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Bains Coaches

This is an unofficial and probably incomplete fleet list for Bains Coaches.

It only lists vehicles (well, ticket machines) that have ever appeared in the live bus tracking system.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you can see where a particular vehicle has been recently, and which vehicles have operated a particular service. This is sometimes inaccurate, e.g. when ticket machines/tracking equipment are moved between vehicles.


Last tracked Type Livery
S-N590 GBU 305 12 Aug 17:36 Flickr Edit
S-S471 HOK 11 Mar 16:40 Flickr Edit
S-T471 AUA 305 3 Aug 17:36 Flickr Edit
BX54 VNV 305 16:40 BMC 1100 Falcon Flickr Edit
CN04 XCK 240 13:11 BMC 1100 Falcon Flickr Edit
SV06 ESN BMC 1100 Falcon Flickr Edit
SV10 CUK 20 Feb 17:36 BMC 110FE Flickr Edit
SV12 BVC 305 10 Aug 07:04 King Long XMQ6900J Flickr Edit
SV56 EOR 305 07:04 Mercedes-Benz 614D Flickr Edit
SV57 AKK 26 Feb 14:31 BMC 900 Hawk Flickr Edit