Bus Times

751 - Altrincham - Bramhall Green

A bus service operated by Selwyn’s Travel


Stepping Hill, opp Brewers Green 07:07
Hazel Grove, nr Commercial Rd 07:07
Hazel Grove, nr Queens Rd 07:08
Hazel Grove, o/s Conservative Club 07:09
Hazel Grove, o/s The Pines 07:10
Hazel Grove, nr Shepley Dr 07:11
Hazel Grove, nr Dean Ln 07:13
Hazel Grove, at Arundel Ave 07:13
Hazel Grove HS (opp) 07:15
Bramhall Green, opp Three Bears 07:16
Bramhall Green, opp Bramhall Moor Ln 07:17
Bramhall Green, nr Wallbank Rd 07:17
Bramhall Green, nr Headlands Rd 07:18
Bramhall Green (at) 07:20
Bramhall Green, opp Carr Wood Rd 07:20
Pownall Green, at Grasmere Cres 07:21
Pownall Green, opp Ramsdale Rd 07:21
Pownall Green, opp Robins Ln 07:22
Bramhall Stn (Stop A) 07:22
Bramhall Village (at) 07:23
Bramhall, nr The Victorian 07:24
Bramhall, nr Kitts Moss Ln 07:24
Bramhall, opp Robins Ln 07:25
Bramhall, nr Oak Dr 07:26
Bramhall, nr Yew Tree Park Rd 07:27
Cheadle Hulme, o/s Church Inn 07:28
Cheadle Hulme, nr Swann Ln 07:28
Cheadle Hulme, nr Beech Rd 07:29
Cheadle Hulme Monmouth Rd (Stop G) 07:30
Cheadle Hulme Stn (Stop E) 07:31
Cheadle Hulme Station Rd (Stop C) 07:32
Cheadle Hulme, opp Cheadle Rd 07:33
Cheadle Hulme, nr Gourham Dr 07:34
Cheadle Hulme, nr Bankfield Rd 07:35
Cheadle Hulme, opp Conway Rd 07:36
Cheadle Hulme, nr Bruntwood Ln 07:38
Heald Green, nr Wilmslow Rd 07:40
Heald Green, o/s The Griffin 07:41
Heald Green, adj St Ann's Rd 07:43
Heald Green, nr Queensway 07:45
Heald Green Shops (opp) 07:47
Heald Green Hotel (Stop A) 07:47
Peel Hall, nr Styal Rd 07:48
Peel Hall, o/s Atlas Business Ctr 07:48
Peel Hall Shadow Moss Rd (Stop F) 07:49
Peel Hall Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 07:49
Wythenshawe Robinswood Rd Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 07:50
Wythenshawe, opp Asda 07:52
Wythenshawe, nr Summerfield Rd 07:52
Woodhouse Park, adj Portway 07:53
Woodhouse Park, opp Oatlands Rd 07:54
Woodhouse Park, opp Portway 07:54
Woodhouse Park, nr Hilary Rd 07:55
Manchester Airport, nr Sydney Ave 07:58
Manchester Airport, opp Hasty Ln 08:00
Warburton Green, nr High Elm Road 08:03
Hale Barns, opp Rydal Drive 08:04
Hale Barns, o/s All Saints Church 08:05
Hale Barns, o/s St Ambrose 08:05
Hale Barns, nr Broadway 08:06
Ashley Heath, nr Arthog Road 08:10
Ashley Heath, opp Park Road 08:11
Hale, opp Murieston Road 08:12
Hale Village (at) 08:13
Hale Station (Stop B) 08:14
Rosehill, nr Stamford Road 08:15
Bowdon, nr St Margaret's Road 08:19
Oldfield Brow, o/s Loreto Grammar School 08:24


Oldfield Brow, o/s Loreto Grammar School 15:55
Oldfield Brow War Memorial (S-bound) 15:56
Bowdon, adj St Margaret's Road 15:58
Rosehill, opp Stamford Road 16:00
Hale Station (Stop A) 16:02
Hale Village 16:02
Hale, nr Murieston Road 16:03
Ashley Heath, nr Park Road 16:04
Ashley Heath, opp Arthog Road 16:05
Hale Barns, nr Carlton Road 16:10
Hale Barns, opp St Ambrose 16:11
Hale Barns, opp All Saints Church 16:13
Hale Barns, nr Rydal Drive 16:13
Warburton Green, nr Brooks Drive 16:14
Manchester Airport, nr Hasty Ln 16:17
Manchester Airport, opp Sydney Ave 16:19
Woodhouse Park, opp Hilary Rd 16:21
Woodhouse Park, by Portway 16:22
Woodhouse Park, nr Oatlands Rd 16:22
Woodhouse Park Portway 16:23
Wythenshawe, opp Summerfield Rd 16:24
Wythenshawe, o/s Asda 16:25
Peel Hall Robinswood Rd Metrolink Stop (Stop A) 16:27
Peel Hall Metrolink Stop (Stop B) 16:28
Peel Hall Shadow Moss Rd (Stop E) 16:29
Peel Hall, opp Atlas Business Ctr 16:30
Heald Green Hotel (Stop B) 16:34
Heald Green Shops (o/s) 16:35
Heald Green, opp Queensway 16:36
Heald Green, opp Ash Gr 16:37
Heald Green, opp St Ann's Rd 16:38
Heald Green, opp The Griffin 16:39
Heald Green, adj A34 Bridge 16:41
Cheadle Hulme, opp Chedlee Dr 16:42
Cheadle Hulme, nr Conway Rd 16:43
Cheadle Hulme, opp Bankfield Rd 16:44
Cheadle Hulme, at Fire Stn 16:49
Cheadle Hulme, nr Cheadle Rd 16:51
Cheadle Hulme Stn (Stop D) 16:52
Cheadle Hulme Platform 5 (Stop F) 16:52
Cheadle Hulme Monmouth Rd (Stop H) 16:53
Cheadle Hulme, nr Lindsay Ave 16:54
Cheadle Hulme, nr Manor Rd 16:54
Cheadle Hulme, opp Swann Ln 16:55
Cheadle Hulme, opp Church Inn 16:55
Bramhall, opp Yew Tree Park Rd 16:55
Bramhall, opp Oak Dr 16:55
Bramhall, nr Robins Ln 16:55
Bramhall, opp Kitts Moss Ln 16:55
Bramhall Village 16:56
Bramhall Stn (Stop B) 16:56
Pownall Green, nr Robins Ln 16:57
Pownall Green, nr Ramsdale Rd 16:58
Pownall Green, nr Grasmere Cres 16:59
Bramhall Green, nr Carr Wood Rd 17:00
Bramhall Green 17:01
Bramhall Green, o/s Brookdale Theatre 17:01
Bramhall Green, opp Headlands Rd 17:02
Bramhall Green, nr Walmer Dr 17:03
Bramhall Green, nr Bramhall Moor Ln 17:04
Bramhall Green, nr Three Bears 17:05
Hazel Grove HS (o/s) 17:06
Hazel Grove, nr Arundel Ave 17:08
Hazel Grove, nr Lyndhurst Ave 17:11
Hazel Grove, opp The Pines 17:13
Hazel Grove, at Argyle St 17:14
Hazel Grove, opp Queens Rd 17:15
Hazel Grove, opp Commercial Rd 17:17

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