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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PC0003567/1 2 Groby Road Malbank High School 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/8 8 Crewe Elm Drive Sandbach 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/9 84 Groby Road Malbank High School Nantwich Road Crewe & Willaston (Store Corner) 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/11 11 East Avenue, Weston Wychewood Park 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/15 70735 Remer Street Sandbach Boys School Bradfield Road, North Street, Elm Drive 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/17 MIK 83 D Groby Road, Crewe Crewe Road, Sandbach Sydney Road, Crewe Road Hasslington, Crewe Road, Wheelocl 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/19 Route 1 Warmingham Road, Crewe Malbank High School Parkers Road, Minshull New Road, Sunnybank Road, Coppenhall Lane, Middlewhich Road, Water Lode 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/20 MIK 837 Crewe Crewe Road, Sandbach Hungerford Road, Oakland Ave, Broughton Arms, Haslington, Crewe Road 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/22 871 Groby Road Groby Road Nantwich Bus Station, Leighton Hospital 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/24 78 Nantwich Bus Station Nantwich Bus Station 2 Sep 19
PC0003567/21 39 Crewe Bus Station Nantwich Bus Station Shavington, Wybunburg 1 Apr 18

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PC0003567/23 32 Sandbach, The Common Crewe Bus Station Elworth, Ettiley Heath, Warmingham, Coppenhall 31 Mar 18
PC0003567/18 MIK16 Sydney Road, Crewe Sandbach High School & Sixth Form College Crewe, Alsager, Scholar Green, Rode Heath, Sandbach 24 Jan 17
PC0003567/5 6 Groby Road South Cheshire College 26 Sep 16
PC0003567/16 15 Middlewich Road, Sandbach Danebank Avenue, Crewe Sandbach Road 3 Oct 13
PC0003567/2 1 Copenhall Lane Malbank High School 3 Jan 13
PC0003567/12 70765 Warmingham Lane Waterlode Road Cross Lane, Paradise Lane, Wades Green, Station Road 13 Sep 10
PC0003567/14 14 West Street, Crewe Coronation Street, Crewe West Street 27 May 10
PC0003567/13 12 Warmingham Lane Hough Parkers Road - Queen Park - Rope Lane 27 May 10
PC0003567/10 10 Audlem Road East Avenue, Weston 16 Oct 09
PC0003567/6 7 Depot Brook Street 30 Oct 06
PC0003567/3 R3 Crewe, West Street Danebank Ave Elm Drive 10 Oct 05
PC0003567/7 4 Sandback Common Crewe Business Park 21 Jul 03
PC0003567/4 4 Nantwich Middlewich Rd, Crewe 1 Oct 02