X22 - West Kirby Station - Chester Bus Interchange

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire

W Kirby West Kirby Station (Stop A) 07:05
W Kirby, adj Black Horse Hill 07:06
Grange, adj Beacon Drive 07:06
Grange, adj Gourleys Lane 07:07
Grange, opp Fleck Lane 07:08
Caldy, adj Montgomery Hill 07:10
Thurstaston, nr Caldy Sports Club 07:12
Dawpool, adj Telegraph Road 07:13
Dawpool, adj School Lane 07:14
Irby, adj Sandy Lane 07:14
Irby, opp Lyndhurst Road 07:15
Irby Heath, adj Thingwall Road 07:16
Irby Heath, adj Woodlands Road 07:16
Pensby, adj Somerset Road 07:17
Pensby, nr Fishers Lane 07:18
Pensby, adj Kylemore Drive 07:18
Poll Hill, adj Pensall Drive 07:19
Poll Hill, adj Richmond Way 07:20
Poll Hill, adj Tower Road North 07:20
Poll Hill, opp Thurstaston Road 07:21
Poll Hill, opp Tesco 07:22
Heswall Bus Station (Stop B) 07:23
Heswall, opp Beacon Lane 07:24
Gayton, adj Boundary Lane 07:24
Gayton, nr Barnston Road 07:26
Gayton Lane (opp) 07:26
Gayton, opp Queensway 07:27
Parkgate Wood Lane (cnr) 07:31
Parkgate Regency Court (cnr) 07:32
Parkgate, opp Boat House 07:33
Parkgate Bevyl Road (cnr) 07:33
Parkgate Mostyn Square (cnr) 07:34
Parkgate, o/s Ship Hotel 07:35
Parkgate, opp The Old Quay 07:35
Parkgate Springcroft (cnr) 07:36
Neston Earle Drive (cnr) 07:36
Neston, opp United Reformed Church 07:37
Neston Cross (at) 07:38
Neston, o/s Railway Station 07:39
Neston, o/s Tesco 07:40
Little Neston, nr Thirlmere Road 07:43
Little Neston, o/s West Vale Shops 07:44
Little Neston West Vale (cnr) 07:45
Little Neston Marshlands Road (cnr) 07:46
Little Neston, opp Colliery Green Close 07:46
Little Neston Brook Well (cnr) 07:47
Little Neston Turrocks Croft (cnr) 07:47
Little Neston The Court (cnr) 07:48
Little Neston, opp Bull Hill 07:48
Little Neston, o/s Royal Oak 07:49
Neston, opp Health Centre 07:50
Neston, opp The Quillet 07:50
Hinderton Arms PH (opp) 07:53
Hinderton Mount (opp) 07:53
Windle Hill Quarry Road (cnr) 07:55
Willaston, nr Lydiate Lane 07:57
Willaston, o/s Primary School 07:58
Willaston, opp The Village Green 07:59
Willaston Neston Road (S-bound) 07:59
Willaston, nr Station Museum 07:59
Willaston, opp Hadlow Wood Cottage 08:00
Willaston, opp Gordale Garden Centre 08:02
Puddington, o/s Badgersrake Farm 08:03
Puddington Lane (opp) 08:03
Two Mills Tudor Rose (SE-bound) 08:05
Two Mills Chapel Lane (cnr) 08:05
Woodbank, opp Yacht Inn PH 08:06
Woodbank, o/s Rose Farm 08:06
Saughall Mill Farm (o/s) 08:07
Saughall, opp Woodside Farm 08:07
Saughall, opp Long Lane 08:08
Saughall, o/s Oakcroft 08:08
Saughall, opp Fiddler's Lane 08:09
Mollington, opp The Red Lodge 08:10
Mollington, opp Hotel & Spa 08:10
Mollington, nr Canal Bridge 08:11
Mollington Parkgate Road (opp 305) 08:12
Chester, o/s Aldi Superstore 08:14
Chester Abbots Park (cnr) 08:15
Chester Moss Bank (cnr) 08:16
Chester, opp St Thomas Canterbury Church 08:18
Chester, o/s Stagecoach Depot 08:19
Chester Bus Interchange (Stand J) 08:22

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