1 - Holt - Sheringham - Cromer - Norwich City FC ⚽

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Holt - Sheringham - Cromer - Norwich City FC

Holt, opp Lodge Close 12:40
Holt, adj Coronation Road 12:41
Holt, opp Beresford Road 12:42
Holt, o/s Hospice Shop 12:45
Holt, adj Kelling Road 12:46
Holt, adj Gresham school 12:47
High Kelling, adj Holt Rail Station 12:47
High Kelling, adj Hospital 12:48
High Kelling, adj Beech Close 12:48
Bodham, opp old school 12:50
Bodham, adj church 12:50
Upper Sheringham, adj Sheringham Park 12:51
Upper Sheringham, opp Church 12:53
Sheringham, opp High School 12:55
Sheringham, adj Greenlands Way 12:56
Sheringham, opp Abbey Road 12:57
Sheringham Railway Approach (E-bound) 13:00
Sheringham, adj Tesco 13:01
Sheringham, adj Dunstable Arms 13:02
Sheringham, adj Brook Road 13:03
Beeston Regis, opp Britons Lane 13:04
Beeston Regis, opp Beeston Hall 13:04
West Runton, adj Church Close 13:05
West Runton, opp Post Office 13:06
West Runton, opp Golf Close 13:07
East Runton, adj Woodhill Park 13:09
East Runton, opp Stores 13:10
East Runton, adj Wyndham Park 13:11
Cromer, opp Clifton Park 13:12
Cromer, opp Westcliff Avenue 13:13
Cromer, adj Canada Road 13:14
Cromer, adj Bus Interchange 13:15
Cromer, adj Church 13:16
Cromer, opp Vicarage Road 13:17
Cromer, adj Halsey House 13:18
Cromer, adj Oliver Court 13:18
Cromer, adj Hospital 13:19
Suffield Park, opp Post Office 13:20
Suffield Park, adj Suffield Court 13:20
Cromer, adj Mill Road 13:21
Cromer, adj The Avenue 13:21
Northrepps, opp Houses 13:22
Northrepps, adj New Road 13:22
Northrepps, opp Manor Farm 13:22
Roughton, opp New Inn 13:25
Hanworth turn (S-bound) 13:30
Alby, opp Craft Centre 13:32
Erpingham, adj High Noon Road 13:34
Marsham, opp The Green 13:40
Hevingham, adj Town Corner 13:44
Stratton Strawless, adj Stratton Hall 13:46
New Hainford, opp Phone Box 13:48
Hellesdon, adj Tesco Express 13:52
Hellesdon, adj Heath Crescent 13:53
Hellesdon, adj Brabazon Road 13:54
Hellesdon, adj Waldemar Avenue 13:55
Norwich, adj Carrow Park 14:15

Norwich City FC - Cromer - Sheringham - Holt

Norwich, adj Carrow Park 17:00
Hellesdon, adj Mann Egerton 17:20
Hellesdon, opp Waldemar Avenue 17:21
Hellesdon, opp Brabazon Road 17:22
Hellesdon, opp Heath Crescent 17:23
Hellesdon, opp Tesco Express 17:24
New Hainford, adj Phone Box 17:27
Stratton Strawless, opp Stratton Hall 17:29
Hevingham, opp Town Corner 17:31
Marsham, adj The Green 17:35
Erpingham, opp High Noon Road 17:41
Alby, adj Craft Centre 17:43
Hanworth turn (N-bound) 17:45
Roughton, adj New Inn 17:50
Northrepps, adj Manor Farm 17:52
Northrepps, opp New Road 17:52
Northrepps, adj Houses 17:53
Cromer, opp The Avenue 17:54
Cromer, opp Mill Road 17:54
Suffield Park, opp Suffield Court 17:55
Suffield Park, adj Post Office 17:55
Cromer, opp Hospital 17:56
Cromer, opp Oliver Court 17:56
Cromer, opp Halsey House 17:57
Cromer, adj St Margarets Road 17:57
Cromer, adj The Loke 17:58
Cromer, opp Canada Road 17:59
Cromer, opp Bus Interchange 18:00
Cromer, adj Westcliff Avenue 18:02
Cromer, adj Clifton Park 18:03
East Runton, opp Wyndham Park 18:04
East Runton, adj Stores 18:05
East Runton, opp Woodhill Park 18:06
West Runton, adj Golf Close 18:08
West Runton, adj Post Office 18:09
West Runton, opp Church Close 18:10
Beeston Regis, adj Beeston Hall 18:11
Beeston Regis, adj Britons Lane 18:11
Sheringham, opp Brook Road 18:12
Sheringham, opp Anchor Close 18:13
Sheringham, opp Tesco 18:14
Sheringham Railway Approach (W-bound) 18:15
Sheringham, adj Abbey Road 18:18
Sheringham, opp Greenlands Way 18:19
Sheringham, adj High School 18:20
Upper Sheringham, adj Church 18:22
Upper Sheringham, opp Sheringham Park 18:24
Bodham, opp church 18:25
Bodham, adj old school 18:25
High Kelling, opp Beech Close 18:27
High Kelling, opp Hospital 18:27
High Kelling, opp Holt Rail Station 18:28
Holt, opp Gresham school 18:28
Holt, opp Kelling Road 18:29
Holt, adj Bus Shelter 18:30
Holt, adj Police Station 18:33
Holt, opp Lodge Close 18:34
Holt, adj Coronation Road 18:34
Holt, opp Beresford Road 18:35

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