1 - Aubourn - Priory LSST

A bus service operated by Black Cat Travel


Aubourn, adj Bus Shelter 06:31
Haddington, adj Bridge Farm 06:35
Haddington Letter Box (W-bound) 06:35
Thorpe on the Hill, adj Parish Meeting Room 06:40
Thorpe on the Hill, adj Eagle Lane 06:40
Thorpe on the Hill, adj Railway Inn 06:41
Whisby, opp Red House Farm 06:43
Whisby, opp Bus Shelter 06:44
Eagle Moor, opp Telephone Box 06:45
Eagle Moor, adj Green Lane 06:45
Eagle, opp Hilltop Close 06:47
North Scarle, adj Eyres Lane 06:52
Eagle Hall Farm (opp) 06:56
Swinderby, opp Railway Station 06:58
Swinderby, opp The Vicarage 07:01
Swinderby Green Lane (E-bound) 07:03
Swinderby, opp Halfway Farm 07:04
Witham St Hughs, opp St Modwen Park 07:05
Witham St Hughs, adj Hedge Lane 07:07
Witham St Hughs, opp Meadowsweet Lane 07:08
Witham St Hughs, adj Honeysuckle Road 07:09
Witham St Hughs, opp Hedge Lane 07:12
Witham St Hughs, opp Robins Crescent 07:12
Witham St Hughs, opp Greenfinch Crescent 07:12
Thurlby, adj Telephone Box 07:15
Bassingham, opp Linga Lane Bus Shelter 07:19
Bassingham, adj Recreation Ground 07:19
Bassingham, adj Primary School 07:20
Bassingham, opp Bakers Lane 07:20
Carlton le Moorland, adj Bassingham Road 07:25
Navenby, adj Church Lane 07:34
Navenby, nr Green Man Road 07:34
Navenby, opp Lion & Royal PH 07:35
Navenby, adj Church Lane 07:36
Navenby, opp Rose Cottage 07:36
Boothby Graffoe, adj Main Street 07:37
Boothby Graffoe, adj Blacksmith Lane 07:38
Coleby, opp Rose Cottage Lane 07:39
Coleby, adj Rectory Road 07:40
Harmston, adj Church Lane 07:41
Harmston, adj Vicarage Lane 07:41
Waddington, adj Millers Road 07:41
Waddington, adj Tinker's Lane 07:41
Waddington, opp The Wheatsheaf PH 07:42
Waddington, opp Vanwall Drive 07:42
Waddington, opp Pottergate Close 07:42
Waddington, opp High Dyke 07:43
Bracebridge Heath, adj Jensen Road 07:45
Bracebridge Heath, opp St John's Road 07:45
Bracebridge Heath, adj Holme Close 07:46
Bracebridge Heath, adj Library 07:46
Bracebridge Heath, opp Canwick Avenue 07:47
Bracebridge Heath, adj Coningsby Crescent 07:48
St Catherine’s, in Priory School Bus Park 07:50


St Catherine’s, in Priory School Bus Park 15:17
St Catherine’s, opp Priory Acadamy LSST 15:17
Bracebridge Heath, opp Coningsby Crescent 15:18
Bracebridge Heath, adj Canwick Avenue 15:19
Bracebridge Heath, opp Library 15:19
Bracebridge Heath, opp Holme Close 15:20
Bracebridge Heath, adj St John's Road 15:20
Bracebridge Heath, opp Jensen Road 15:21
Waddington, adj High Dyke 15:23
Waddington, adj Pottergate Close 15:23
Waddington, adj Vanwall Drive 15:24
Waddington, adj Cliff Village Medical Practice 15:25
Waddington, opp Tinker's Lane 15:25
Waddington, opp Millers Road 15:25
Harmston, opp Vicarage Lane 15:27
Harmston, opp Church Lane 15:28
Coleby, opp Rectory Road 15:29
Coleby, adj Rose Cottage Lane 15:29
Boothby Graffoe, opp Blacksmith Lane 15:30
Boothby Graffoe, opp Main Street 15:30
Navenby, adj Rose Cottage 15:30
Navenby, opp Church Lane 15:32
Carlton le Moorland Bassingham Road (N-bound) 15:42
Bassingham, adj Bakers Lane 15:44
Bassingham, opp Recreation Ground 15:44
Bassingham, adj Linga Lane Bus Shelter 15:45
Thurlby, opp Telephone Box 15:49
Witham St Hughs, adj Greenfinch Crescent 15:50
Witham St Hughs, adj Robins Crescent 15:50
Witham St Hughs, adj Hedge Lane 15:51
Witham St Hughs, opp Meadowsweet Lane 15:54
Witham St Hughs, adj Honeysuckle Road 15:56
Witham St Hughs, opp Hedge Lane 15:56s
Witham St Hughs, adj St Modwen Park 15:57s
Swinderby, adj Halfway Farm 15:59s
Swinderby Green Lane (W-bound) 16:00s
Swinderby, adj The Vicarage 16:02s
Swinderby, adj Railway Station 16:03s
Eagle Hall Farm (adj) 16:05s
North Scarle, adj High Street 16:08s
Eagle, adj Hilltop Close 16:13s
Eagle Moor, opp Green Lane 16:14s
Eagle Moor, adj Telephone Box 16:15s
Whisby, adj Bus Shelter 16:16s
Whisby, adj Red House Farm 16:16s
Thorpe on the Hill, opp Railway Inn 16:18s
Thorpe on the Hill, opp Eagle Lane 16:18
Thorpe on the Hill, opp Parish Meeting Room 16:19s
Haddington Letter Box (E-bound) 16:23s
Haddington, opp Bridge Farm 16:24s
Aubourn, adj Bus Shelter 16:26

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Black Cat Travel Ltd/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 3 November 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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