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X54 - Chesterfield - South Normanton, East Midlands Designer Outlet

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Chesterfield

South Normanton, East Midlands Designer Outlet - Chesterfield

S Normanton, adj East Midlands Designer Outlet 07:30
Fulwood, adj Common Road 07:32
Fulwood, adj Grange Farm 07:32
Pinxton, opp Motorway Bridge 07:36
Pinxton, adj West End 07:37
Pinxton, opp Paddocks Close 07:37
Pinxton, adj Alfreton Road Bridge 07:38
S Normanton Pinxton Lane (NW-bound) 07:39
S Normanton, adj Pinxton Lane 07:40
S Normanton The Common (W-bound) 07:42
S Normanton Market Street Junction (W-bound) 07:43
S Normanton, adj George Street 07:44
Alfreton, adj Carnfield Hall Garden Centre 07:46
Alfreton, opp Railway Station 07:47
Alfreton, adj Preston Avenue 07:47
Alfreton, opp Meadow Lane 07:48
Alfreton, adj Wilson Street 07:48
Alfreton Bus Station (Bay 4) 07:50
Alfreton King Street (N-bound) 07:51
Shirland, opp Alfreton Road 07:52
Shirland, adj Petrol Station 07:53
Shirland, opp The Hay 07:54
Shirland, opp Church 07:55
Shirland, adj Strettea Lane 07:56
Higham, opp The Greyhound 07:57
Mickley, opp Bluebell Hill 07:58
Mickley, opp Hawthorne Avenue 07:59
Mickley Lane (opp) 08:00
Stretton, adj Nursery 08:02
Stretton, opp Top Farm 08:02
Stretton, adj Highstairs Lane 08:03
Clay Cross, adj St Clares Convent 08:04
Clay Cross, adj Vicarage Gardens 08:05
Clay Cross, adj St Bartholomews Church 08:06
Clay Cross Bus Station (Stand 3) 08:07
Clay Cross, opp Community Hospital 08:09
Clay Cross Egstow (NE-bound) 08:10
N Wingfield, adj Church 08:12
N Wingfield St Lawrence Road (NE-bound) 08:13
N Wingfield, opp Gate Inn 08:14
N Wingfield, opp The Green 08:15
N Wingfield, adj Deincourt School 08:16
N Wingfield, opp Alma Court 08:16
Grassmoor, adj Alma Farm 08:17
Grassmoor, opp Birkin Lane 08:18
Grassmoor, adj Mill Lane 08:19
Grassmoor, opp New Street 08:20
Grassmoor, adj Westhill Lane 08:21
Hasland, opp 109 Churchside 08:23
Hasland, opp St Pauls Church 08:23
Hasland, opp Arbour Close 08:25
Hasland, adj Storforth Lane 08:26
Hasland, opp The Green Nursing Home 08:26
Hasland, adj Toll Bar 08:27
Hasland, opp Grove Street 08:28
Hasland, opp Penmore Lane 08:30
Hasland, adj Whitebank Close 08:31
Hasland, opp Warner Street 08:32
Chesterfield Church Way (W-bound) 08:37

Chesterfield - South Normanton, East Midlands Designer Outlet

Chesterfield Church Way (Stop H2) 17:07
Chesterfield Durrant Road (NE-bound) 17:08
Chesterfield Brewery Street (SE-bound) 17:09
Chesterfield, adj Railway Station 17:10
Hasland, opp St Leonards Drive Bridge 17:14
Hasland, adj Penmore Lane 17:15
Hasland, adj Grove Street 17:16
Hasland, opp Toll Bar 17:18
Hasland, adj The Green Nursing Home 17:18
Hasland, opp Storforth Lane 17:18
Hasland, adj Arbour Close 17:19
Hasland, adj St Pauls Church 17:20
Hasland, adj 87 Churchside 17:21
Grassmoor, adj Golf Range 17:22
Grassmoor, opp Westhill Lane 17:23
Grassmoor, adj New Street 17:24
Grassmoor, opp Mill Lane 17:25
Grassmoor, adj Birkin Lane 17:25
Grassmoor, opp Alma Farm 17:27
N Wingfield Alma Court (SE-bound) 17:28
N Wingfield, adj Haddon Road 17:29
N Wingfield, opp Ashford Avenue 17:30
N Wingfield, adj The Green 17:31
N Wingfield, adj Gate Inn 17:31
N Wingfield St Lawrence Road (SW-bound) 17:32
N Wingfield, opp Church 17:33
Clay Cross Egstow (SW-bound) 17:35
Clay Cross, adj Stollard Street 17:35
Clay Cross, adj Community Hospital 17:36
Clay Cross Bus Station (Stand 1) 17:37
Clay Cross, opp St Bartholomews Church 17:37
Clay Cross, opp Vicarage Gardens 17:38
Clay Cross, opp St Clares Convent 17:39
Stretton, opp Highstairs Lane 17:39
Stretton, adj Top Farm 17:40
Stretton, opp Nursery 17:41
Mickley Lane (adj) 17:42
Mickley, adj Hawthorne Avenue 17:43
Mickley, adj Bluebell Hill 17:44
Higham, adj The Greyhound 17:44
Shirland, opp Strettea Lane 17:45
Shirland, adj Church 17:47
Shirland, adj The Hay 17:47
Shirland, adj Bevan Street 17:48
Shirland, opp Petrol Station 17:49
Alfreton King Street (S-bound) 17:54
Alfreton Bus Station (Bay 5) 17:55
Alfreton Cressy Road (N-bound) 17:56
Alfreton, opp Wilson Street 17:57
Alfreton, adj Meadow Lane 17:57
Alfreton, opp Preston Avenue 17:58
Alfreton, adj Railway Station 17:59
Alfreton, opp Carnfield Hall Garden Centre 18:00
S Normanton, opp George Street 18:02
S Normanton, opp Union Street 18:03
S Normanton, adj Market Street Junction 18:04
S Normanton The Common (E-bound) 18:05
S Normanton, opp Pinxton Lane 18:06
Pinxton, opp Alfreton Road Bridge 18:07
Pinxton, adj Paddocks Close 18:09
Pinxton, adj Motorway Bridge 18:10
Fulwood, opp Grange Farm 18:15
Fulwood, opp Common Road 18:16
S Normanton, adj East Midlands Designer Outlet 18:19

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