Bus Times

71 - Storrington - Pulborough - Arundel - Chichester

A bus service operated by Compass Travel

Storrington - Pulborough - Arundel - Chichester

Storrington Bus Station (Stop A) 09:30
Storrington, adj Old Mill Drive 09:30
Storrington Fryern Road (SE-bound) 09:30
Storrington, opp Nightingale Lane 09:30
Storrington, adj Mead Lane 09:31
Storrington, adj Sullington Copse 09:31
Storrington, opp Rydon College 09:32
Abingworth, adj Greenhurst Lane 09:33
Abingworth Jackets Hill (N-bound) 09:34
Abingworth, adj High Bar Lane 09:35
Thakeham, adj South Hill Barn 09:36
Thakeham, adj Town House Farm 09:36
Thakeham, opp Goffsland Farm 09:38
W Chiltington, opp Picketty Cottages 09:39
W Chiltington, opp Lower Voakes Farm 09:41
W Chiltington East Street (W-bound) 09:43
W Chiltington, o/s The Queens Head 09:44
W Chiltington The Hollow (W-bound) 09:44
W Chiltington Common, opp Stream Lane 09:45
W Chiltington Common, opp Village Hall 09:46
W Chiltington Common The Common (W-bound) 09:47
W Chiltington Common, opp Little Hill 09:47
W Chiltington Common, opp New Barn Lane 09:47
W Chiltington Common Harborough Hill (W-bound) 09:48
Nutbourne Common Heath Mill (N-bound) 09:48
Nutbourne Common, opp Tudor Close 09:49
Marehill, opp The White Horse 09:50
Pulborough, opp Sailes Cottage 09:51
Pulborough, adj Rivermead 09:51
Pulborough, adj Oddfellows Arms 09:52
Pulborough, adj Skeyne Drive 09:52
Pulborough, adj Arun Court 09:53
Pulborough, opp Church Hill 09:53
Pulborough Swan Bridge (S-bound) 09:54
Pulborough, adj Winters Farm 09:54
Hardham, adj Church 09:56
Coldwaltham, opp Old London Road 09:57
Coldwaltham, opp Church 09:59
Coldwaltham, adj Brookview 10:00
Watersfield, adj River Lane 10:02
Watersfield Bury Road (S-bound) 10:02
Bury, adj Recreation Ground 10:04
Bury, adj The Hollow 10:05
Bury, adj The Squire and Horse 10:06
Bury Village Hall (W-bound) 10:06
Bury, adj Coombe Crescent 10:08
Houghton, opp George and Dragon 10:10
Madehurst Fairmile Bottom (SW-bound) 10:14
Madehurst, opp Arundel Lodge 10:15
Slindon, opp Chichester Lodge 10:16
Slindon, adj The Spur 10:17
Slindon, adj Coronation Hall 10:18
Tangmere, opp Boxgrove Turning 10:25
Chichester, o/s Sainsbury's 10:30
Chichester Westhampnett Road (SW-bound) 10:31
Chichester, opp St Richards Hospital Entrance 10:33
Chichester, adj Litten Terrace 10:34
Chichester Market (Stop M) 10:36
Chichester Market Avenue (Stop G) 10:37
Chichester South Street (Stop D) 10:38
Chichester Cathedral (Stop C1) 10:39
Chichester Westgate (Stop V) 10:39s
Chichester, opp Westgate Leisure Centre 10:41s
Chichester Tesco (entrance) 10:44

Chichester - Arundel - Pulborough - Storrington

Chichester Tesco (entrance) 13:00
Chichester, adj Westgate Leisure Centre 13:02
Chichester Westgate (Stop U) 13:03
Chichester Cathedral (Stop P) 13:05
Chichester South Street (Stop E) 13:05
Chichester Market Avenue (Stop I) 13:07
Chichester Market (Stop N) 13:08
Chichester, opp Litten Terrace 13:09
Chichester, adj St Richard's Hospital Entrance 13:11
Chichester, adj Harvester Close 13:12
Chichester Westhampnett Road (NE-bound) 13:12
Chichester, o/s Sainsbury's 13:14
Slindon, opp Coronation Hall 13:26
Slindon, opp The Spur 13:26
Slindon, adj Chichester Lodge 13:27
Madehurst, adj Arundel Lodge 13:28
Madehurst Fairmile Bottom (NE-bound) 13:29
Houghton, adj George and Dragon 13:34
Bury, opp Coombe Crescent 13:36
Bury Village Hall (W-bound) 13:37
Bury, opp The Squire and Horse 13:38
Bury, opp The Hollow 13:38
Bury, opp Recreation Ground 13:39
Watersfield Bury Road (N-bound) 13:40
Watersfield, opp River Lane 13:42
Coldwaltham, opp Brookview 13:44
Coldwaltham, o/s Church 13:44
Coldwaltham, adj Old London Road 13:46
Hardham, opp Church 13:48
Pulborough, opp Winters Farm 13:49
Pulborough Swan Bridge (N-bound) 13:50
Pulborough, adj Church Hill 13:50
Pulborough, opp Arun Court 13:51
Pulborough, opp Skeyne Drive 13:51
Pulborough, opp Oddfellows Arms 13:52
Pulborough, opp Rivermead 13:52s
Pulborough, adj Sailes Cottage 13:52s
Marehill, adj The White Horse 13:53s
Nutbourne Common, adj Tudor Close 13:54s
Nutbourne Common Heath Mill (S-bound) 13:55s
W Chiltington Common Harborough Hill (E-bound) 13:55s
W Chiltington Common, adj New Barn Lane 13:56s
W Chiltington Common, adj Little Hill 13:56s
W Chiltington Common The Common (E-bound) 13:57s
W Chiltington Common, adj Village Hall 13:57s
W Chiltington Common, adj Stream Lane 13:58s
W Chiltington The Hollow (E-bound) 13:59s
W Chiltington, opp The Queens Head 14:00s
W Chiltington East Street (E-bound) 14:00s
W Chiltington, adj Lower Voakes Farm 14:03s
W Chiltington, adj Picketty Cottages 14:05s
Thakeham, adj Goffsland Farm 14:05s
Thakeham, opp Town House Farm 14:07s
Thakeham, opp South Hill Barn 14:08s
Abingworth, opp High Bar Lane 14:08s
Abingworth Jackets Hill (S-bound) 14:09s
Abingworth, opp Greenhurst Lane 14:10s
Storrington, adj Rydon College 14:11s
Storrington, opp Sullington Copse 14:12s
Storrington, opp Mead Lane 14:12s
Storrington, adj Nightingale Lane 14:13s
Storrington Fryern Road (NW-bound) 14:13s
Storrington, opp Old Mill Drive 14:13s
Storrington Bus Station (Stop A) 14:14
may reach Storrington 12 mins early if West Chiltington not served

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Cash or 💳 contactless payment accepted

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