Bus Times

R9 - North Watford - Chipperfield

A bus service operated by Uno

Chipperfield - North Watford

Chipperfield, adj The Two Brewers PH 11:10
Chipperfield, nr Chapel Croft 11:11
Whippendell Bottom, nr Whippendell Farm 11:13
Whippendell Bottom, opp Kings Langley Riding School 11:13
Whippendell Bottom, opp Ballspond Farm 11:14
Whippendell Bottom, opp Ashleigh 11:14
Kings Langley, nr Love Lane 11:16
Kings Langley, opp Royal Palace 11:16
Kings Langley, opp Archer Close 11:17
Kings Langley, opp Langley Hill 11:18
Kings Langley, opp Riverside Close 11:19
Kings Langley, nr Kingfisher Lure 11:20
Kings Langley, opp Ovaltine Drive 11:20
Kings Langley, opp Roman Gardens 11:21
Kings Langley Railway Station (Stop A) 11:23
Abbots Langley, nr Unicorn PH 11:24
Abbots Langley, nr Upper Highway 11:25
Abbots Langley Hamilton Road (S-bound) 11:26
Hunton Bridge, nr Hamilton Road 11:26
Abbots Langley, opp Long Elms 11:27
Abbots Langley, opp The Garth 11:27
Abbots Langley, opp High Acres 11:28
Abbots Langley, opp The Fairway 11:29
Abbots Langley Gallows Hill Lane (N-bound) 11:29
Abbots Langley, opp Pope's Road 11:30
Abbots Langley, opp Adrian Rd 11:30
Abbots Langley, o/s Henderson Hall 11:31
Abbots Langley, opp The Crescent 11:31
Abbots Langley, nr Summerhouse Way 11:31
Abbots Langley, opp The Compasses PH 11:33
Abbots Langley, opp Shirley Road 11:33
Abbots Langley, opp Furtherfield 11:35
Abbots Langley, nr De Havilland Way 11:36
Abbots Langley, nr Furtherfield 11:38
Abbots Langley, nr Old Forge Close 11:40
Leavesden Hercules Way South (S-bound) 11:42
Leavesden, opp Studios 11:43
Leavesden Ashfields (E-bound) 11:44
N Watford, o/s Sainsbury's 11:49
Garston, o/s Asda Hypermarket 11:52
FOR RSD: Only runs on Mon, Wed, Fri
Excluding Public Holidays

North Watford - Chipperfield

N Watford, o/s Sainsbury's 13:45
Garston, o/s Asda Hypermarket 13:48
Leavesden Ashfields (W-bound) 13:52
Leavesden, o/s Studios 13:53
Leavesden Hercules Way North (N-bound) 13:55
Abbots Langley, opp Old Forge Close 13:55
Abbots Langley, opp Furtherfield 13:57
Abbots Langley, nr De Havilland Way 13:59
Abbots Langley, nr Furtherfield 14:00
Abbots Langley Langley Lane (N-bound) 14:02
Abbots Langley, nr Shirley Road 14:03
Abbots Langley, adj The Compasses PH 14:04
Abbots Langley, opp Summerhouse Way 14:04
Abbots Langley, nr The Crescent 14:05
Abbots Langley, opp Henderson Hall 14:06
Abbots Langley, nr Adrian Rd 14:06
Abbots Langley, nr Pope's Road 14:07
Abbots Langley Gallows Hill Lane (S-bound) 14:07
Abbots Langley, nr Tanners Wood Lane 14:07
Abbots Langley, nr The Fairway 14:08
Abbots Langley, adj High Acres 14:08
Abbots Langley, nr The Garth 14:09
Abbots Langley, nr Long Elms 14:09
Hunton Bridge, opp Hamilton Road 14:10
Abbots Langley Hamilton Road (N-bound) 14:10
Abbots Langley, opp Upper Highway 14:11
Abbots Langley, opp Hazelbury Avenue 14:12
Abbots Langley, opp Unicorn PH 14:12
Kings Langley Railway Station (Stop B) 14:14
Kings Langley, nr Roman Gardens 14:15
Kings Langley, opp Kingfisher Lure 14:16
Kings Langley, adj Riverside Close 14:17
Kings Langley, nr Langley Hill 14:19
Kings Langley, nr Archer Close 14:19
Kings Langley, nr Royal Palace 14:20
Kings Langley, opp Love Lane 14:20
Whippendell Bottom, nr Ballspond Farm 14:22
Whippendell Bottom, nr Kings Langley Riding School 14:22
Whippendell Bottom, opp Whippendell Farm 14:23
Chipperfield, opp Megg Lane 14:24
Chipperfield, opp Chapel Croft 14:24
Chipperfield, adj The Two Brewers PH 14:26
FOR RSD: Only runs on Mon, Wed, Fri
Excluding Public Holidays

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