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Traffic area F
Discs 20
Authorised discs 20

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Current and future bus service registrations

From To Via Last changed
PF0000259/17 Rushden Higham Link Rushden Town Centre Rushden Town Centre 2 Sep 15
PF0000259/11 DART 3 Bedford Rail Station Bedford, Aspects Leisure Park Horne Lane 26 Jan 04
PF0000259/3 M3 Bedford Hitchin 2 Sep 02

Cancelled bus service registrations

From To Via Cancelled
PF0000259/4 RUSHDEN RIDER College St, Rushden College St, Rushden 4 Sep 11
PF0000259/16 Higham Hopper Higham Ferrers, Northants Higham Ferrers, Northants Rushden 4 Sep 11
PF0000259/5 122 Hinwick Rushden 21 Aug 11
PF0000259/1 144 Bedford Station Flitwick P Office 2 Aug 06
PF0000259/15 Bedforddart DRT Bedford Area Bedford Area 24 Feb 06
PF0000259/14 D3 Aspects, Bedford Aspects, Bedford Bedford Town Centre and Railway Station 24 Feb 06
PF0000259/2 RAUNDS ROVER Needham Rd, Stanwick Needham Rd, Stanwick 2 Apr 05
PF0000259/12 DART 4 Bedford, Melbourne Street Bedford, Melbourne Street Bedford Town Centre and Rail Station 4 Dec 04
PF0000259/13 115 Wootton, Chequers Pub, Hall End Bedford Bus Station Kempston 31 Aug 04
PF0000259/9 DART 1 Queens Park Wroxham Way Marsh Leys Farm, Interchange Retail Park Midland Road, Kempston Road 26 Jan 04
PF0000259/10 DART 2 Bedford, Wroxham Way Bedford, Wroxham Way Sainsburys, Clapham and Bedford Railway Station 26 Jan 04
PF0000259/8 14 St Neotsmarket Square Bedford Bus Station Eaton Socon, Wyboston and Great Barford 1 Dec 03
PF0000259/7 PARK & RIDE - N Aspects Leis Ctr., Bedford Aspects Leis Ctr., Bedford 14 Apr 03
PF0000259/6 PARK & RIDE - M Melbourne St, Bedford Melbourne St, Bedford 14 Apr 03