Bus Times

FL6B - Lidlington - Milbrook - Ampthill - Silsoe - Pulloxhill - Flitwick (Tesco)

A bus service operated by Flittabus

Lidlington - Milbrook - Ampthill - Silsoe - Pulloxhill - Flitwick (Tesco)

Lidlington Station Crescent (N-bound) 09:06
Lidlington Railway Station (S-bound) 09:07
Lidlington, opp Oak Gardens 09:07
Lidlington, adj Great Farm Close 09:08
Lidlington, opp Valley House 09:10
Marston Moretaine, opp Social Club 09:13
Millbrook Railway Station (E-bound) 09:13
Millbrook, opp Sandhill Close 09:16
Ampthill, o/s Lockheed Martin 09:20
Ampthill, opp Prince of Wales 09:23
Ampthill, opp Alameda Walk 09:24
Ampthill, adj Arthur Street 09:25
Ampthill, opp Houghton Close 09:26
Ampthill, opp Cedar Close 09:27
Ampthill, adj Elms Close 09:27
Ampthill, adj Fallowfield 09:27
Ampthill, opp Grange Road 09:27
Silsoe The Grove (S-bound) 09:34
Silsoe, adj Apple Tree Close 09:34
Silsoe, opp Newbury Lane 09:34
Silsoe, opp The George Hotel 09:36
Silsoe, o/s The Church 09:36
Silsoe, nr Barton Road 09:38
Silsoe, adj Mander Farm Road 09:38
Silsoe, opp The Church 09:39
Wardhedges, opp Highfield Road 09:43
Flitton, opp Church 09:44
Flitton, adj Cobbett Lane 09:44
Pulloxhill, adj Fieldside Road 09:48
Pulloxhill Greenfield Road (N-bound) 09:48
Greenfield, opp School Lane 09:52
Flitwick King's Road (W-bound) 09:56
Flitwick, opp Derwent Rise 09:58
Flitwick, o/s Railway Station 09:58
Flitwick, opp The Ridgeway 09:59
Flitwick, adj Williams Way 10:01
Ampthill, opp Redborne Upper School 10:03
Ampthill, adj Grange Road 10:05
Ampthill, adj Sidney Road 10:06
Ampthill, opp Rectory Lane 10:09
Ampthill, opp Alameda Walk 10:10
Ampthill, o/s Lavender Court 10:10
Ampthill, adj The Avenue 10:11
Ampthill, opp Grange Road 10:12
Flitwick, o/s The Rufus Centre 10:17
Flitwick, o/s Leisure Centre 10:21
Flitwick, adj The Ridgeway 10:22
Flitwick, adj Catherine Road 10:23
Flitwick, adj St Pauls Close 10:24
Flitwick, opp Hatfield Road 10:24
Flitwick, adj Ivel Way 10:25
Flitwick, adj Moor Lane 10:25
Flitwick King's Road (W-bound) 10:27
Flitwick, nr Derwent Rise 10:29
Operates on Thursdays only

Flitwick (Tesco) - Pulloxhill - Silsoe - Ampthill - Milbrook - Lidlington

Flitwick, nr Derwent Rise 11:02
Flitwick, o/s Railway Station 11:02
Flitwick, opp The Ridgeway 11:03
Flitwick, adj Williams Way 11:04
Ampthill, opp Redborne Upper School 11:05
Ampthill, adj Grange Road 11:06
Ampthill, adj Sidney Road 11:07
Ampthill, adj Arthur Street 11:07
Ampthill, opp Houghton Close 11:08
Ampthill, opp Cedar Close 11:09
Ampthill, opp Rectory Lane 11:14
Millbrook, adj Sandhill Close 11:20
Millbrook Railway Station (W-bound) 11:22
Marston Moretaine, o/s Social Club 11:24
Lidlington, adj Valley House 11:28
Lidlington, opp Great Farm Close 11:31
Lidlington, adj Oak Gardens 11:32
Lidlington Railway Station (N-bound) 11:33
Ampthill, opp Prince of Wales 11:40
Ampthill, adj The Avenue 11:41
Ampthill, opp Grange Road 11:42
Flitwick, opp 101 Garage 11:44
Flitwick, opp Williams Way 11:45
Flitwick, adj The Ridgeway 11:46
Flitwick, opp Railway Station 11:47
Flitwick, opp Derwent Rise 11:48
Flitwick, o/s Woodlands Middle School 11:50s
Flitwick, adj The Ridgeway 11:51s
Flitwick, adj Catherine Road 11:52
Flitwick, adj St Pauls Close 11:53s
Flitwick, opp Hatfield Road 11:53
Flitwick, adj Ivel Way 11:54
Flitwick, adj Moor Lane 11:54
Greenfield, adj Joes Close 11:58
Greenfield, adj School Lane 11:59
Pulloxhill Greenfield Road (S-bound) 12:02
Pulloxhill, opp Fieldside Road 12:03
Flitton, opp Cobbett Lane 12:06
Flitton, o/s Church 12:07
Wardhedges, adj Highfield Road 12:07
Silsoe, o/s The Church 12:11s
Silsoe, nr Barton Road 12:12s
Silsoe, adj Mander Farm Road 12:12s
Silsoe, opp The Church 12:13s
Silsoe, o/s The George Hotel 12:14
Silsoe, adj Newbury Lane 12:15
Silsoe, opp Apple Tree Close 12:15
Silsoe The Grove (S-bound) 12:16
Operates on Thursdays only

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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