Bus Times

X1N - St Margaret's Hope - Stromness

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Orkney


St Margarets Hope, at Ferry terminal 02:31
St Margarets Hope, opp Post Office 02:32
St Margarets Hope, at Marengo Road End 02:32
St Margarets Hope, opp Car Park 02:32
St Margarets Hope, at St Margaret's Road End 02:33
S Ronaldsay, at Knockhall 02:34
S Ronaldsay, at Starilie 02:36
S Ronaldsay, opp South Cara Road End 02:37
S Ronaldsay, opp Cara Road End 02:38
Burray, after Shop 02:41
Burray, at Echna Loch Shelter 02:41
Burray, opp Viewforth 02:41
Burray, opp Northfield Road End 02:42
Lamb Holm, opp Italian Chapel Road End 02:44
St Mary’s, opp Commodore Motel 02:45
St Mary’s, opp Station Square 02:45
St Mary’s, opp Graeme Park 02:46
St Mary’s, at Ferryhouse Road End 02:46
Holm, opp Biggings Road End 02:46
Holm, at Kirkbreck Road End 02:47
Holm, opp Wilderness Farm 02:48
Holm, opp Erracht 02:49
Holm, opp Rashieburn Road End 02:49
Holm, opp St Clair Farm 02:50
St Ola, opp Dalespot 02:51
St Ola, at Cannigall Road End 02:52
St Ola, opp Heathery Loan West End 02:53
Kirkwall, at Highland Park Car Park 02:53
Kirkwall, at Upper Crantit Road 02:54
Kirkwall, at MacMillan 02:54
Kirkwall, at Hospital Entrance 02:55
Kirkwall, opp Macmillan 02:55
Kirkwall, at New Balfour Hospital 02:56
Kirkwall, at Hornesquoy Road 02:56
Kirkwall West Tankerness Lane (opp and before) 02:58
Kirkwall Travel Centre (Stand 2) 01:00 02:59
Kirkwall, at Supermarkets 01:01 03:00
Kirkwall, at Tesco 01:01 03:00
Kirkwall, at Glaitness School 01:02 03:01
Kirkwall, at Pickaquoy Leisure Centre 01:02 03:01
Kirkwall, at Peerie Sea Loan 01:03 03:02
Kirkwall, at Grainbank Road End 01:04 03:03
Kirkwall, at Hatston Bus Garage 01:05 03:04
Firth, at Quanterness Cottages 01:08
Firth, opp Rennibister 01:10
Finstown, opp Marsdene 01:13
Finstown, opp Firth Bay Bungalows 01:14
Old Finstown Road (at) 01:14
Finstown, at Allan's of Gillock 01:15
Finstown, at Bakie's Store 01:15
Finstown, at Kimberely 01:15
Finstown, at Binscarth Cottages 01:16
Harray Road End (opp) 01:16
Stenness, at Germiston Road End 01:17
Stenness, at Tormiston Mill 01:18
Stenness, opp Ring of Brodgar Road End 01:19
Stenness, opp Garage 01:20
Stenness, at Woodbine 01:21
Stenness, before Brig O'Waithe 01:23
Stromness, at Howe Road End 01:24
Stromness, at Deepdale Cottage 01:25
Stromness, opp Sandwick Road End 01:27
Stromness, opp Swimming Pool 01:28
Stromness, at Travel Centre 01:30


Stromness, at Travel Centre 01:30
Stromness, o/s Swimming Pool 01:31
Stromness, at Sandwick Road End 01:32
Stromness, opp Deepdale Cottage 01:34
Stromness, opp Howe Road End 01:35
Stenness, after Brig O'Waithe 01:36
Stenness, opp Woodbine 01:38
Stenness, at Garage 01:40
Stenness, at Ring of Brodgar Road End 01:40
Stenness, opp Tormiston Mill 01:41
Stenness, opp Germiston Road End 01:42
Harray Road End (at) 01:43
Finstown, opp Binscarth Cottages 01:43
Finstown, opp Kimberely 01:44
Finstown, opp Baikie's Store 01:44
Finstown, opp Allan's of Gillock 01:45
Old Finstown Road (opp) 01:45
Finstown, at Firth Bay Bungalows 01:45
Finstown, at Marsdene 01:46
Firth, at Rennibister 01:49
Firth, opp Quanterness Cottages 01:51
Kirkwall, at Hatston Bus Garage 01:55
Kirkwall, opp Orcadian Office 01:55
Kirkwall, opp Grainbank Road End 01:56
Kirkwall, opp Peerie Sea Loan 01:57
Kirkwall, opp Pickaquoy Leisure Centre 01:57
Kirkwall, opp Glaitness School 01:58
Kirkwall West Tankerness Lane (opp and before) 01:59
Kirkwall Travel Centre (Stand 2) 02:00
Kirkwall Travel Centre (Stand 2) 02:01
Kirkwall, opp Hornesquoy Road 02:03
Kirkwall, opp New Balfour Hospital 02:04
Kirkwall, at MacMillan 02:04
Kirkwall, at Hospital Entrance 02:06
Kirkwall, opp Macmillan 02:06
Kirkwall, opp Upper Crantit Road 02:06
Kirkwall, opp Highland Park Car Park 02:06
St Ola, at Heathery Loan West End 02:07
St Ola, opp Cannigall Road End 02:08
St Ola, at Dalespot 02:08
Holm, at St Clair Farm 02:09
Holm, at Rashieburn Road End 02:10
Holm, at Erracht 02:10
Holm, at Wilderness Farm 02:11
Holm, opp Kirkbreck Road End 02:11
Holm, at Biggings Road End 02:12
St Mary’s, opp Ferryhouse Road End 02:13
St Mary’s, at Graeme Park 02:13
St Mary’s, after Station Square 02:14
St Mary’s, at Commodore Motel 02:14
Lamb Holm, at Italian Chapel Road End 02:15
Burray, at Northfield Road End 02:20
Burray, at Viewforth 02:21
Burray, opp Echna Loch Shelter 02:21
Burray, opp Shop 02:23
S Ronaldsay, at Cara Road End 02:24
S Ronaldsay, at South Cara Road End 02:25
S Ronaldsay, opp Starilie 02:26
S Ronaldsay, opp Knockhall 02:28
St Margarets Hope, opp St Margaret's Road End 02:29
St Margarets Hope, opp Church Road End 02:29
St Margarets Hope, at Doctors Road End 02:29
St Margarets Hope, opp Cromarty Hall 02:29
St Margarets Hope, opp Pier 02:30
St Margarets Hope, at Ferry terminal 02:31

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