue 16:09
Noctorum, adj Hogarth Drive 16:10
Noctorum, opp Moorfields Avenue 16:12
Noctorum, opp Ormond Way 16:13
Noctorum, opp St Peters Way 16:13
Noctorum, opp Beryl Road 16:14
Noctorum Upton Station (Stop C) 16:15
Upton By-Pass (adj) 16:16
Upton, adj Ford Drive 16:16
Upton, adj Salacre Lane 16:18
Upton, adj Frankby Grove 16:19
Greasby, opp Cortsway 16:20
Greasby, adj Brookdale Avenue North 16:22
Greasby, adj Norwood Road 16:23
Greasby, adj MacDonald Drive 16:25
Greasby, adj Lloyd Drive 16:25
Greasby, opp Thorns Drive 16:26
Greasby, opp Thorns Drive 16:27
Greasby Primary School (o/s) 16:27
Greasby, nr Arrowe Brook Lane 16:28
Irby Hill, opp Sandy Lane North 16:29
Irby Hill, adj Heathbank Avenue 16:30
Irby Far Meadow Lane (SE-bound) 16:31
Irby Methodist Church (NW-bound) 16:32
Irby Heath, opp Mill Hill Road 16:33
Irby Heath, adj Thingwall Road 16:33
Irby Heath, adj Woodlands Road 16:34
Pensby, adj Somerset Road 16:35
Pensby, nr Fishers Lane 16:36
Pensby, adj Kylemore Drive 16:36
Poll Hill, adj Pine Way 16:37
Poll Hill, nr Quarry Road East 16:38
Poll Hill, opp Thurstaston Road 16:38
Poll Hill, opp Tesco 16:39
Heswall, opp Beacon Lane 16:41
Gayton, adj Boundary Lane 16:41
Gayton, nr Barnston Road 16:43
Gayton Lane (opp) 16:43
Gayton, opp Queensway 16:44
Gayton, opp Boathouse Lane 16:45
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Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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