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T3 - Offerton - Handforth Dean

A bus service operated by D & G Coach & Bus

Offerton - Handforth Dean

Woodbank Estate, opp Henry Street 10:15
Woodbank Estate, nr Turncroft Ln 10:15
Woodbank Estate, opp Health Ctr 20:31
Woodbank Estate, opp Strawberry Gardens 06:47
Offerton Fold (opp) 17:04
Offerton Fold (opp) 03:21
Offerton, nr The Fairway 13:39
Offerton, opp Lisburne Ln 23:58
Offerton, opp St John's Church 10:17
Offerton Green (at) 20:38
Offerton Green, opp Green Farm 07:00
Offerton Green, nr Shearwater Rd 17:22
Bosden Farm, opp The Harvester 03:46
Bosden Farm, opp Peregrine Rd 14:10
Bosden Farm, nr Dunlin Cl 00:35
Torkington, opp Brinkburn Rd 11:02
Torkington Rd (nr) 21:30
Torkington, opp Avondale Rd 07:59
Hazel Grove, at Hazelwood Rd 18:29
Hazel Grove Torkington Rd (Stop A) 04:59
Hazel Grove Park & Ride (Stop D) 15:30
Hazel Grove Rising Sun (Stop E) 02:02
Hazel Grove, nr Chatsworth Rd 12:34
Hazel Grove, opp Fiveways 23:07
Poynton Anglesey Drive (cnr) 09:43
Poynton, opp Vicarage Lane 20:21
Poynton, o/s Sports Ground 07:00
Poynton, nr St George's Church 17:40
Poynton, opp Vernon Junior School 04:21
Poynton Copperfield Road (cnr) 15:03
Poynton, nr Johnson Cleaners Ltd 01:45
Poynton, o/s St George's Church 12:29
Poynton, opp Hilton Grove 23:14
Poynton Clifford Road (cnr) 09:59
Poynton, opp Hazelbadge Road 20:45
Poynton, adj Railway Station 07:33
Poynton, opp Distaff Road 18:21
Poynton, opp Merton Road 05:09
Poynton Tern Drive (cnr) 15:58
Poynton Highfield Road (cnr) 02:47
Woodford, opp Walnut Tree Farm 13:37
Woodford Rd (at) 00:28
Woodford, nr Chester Rd 11:19
Woodford, nr Jenny Ln 22:11
Bramhall, opp Queensgate 09:04
Bramhall, opp Meadway 19:58
Bramhall, nr Ack Ln East 06:52
Bramhall, nr Athol Rd 17:47
Bramhall, nr Acre Ln 04:43
Bramhall, opp Furness Rd 15:40
Gillbent, opp Yew Tree Park Rd 02:39
Gillbent, at Copperfield Rd 13:39
Gillbent, o/s Rugby Club 00:41
Gillbent, nr Pointing Dog 11:44
Gillbent, opp St James' Way 22:48
Handforth Dean, o/s Shopping Centre 09:58
Free service only for passengers travelling to or from Handforth Dean.
Travel between other points is not permitted.

Handforth Dean - Offerton

Handforth Dean, o/s Shopping Centre 13:15
Gillbent, opp Pointing Dog 13:21s
Gillbent, opp Rugby Club 13:21s
Gillbent, nr Copperfield Rd 13:24s
Gillbent, nr Yew Tree Park Rd 13:25s
Bramhall, nr Furness Rd 13:27s
Bramhall, adj Acre Ln 13:28s
Bramhall, opp Athol Rd 13:30s
Bramhall, adj Ack Ln East 13:30s
Bramhall, nr Meadway 13:30s
Bramhall, nr Queensgate 13:31s
Bramhall, at Recreation Ground 13:32s
Woodford, opp Jenny Ln 13:32s
Woodford, adj Chester Rd 13:33s
Woodford, nr Bridle Rd 13:33s
Woodford, at Walnut Tree Farm 13:34s
Poynton Woodford Road (cnr) 13:35s
Poynton, opp Tern Drive 13:35s
Poynton, nr Deva Close 13:36s
Poynton, nr Railway Station 13:37s
Poynton Hazelbadge Road (cnr) 13:38s
Poynton, opp Clifford Road 13:38s
Poynton Hilton Grove (cnr) 13:39s
Poynton, opp St George's Church 13:40s
Poynton, opp Queensway 13:41s
Poynton, opp Copperfield Road 13:43s
Poynton, nr Clumber Road 13:43s
Poynton, o/s Vernon Junior School 13:43s
Poynton, o/s Vernon Infant School 13:44s
Poynton, adj St George's Church 13:45s
Poynton, opp Sports Ground 13:45s
Poynton Vicarage Lane (cnr) 13:46s
Poynton, opp Anglesey Drive 13:48s
Poynton, opp Towers Road 13:49s
Hazel Grove, o/s Fiveways 13:50s
Hazel Grove, opp Chatsworth Rd 13:51s
Hazel Grove Norbury Church (Stop B) 13:53s
Hazel Grove, o/s Bulls Head 13:53s
Torkington, nr Avondale Rd 13:55s
Torkington Rd (adj) 13:55s
Bosden Farm, nr Offerton Rd 13:59s
Bosden Farm, nr Grebe Walk 13:59s
Bosden Farm, o/s The Harvester 14:01s
Offerton Green, o/s Green Farm 14:02s
Offerton Green (opp) 14:02s
Offerton, o/s St John's Church 14:04s
Offerton, nr Lisburne Ln 14:05s
Offerton, nr Hillcrest Rd 14:06s
Offerton Fold (nr) 14:07s
Offerton Fold (nr) 14:07s
Woodbank Estate, opp St Alban's Church 14:08s
Woodbank Estate, o/s Health Centre 14:08s
Woodbank Estate, nr Henry St 14:10
Free service only for passengers travelling to or from Handforth Dean.
Travel between other points is not permitted.

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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