881 - King Edward VI Five Ways - Handsworth

A bus service operated by The Green Bus Service


Lozells, opp Ivy Rd 06:50
Handsworth, adj Waverhill Rd 06:50
Handsworth, nr Boulton Rd 06:52
Handsworth, adj Booth St 06:53
Handsworth, opp Holyhead Way 06:54
Handsworth, adj Crocketts Rd 06:55
Handsworth, adj Wattville Rd 06:55
Leveretts, opp Island Rd 06:56
Leveretts, nr Middlemore Rd 06:58
Europa Village, after Halfords Lane 06:59
Europa Village, adj Kenrick Way 07:00
W Bromwich, opp Beeches Rd 07:03
W Bromwich, before Roebuck Lane 07:03
W Bromwich, opp Hope St 07:04
W Bromwich, after Trinity Way 07:05
W Bromwich, adj Dartmouth Square 07:06
Lamberts End, opp Bowater St 07:09
Lamberts End, opp Cambridge St 07:10
Lamberts End, opp Margaret St 07:10
Lamberts End, opp Caroline St 07:11
Lamberts End, opp Brandon Way 07:11
Oldbury, adj Sandwell & Dudley Station 07:12
Oldbury Century Rd (Stop OQ) 07:12
Oldbury, nr Newfield Rd 07:13
Brades Village, opp Albion St 07:14
Brades Village, before Roway Lane 07:14
Brades Village, opp Meadows School 07:15
Tividale, opp Temple Way 07:16
Tividale, before Tipton Rd 07:16
Tividale, adj Hainge Rd 07:17
Tividale, opp Redwood Drive 07:18
Tividale Park (adj) 07:18
Tividale Hall, opp Groveland Rd 07:18
Tividale Hall, after New Birmingham Rd 07:19
Tividale Hall, adj Elm Terrace 07:20
Tividale Hall, adj Regent Close 07:21
Oakham, opp Barncroft Rd 07:21
Oakham, adj Wheatsheaf Rd 07:22
Oakham, adj Warrens Hall Farm 07:23
Grace Mary Estate, opp Turners Hill 07:24
Portway Walk (adj) 07:26
Portway, after Four Ways 07:27
Portway, opp Throne Close 07:27
Lion Farm, opp Throne Rd Shops 07:28
Whiteheath Gate, adj Shelsley Avenue 07:29
Whiteheath Gate, opp Richards Close 07:30
Causeway Green (adj) 07:33
Bristnall Fields, before Sandwell College 07:34
Bristnall Fields, opp Oldbury College of Sport 07:35
Bristnall Fields (before) 07:35
Langley Green, before Knottsall Lane 07:36
Langley Green, opp Moat Farm School 07:37
Londonderry, before Reservoir Rd 07:39
Londonderry, after Queens Rd 07:39
Londonderry, adj Hales Lane 07:40
Londonderry, opp William Rd 07:41
Warley, opp Thimblemill Recreation Ground 07:41
Bearwood, after Addenbrooke Road 07:42
Bearwood, adj Thimblemill Baths 07:44
Bearwood, adj Wigorn Rd 07:44
Warley Woods, adj Barclay Rd 07:45
Warley Woods, adj Warley Park 07:45
Warley, before Harborne Rd 07:46
Warley, after Abbey Rd 07:46
Warley Woods, opp Lenwade Rd 07:47
Warley Woods, opp Warley Water Tower 07:47
Warley Woods, opp Beechwood Rd 07:48
Bearwood, opp Beechwood Rd 07:49
Warley Woods, before Wolverhampton Rd 07:50
Ridgacre, adj White Rd 07:51
Ridgacre, adj Clive Rd 07:51
Ridgacre, before Quinton Lane Island 07:52
Brandhall, opp Perry Hill Lane 07:52
Quinton, adj Clydesdale Rd 07:53
Quinton Church (adj) 07:53
Hurst Green, before Woodbury Rd 07:55
Hurst Green, opp Quinton Cemetery 07:55
Hurst Green, before Long Lane 07:56
Hurst Green, opp Radcliffe Drive 07:57
Lapal, before Compton Rd 07:58
Lapal, before Spies Lane 07:58
Lapal, opp Manor Way Bridge 08:01
Woodgate, after M5 Motorway Bridge 08:02
Woodgate, after The Old Crown 08:03
Woodgate, opp Lye Avenue 08:04
Bartley Green, before Field Lane 08:05
Bartley Green, before Romsley Rd 08:06
Bartley Green, adj Wood Lane 08:07
Bartley Green, before Scotland Lane 08:09
Bartley Green, opp Balmoral Rd 08:10
Service is available to the general public.


