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743 - Worthing - Findon - Steyning Grammar School

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Worthing - Findon - Steyning Grammar School

E Worthing, opp Shoreline Court 07:37
Worthing, opp Windsor Road 07:38
Worthing, adj Splashpoint 07:39
Worthing Steyne Gardens (S-bound) 07:41
Worthing Marine Parade (Stop A) 07:41
Worthing, o/s The Lido 07:42
Worthing, opp Augusta Place 07:43
Worthing, opp Queen's Road 07:44
Worthing, opp Heene Terrace 07:44
W Worthing, before Rowlands Road 07:45
W Worthing, adj Emmanuel United Reform Church 07:46
W Worthing, opp Richmond Road 07:47
W Worthing, opp Belsize Road 07:48
W Worthing Grand Avenue (W-bound) 07:48
W Worthing West Avenue (just after) 07:49
W Worthing, adj Wallace Avenue 07:50
Goring by Sea, adj Rose Walk 07:51
Goring by Sea, adj Marlborough Road 07:51
Goring by Sea, opp Leisure Centre 07:52
Durrington, o/s Boulevard Shops 07:53
Durrington, adj Palatine Road 07:55
Durrington, opp Windermere Crescent 07:56
Durrington, adj Nelson Road 07:58
Durrington, adj Blenheim Avenue 07:59
Salvington, adj North Star 08:00
Salvington, adj Little Gables 08:00
Salvington, adj Stone Lane 08:01
Salvington, opp Chantry Road 08:01
Tarring, opp Highfield Road 08:02
Offington, adj Rogate Road 08:02
Offington, adj Ashacre Lane 08:04
Offington, adj The Plantation 08:05
Offington, adj Durrington Cemetery 08:07
Findon Valley, opp Mayfield Close 08:07
Findon Valley, opp Allendale Avenue 08:07
Findon Valley, adj Hillview Rise 08:08
Findon Valley, opp Cissbury Avenue 08:09
Findon Valley, opp Central Avenue 08:09
Findon Valley, adj Downside Avenue 08:09
Findon Valley, opp May Tree Avenue 08:10
Findon Valley, adj Bost Hill 08:10
Findon, opp Nepcote Corner 08:11
Findon, adj The Black Horse 08:11
Findon, opp Doctors Surgery 08:12
Findon, adj The Gun Inn 08:13
Findon, adj Homewood 08:13
Washington Bostal (N-bound) 08:17
Washington, adj Stocks Mead 08:18
Washington The Pike (E-bound) 08:19
Rock, adj Green Farm Barn 08:20
Buncton The Pike (E-bound) 08:21
Buncton Crossroads (E-bound) 08:22
Steyning, opp Wiston House Entrance 08:23
Steyning, adj The Round House 08:24
Steyning, o/s Hammes Farm 08:25
Steyning, opp The Spinney 08:27
Steyning, adj Leisure Centre 08:28
Schooldays only

Steyning Grammar School - Findon - Worthing

Steyning, opp Leisure Centre 15:30
Steyning, adj The Spinney 15:30
Steyning, opp Hammes Farm 15:31
Steyning, opp The Round House 15:32
Steyning, adj Wiston House Entrance 15:33
Buncton Crossroads (W-bound) 15:34
Buncton The Pike (W-bound) 15:35
Rock, opp Green Farm Barn 15:36
Washington The Pike (W-bound) 15:36
Washington, opp Stocks Mead 15:37
Washington Bostal (S-bound) 15:38
Findon, opp Homewood 15:41
Findon, opp The Gun Inn 15:42
Findon, opp The Black Horse 15:42
Findon, adj Nepcote Corner 15:43
Findon Valley, adj May Tree Avenue 15:43
Findon Valley, opp Downside Avenue 15:44
Findon Valley, adj Central Avenue 15:44
Findon Valley, adj Cissbury Avenue 15:45
Findon Valley, opp Hillview Rise 15:46
Findon Valley, adj Allendale Avenue 15:47
Findon Valley, adj Mayfield Close 15:48
Offington, opp Durrington Cemetery 15:50
Offington Corner (SE-bound) 15:51
Offington, opp The Plantation 15:53
Offington, opp Ashacre Lane 15:56
Offington, opp Rogate Road 15:58
Salvington, adj Chantry Road 15:58
Salvington, opp Stone Lane 15:59
Salvington, adj Ringmer Road 15:59
Durrington, opp Blenheim Avenue 16:00
Durrington, opp Nelson Road 16:02
Durrington, adj Windermere Crescent 16:03
Durrington, opp Palatine Road 16:05
Durrington, opp Boulevard Shops 16:05
Goring by Sea, adj Leisure Centre 16:07
Goring by Sea, adj Shaftesbury Avenue 16:08
Goring by Sea, opp Rose Walk 16:08
W Worthing, opp Wallace Avenue 16:09
W Worthing, before West Avenue 16:10
W Worthing Grand Avenue (E-bound) 16:11
W Worthing, adj Belsize Road 16:12
W Worthing, adj Richmond Road 16:12
W Worthing, opp Emmanuel United Reform Church 16:13
W Worthing, after Rowlands Road 16:14
Worthing, adj Heene Terrace 16:15
Worthing, adj Queen's Road 16:15
Worthing, adj Augusta Place 16:16
Worthing, opp The Lido 16:17
Worthing Marine Parade (Stop G) 16:18
Worthing The Steyne (N-bound) 16:18
Worthing, adj Wyke Avenue 16:19
Worthing, opp Splashpoint 16:20
Worthing, adj Windsor Road 16:22
E Worthing, adj Shoreline Court 16:23
Schooldays only

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