Bus Times

71 - Nantwich - Malbank School - Audlem - Nantwich

A bus service operated by D & G Coach & Bus


Nantwich - Malbank School - Audlem - Nantwich

Nantwich Bus Station (Stand D) 15:15
Nantwich, o/s Frog & Ferret 15:15
Acton, opp Basin End 15:17
Acton, o/s Dorfold Hall 15:18
Acton, nr St Mary's Church 15:20
Acton Springe Lane (cnr) 15:20
Swanley Cottages (o/s) 15:21
Swanley, o/s Harrison Drainage 15:21
Stoneley Green Dig Lane (cnr) 15:21
Ravensmoor, o/s General Store 15:22
Ravensmoor, by Farmers Arms PH 15:25
Baddiley, o/s Farm House 15:26
Baddiley Hall Lane (opp) 15:27
Wrenbury Heath Road (cnr) 15:29
Wrenbury, opp Primary School 15:30
Wrenbury Oakfield Avenue (cnr) 15:30
Wrenbury Pinsley View (NE-bound) 15:31
Wrenbury, o/s Primary School 15:31
Wrenbury, nr Railway Station 15:33
Aston, opp Bhurtpore Arms PH 15:35
Aston Crossroads (SE-bound) 15:37
Burleydam, opp Combermere Arms 15:42
Royal’s Green, nr Walkmill Farm 15:43
Lightwood Green Avenue (opp) 15:45
Copthorne, opp Holly Bank 15:47
Audlem Tollgate Drive (cnr) 15:48
Audlem, o/s St James' Church 15:49
Chapel End, opp Kettle Lane 15:52
Buerton, nr Festival Avenue 15:54
Buerton Longhill Lane (cnr) 15:55
Hankelow, opp White Lion PH 15:59
Hatherton Oakes Corner (NE-bound) 16:02
Hatherton, o/s Fields Farm 16:03
Hatherton, opp Park Lane 16:03
Hatherton House (o/s) 16:04
Stapeley Mill Lane (cnr) 16:07
Stapeley, o/s Primary School 16:07
Stapeley, opp Bishops Wood 16:08
Nantwich, opp Methodist Church 16:09
Nantwich, o/s The Globe 16:09
Nantwich, o/s Brine Leas High School 16:09
Nantwich, o/s St Anne's Primary School 16:10
Nantwich, nr Railway Station 16:11
Nantwich Water Lode (cnr) 16:14
Nantwich Bus Station (Stand E) 16:16
Journey provided on behalf of Cheshire East Council.
Runs Mon - Fri during sch holidays, ask the operator for exact dates

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