Bartley Green, opp Balmoral Rd 15:50
Bartley Green, after Scotland Lane 15:50
Bartley Green Romsley Rd 15:51
Bartley Green, opp Wood Lane 15:52
Woodgate, adj Lye Avenue 15:53
Woodgate, before The Old Crown 15:54
Woodgate, before M5 Motorway Bridge 15:55
Lapal, opp Bourne Avenue 15:57
Lapal, after Spies Lane 15:59
Lapal, after Compton Rd 15:59
Hurst Green, adj Radcliffe Drive 16:00
Hurst Green, after Long Lane 16:01
Hurst Green, adj Quinton Cemetery 16:01
Hurst Green, opp Ridgeway Avenue 16:03
Quinton Church (opp) 16:04
Quinton Island (after) 16:04
Quinton, opp Clydesdale Rd 16:05
Brandhall, after Perry Hill Lane 16:05
Ridgacre, after Quinton Lane Island 16:06
Ridgacre, opp Clive Rd 16:06
Ridgacre, opp White Rd 16:07
Warley Woods, after Wolverhampton Rd 16:08
Warley Woods, adj Beechwood Rd 16:08
Warley Woods, adj Warley Water Tower 16:09
Warley Woods, adj Lenwade Rd 16:10
Warley, after Harborne Rd 16:11
Warley Woods, opp Warley Park 16:12
Warley Woods, opp Barclay Rd 16:12
Bearwood, after Three Shires Oak Rd 16:13
Bearwood, opp Swimming Baths 16:14
Bearwood, before Addenbrooke Road 16:14
Warley, adj Thimblemill Recreation Ground 16:15
Londonderry, adj William Rd 16:16
Londonderry, opp Hales Lane 16:16
Londonderry, before Queens Rd 16:17
Londonderry, after Reservoir Rd 16:18
Langley Green, after Moat Farm School 16:19
Langley Green, opp Knottsall Lane 16:20
Bristnall Fields (after) 16:21
Bristnall Fields, adj Oldbury College of Sport 16:22
Bristnall Fields, after Sandwell College 16:22
Causeway Green (opp) 16:23
Whiteheath Gate, adj Richards Close 16:25
Whiteheath Gate, adj Birchfield La 16:25
Whiteheath Gate, opp Shelsley Avenue 16:26
Lion Farm, adj Throne Rd Shops 16:27
Portway, adj Throne Close 16:27
Portway, adj Four Ways 16:28
Portway Walk (opp) 16:29
Grace Mary Estate, opp St Andrews Drive 16:31
Oakham, opp Warrens Hall Farm 16:32
Oakham, opp Wheatsheaf Rd 16:33
Oakham, adj Barncroft Rd 16:33
Tividale Hall, opp Regent Close 16:34
Tividale Hall, opp Elm Terrace 16:34
Tividale Hall, before New Birmingham Rd 16:35
Tividale Hall, adj Groveland Rd 16:36
Tividale Park (opp) 16:36
Tividale, adj Redwood Drive 16:37
Tividale, opp Hainge Rd 16:37
Tividale, after Tipton Rd 16:38
Tividale, adj Temple Way 16:39
Brades Village, adj Meadows School 16:40
Brades Village, after Roway Lane 16:40
Brades Village, adj Albion St 16:41
Oldbury, after Newfield Rd 16:42
Oldbury Century Rd (Stop OH) 16:43
Oldbury, opp Sandwell & Dudley Station 16:43
Lamberts End, adj Brandon Way 16:44
Lamberts End, adj Caroline St 16:45
Lamberts End, adj Margaret St 16:45
Lamberts End, adj Cambridge St 16:46
Lamberts End, adj Bowater St 16:47
Lamberts End, adj Victoria Street 16:48
W Bromwich, opp Dartmouth Square 16:50
W Bromwich, before Trinity Way 16:50
W Bromwich, adj Hope St 16:51
W Bromwich, adj Bagnall St 16:52
W Bromwich, adj Beeches Rd 16:53
Europa Village, opp Kenrick Way 16:54
Europa Village, nr Halfords Lane 16:56
Leveretts, opp Middlemore Rd 16:58
Leveretts, adj Island Rd 16:58
Handsworth, on Holyhead Rd 16:59
Handsworth, opp Woodland Rd 17:00
Handsworth, opp Crocketts Rd 17:01
Handsworth, opp Booth St 17:02
Handsworth, after Alfred Rd 17:04
Handsworth, after Boulton Rd 17:05
Handsworth, adj Grove Lane 17:06
Handsworth, adj Waverhill Rd 17:06
Lozells, adj Ivy Rd 17:08
Service is available to the general public.

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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