002 - Weoley Castle - Merry Hill

A bus service operated by Diamond Bus


Weoley Castle to Merry Hill

Weoley Castle Somerford Rd (adjacent) 08:45then every 30 minutes until17:15
Weoley Castle Ilmington Road (adjacent) 08:4517:15
Weoley Castle, before Shenley Lane 08:4617:16
Weoley Castle, after Shenley Lane 08:4817:18
Woodcock Hill, after Shenley Fields Centre 08:4817:18
Bangham Pit, opp Monmouth Rd 08:5017:20
Bartley Green, opposite Newman University 08:5117:21
Bartley Green Brett Drive (adjacent) 08:5117:21
Bartley Green Culford Drive (adjacent) 08:5117:21
Bartley Green School (after) 08:5217:22
Bartley Green Lodge (opposite) 08:5317:23
Bartley Green, after Burrington Road 08:5417:24
Woodgate, adj Lye Avenue 08:5517:25
Woodgate, before The Old Crown 08:5517:25
Woodgate, before M5 Motorway Bridge 08:5617:26
Lapal, after Howley Grange Rd 08:5717:27
Lapal, adj Lydate Rd 08:5817:28
Lapal, before Frankley Avenue 08:5817:28
Lapal, adj Howley Grange School 08:5917:29
Lapal, before Spies Lane 08:5917:29
Lapal, opp Shenstone Valley Rd 09:0017:30
Lapal, opp Shenstone Avenue 09:0117:31
Lapal, adj Priory Rd 09:0217:32
Lapal Lane (adj) 09:0317:33
Halesowen, adj Cloister Drive 09:0417:34
Halesowen, adj Manor Abbey Sports Ground 09:0517:35
Halesowen, opp Woodman Close 09:0517:35
Halesowen, opposite Pool Rd 09:0617:36
Halesowen Bus Station (Stand E) 09:0817:38
Short Cross, opp Slims Gate 09:0917:39
Short Cross, opp Alexandra Rd 09:1017:40
Short Cross, adj Witley Avenue 09:1117:41
Fatherless Barn, opp Belle Vale 09:1217:42
Colley Gate, opp Foredraft St 09:1417:44
Colley Gate, before Colley Lane 09:1517:45
Colley Gate, adj Church Rd 09:1517:45
Colley Gate, opp Littlehill Crescent 09:1617:46
Colley Gate, adj Middletree Rd 09:1717:47
Netherend, opp Wesley Avenue 09:1717:47
Netherend, adj Blaenwern Drive 09:1817:48
Netherend, opp The Forge 09:1817:48
Quarry Bank, opp Woodland Avenue 09:1917:49
Quarry Bank, adj New St 09:2017:50
Quarry Bank, opp Church St 09:2117:51
Quarry Bank, after Sun St 09:2117:51
Merry Hill, adj Two Woods Lane 09:2317:53
Merry Hill Bus Station (Stand A) 09:2517:55

Merry Hill to Weoley Castle

Merry Hill, opp Two Woods Lane 09:04then every 30 minutes until18:04
Quarry Bank, before Sun St 09:0618:06
Quarry Bank, adj Victoria Rd 09:0718:07
Quarry Bank, opp New St 09:0818:08
Quarry Bank, adj Woodland Avenue 09:0818:08
Netherend, adj The Forge 09:0818:08
Netherend, opp Blaenwern Drive 09:0918:09
Netherend, adj Wesley Avenue 09:1018:10
Colley Gate, opp Middletree Rd 09:1118:11
Colley Gate, adj Littlehill Crescent 09:1118:11
Colley Gate, opp Church Rd 09:1218:12
Colley Gate, after Colley Lane 09:1318:13
Colley Gate, adj Foredraft St 09:1318:13
Fatherless Barn, adj Belle Vale 09:1518:15
Short Cross, opp Witley Avenue 09:1518:15
Short Cross, adj Alexandra Rd 09:1718:17
Short Cross, adj Slims Gate 09:1818:18
Halesowen Bus Station (Stand F) 09:2018:20
Halesowen Pool Rd (adjacent) 09:2118:21
Halesowen, adj Woodman Close 09:2218:22
Halesowen, opp Manor Abbey Sports Ground 09:2318:23
Halesowen, opp Cloister Drive 09:2418:24
Lapal Lane (opp) 09:2418:24
Lapal, opp Priory Rd 09:2418:24
Lapal, adj Shenstone Avenue 09:2518:25
Lapal, adj Shenstone Valley Rd 09:2618:26
Lapal, after Spies Lane 09:2718:27
Lapal, opp Howley Grange School 09:2918:29
Lapal, after Seven Acres Road 09:2918:29
Lapal, opp Lydate Rd 09:3018:30
Lapal, opp Manor Way Bridge 09:3018:30
Woodgate, after M5 Motorway Bridge 09:3118:31
Woodgate, after The Old Crown 09:3218:32
Woodgate, opp Lye Avenue 09:3318:33
Bartley Green, before Burrington Road 09:3518:35
Bartley Green War Memorial (opp) 09:3618:36
Bartley Green School (before) 09:3618:36
Bartley Green, opposite Culford Drive 09:3718:37
Bartley Green, opp Brett Drive 09:3718:37
Bartley Green Newman University (adjacent) 09:3818:38
Bangham Pit, adj Monmouth Rd 09:3918:39
Weoley Castle, before Shenley Lane 09:4118:41
Weoley Castle, after Shenley Lane 09:4118:41
Weoley Castle Ilmington Road (near) 09:4218:42
Weoley Castle Somerford Rd (adjacent) 09:4318:43

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 30 September 2022

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