Bus Times

998 - Rochdale - Bacup Grammar School

A bus service operated by Gemsar Travel Limited


Bamford P.O. (o/s) 07:30
Bamford, opp War Office Rd 07:33
Bamford, opp Belgium St 07:35
Bamford, nr Springbank Ln 07:37
Bagslate, nr Clay Ln 07:40
Bagslate, nr Edenfield Rd 07:41
Shawfield, nr Elmsfield Ave 07:43
Shawfield Ln (opp) 07:45
Norden Village (in) 07:47
Norden, o/s Mill Bridge 07:50
Norden, opp White Lion 07:50
Cheesden Edenfield Rd (NW-bound) 07:54
Edenfield, by Bleakholt Road 08:00
Edenfield, adj Rochdale Road 08:00
Edenfield, adj Bury Old Road 08:00
Edenfield, opp Elm Street 08:00
Edenfield, o/s Horse and Jockey 08:01
Edenfield, o/s Coach and Horses 08:01
Edenfield, opp Vale Mill Court 08:01
Ewood Bridge, by Football Ground 08:02
Ewood Bridge, opp Old Sch House 08:02
Ewood Bridge, adj Manchester Rd 08:02
Bent Gate, opp Woolpack Hotel 08:02
Bent Gate, by Grasmere Road 08:03
Broadway, opp Knowsley Road 08:03
Broadway, by Haslingden High School 08:03
Broadway, by Brooklands Avenue 08:03
Gregory Fold (by) 08:03
Flax Moss, by Flaxmoss 08:03
Flax Moss, by Mayfield Avenue 08:04
Haslingden, opp Whitecroft Avenue 08:04
Haslingden, opp East Bank Ave 08:04
Haslingden, by Dale Street 08:05
Haslingden, opp Health Centre 08:05
Haslingden, by Hope Street 08:05
Haslingden, opp Bender Factory 08:06
Haslingden, by Rose and Crown 08:07
Haslingden, by South Street 08:07
Lockgate (opp) 08:08
Rawtenstall, by Union Road 08:10
Rawtenstall, by Mount Street 08:11
Rawtenstall, by Whitaker Park 08:11
Rawtenstall, by Magistrates Court 08:12
Rawtenstall Bus Station (Stand J) 08:14
Rossendale, by Cricket Ground 08:15
Rawtenstall, by Rosevale Street 08:16
Cloughfold, by Peel Street 08:17
Hareholme Lane (by) 08:19
Staghills, opp Lench Road 08:20
Waterfoot, adj Warth Bridge 08:21
Waterfoot, adj Bacup & Rossendale Grammar School 08:25


Waterfoot, adj Bacup & Rossendale Grammar School 15:25
Waterfoot, by Late Shop 15:27
Waterfoot, by Warth Bridge 15:28
Waterfoot, by Lench Road 15:29
Hareholme Lane (opp) 15:30
Cloughfold, opp North Road 15:31
Cloughfold, by Jacobsons 15:32
Rawtenstall, by Lever Street 15:33
Rossendale, opp Cricket Ground 15:35
Rawtenstall Bus Station (Stand E) 15:35
Rawtenstall, opp Magistrates Court 15:36
Rawtenstall, opp Mount Street 15:37
Rawtenstall, opp Union Road 15:37
Rawtenstall, by All Saints RCHS 15:38
Rawtenstall, by Langwood 15:38
Lockgate, by Lock Gate 15:39
Haslingden, opp South Street 15:39
Haslingden, opp Rose and Crown 15:40
Haslingden, by Bender Factory 15:40
Haslingden, opp Hope Street 15:40
Haslingden, o/s Health Centre 15:41
Haslingden, by Bowling Green 15:41
Haslingden, by East Bank Ave 15:42
Haslingden, by Whitecroft Meadow 15:42
Flax Moss, opp Mayfield Avenue 15:43
Flax Moss, opp Flaxmoss 15:44
Gregory Fold (opp) 15:45
Gregory Fold, o/s Post Office 15:45
Broadway, opp Brooklands Avenue 15:45
Broadway, opp Haslingden High School 15:46
Broadway, by Knowsley Road 15:46
Bent Gate, opp Grasmere Road 15:46
Bent Gate, by Woolpack Hotel 15:47
Ewood Bridge, by Manchester Rd 15:48
Ewood Bridge, by Old Sch House 15:49
Ewood Bridge, opp Football Ground 15:49
Edenfield, by Vale Mill Court 15:51
Edenfield, opp Coach and Horses 15:51
Edenfield, by Heycrofts View 15:52
Edenfield, adj Elm Street 15:52
Edenfield, opp Bury Old Road 15:53
Edenfield, by Rochdale Road 15:53
Edenfield, opp Bleakholt Road 15:55
Cheesden Edenfield Rd (SE-bound) 15:58
Norden, o/s Nutters 16:02
Norden, opp Mill Bridge 16:05
Norden Village (at) 16:06
Shawfield Ln (nr) 16:10
Shawfield, opp Elmsfield Ave 16:11
Bagslate, opp Clay Ln 16:15
Bamford, opp Springbank Ln 16:16
Bamford, nr Belgium St 16:20
Bamford, opp Norden Rd 16:22
Bamford P.O. (opp) 16:25

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