Bus Times

9S - Cleethorpes - Waltham

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Grimsby-Cleethorpes

N Sea Lane, adj North Sea Lane 07:22
Pleasure Island, adj Cleethorpes Golf Course 07:23
Cleethorpes, opp Meridian Road 07:23
Cleethorpes, opp Pavilion 07:25
Cleethorpes Chichester Road (opp 2) 07:26
Cleethorpes, adj Links Road 07:27
Cleethorpes, adj Pearson Road 07:27
Cleethorpes, opp Bassett Road 07:28
Cleethorpes, opp Howlett Road 07:29
Cleethorpes, adj Cromwell Road 07:30
Cleethorpes, adj Queens Parade 07:30
Cleethorpes, adj Brighton Street 07:31
Cleethorpes, adj Sea View Street 07:32
Cleethorpes, adj Albert Road 07:32
Cleethorpes, adj Cross Street 07:34
Cleethorpes Isaacs Hill (o/s 1) 07:34
Cleethorpes, opp Poplar Road 07:35
Cleethorpes, adj Reynolds Street 07:35
Cleethorpes, opp Pelham Road 07:36
Cleethorpes, opp Suggitts Lane 07:37
Cleethorpes, opp Fuller Street 07:38
Cleethorpes, opp Imperial Avenue 07:38
Cleethorpes, adj Barcroft Street 07:39
E Marsh, adj Park Street 07:41
E Marsh, adj Weelsby Street 07:41
E Marsh, opp Levington Street 07:42
E Marsh Riby Square West-bound (Stop 4) 07:44
E Marsh, opp Church Street 07:46
E Marsh, adj Duncombe Street 07:48
E Marsh Freeman Street (o/s 221) 07:50
Ellis Way, adj Holles Street 07:52
Grimsby Riverhead Exchange (Stand K) 07:57
Grimsby, opp St James Church Stop 2 08:01
Bargate, opp Pelham Road 08:02
Bargate, adj Abbey Road 08:03
Bargate, adj St Martins Prep School 08:05
Nuns Corner Scartho Road (o/s 5) 08:06
Nuns Corner, opp Sutcliffe Avenue 08:07
Scartho, adj Millfield Avenue 08:08
Scartho, in Princess Diana of Wales Hospital 08:10
Scartho, adj Edge Avenue 08:10
Scartho, adj Conyers Avenue 08:10
Scartho, opp Pelham Avenue 08:11
Scartho, opp Pinfold Lane 08:11
Scartho, adj Westkirke Avenue 08:12
Scartho, adj College Avenue 08:12
Scartho, opp Spurn Avenue 08:12
Scartho, opp Southfield Avenue 08:12
Scartho, opp Braeton Lane 08:13
New Waltham Louth Road (o/s 411) 08:15
New Waltham, opp Toll Bar School 08:16
Waltham, opp Newgrove House 08:18
Waltham, opp Fire Station 08:21
Waltham, adj Ings Lane 08:22
Waltham, adj Church Lane 08:23
Waltham, o/s The Kings Head 08:24
Waltham, opp Brian Avenue 08:25
Waltham, adj Salisbury Avenue 08:26
Waltham, adj Westfield Road 08:28
Waltham Barnoldby Road (adj 123) 08:30

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