101 - Middlesbrough - Teesport Tesco

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Middlesbrough - Teesport Tesco

Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 3 (3) 05:0513:0021:00
Middlesbrough Town Hall (Stand L) 05:0813:0321:03
Teesside University (A) 05:0913:0421:04
Middlesbrough Myrtle Street (A) 05:1013:0521:05
Middlesbrough Newlands Medical Centre (A) 05:1113:0621:06
Middlesbrough Breckon Hill Road (A) 05:1213:0721:07
Grove Hill Longlands Hotel (A) 05:1213:0721:07
Grove Hill Roseberry Road (B) 05:1313:0821:08
Berwick Hills Dionysia Road (A) 05:1613:1121:11
Berwick Hills Dixon Grove (A) 05:1713:1221:12
Berwick Hills Parklands Close (A) 05:1813:1321:13
Pallister Middlebeck Social Club (B) 05:1913:1421:14
Pallister Eltisley Green (A) 05:2013:1521:15
Thorntree Hatherley Court (B) 05:2113:1621:16
Thorntree Beresford Buildings (B) 05:2213:1721:17
Thorntree Loxley Road (B) 05:2313:1821:18
Thorntree Primary School (B) 05:2313:1821:18
Thorntree Shrewsbury Road (A) 05:2413:1921:19
Thorntree Durnford Road (B) 05:2413:1921:19
Thorntree The Greenway South End (A) 05:2513:2021:20
Netherfields Leamington Grove (A) 05:2613:2121:21
Ormesby Roundabout - Cargo Fleet Lane (A) 05:2613:2121:21
Ormesby Stapleford Road (B) 05:2713:2221:22
Ormesby Spencerbeck Farm (B) 05:2813:2321:23
Normanby Hall Park (B) 05:2913:2421:24
Normanby Woodman Arms (B) 05:3013:2521:25
Eston Woodgarth (B) 05:3113:2621:26
Eston Chancel Way (B) 05:3113:2621:26
Eston Albert Road (B) 05:3213:2721:27
Eston Clinic (B) 05:3213:2721:27
Eston Hotel (B) 05:3313:2821:28
Teesville Sycamore Crescent (A) 05:3413:2921:29
Teesville The Avenue (A) 05:3413:2921:29
Teesville Civic & Learning Centre (A) 05:3513:3021:30
Teesville Eston Leisure Centre (A) 05:3513:3021:30
South Bank St Peter's Catholic Voluntary Academy (A) 05:3613:3121:31
South Bank Bevanlee Road (A) 05:3713:3221:32
South Bank Golden Boy Green (A) 05:3813:3321:33
South Bank King George's Square (A) 05:3813:3321:33
Grangetown Telephone Exchange (B) 05:4213:3721:37
Grangetown Youth and Community Centre (A) 05:4413:3921:39
Grangetown St David's Road (A) 05:4413:4021:40
Teesport Asda Distribution Centre (1) 05:4713:4721:47
Teesport Tesco Distribution Centre (1) 05:5013:5021:50

Teesport Tesco - Middlesbrough

Teesport Tesco Distribution Centre (1) 06:1214:1222:12
Grangetown St David's Road (B) 06:1814:1822:18
Grangetown Youth and Community Centre (B) 06:1914:1922:19
Grangetown Telephone Exchange (A) 06:2014:2022:20
South Bank King George's Square (B) 06:2314:2322:23
South Bank Golden Boy Green (B) 06:2414:2422:24
South Bank Bevanlee Road (B) 06:2414:2422:24
South Bank St Peter's Catholic Voluntary Academy (B) 06:2414:2422:24
South Bank Library (A) 06:2514:2522:25
Teesville Eston Leisure Centre (B) 06:2514:2522:25
Teesville Civic & Learning Centre (B) 06:2614:2622:26
Teesville The Avenue (B) 06:2614:2622:26
Teesville Sycamore Crescent (B) 06:2714:2722:27
Eston Hotel (A) 06:2714:2722:27
Eston Clinic (A) 06:2814:2822:28
Eston Albert Road (A) 06:2814:2822:28
Eston Chancel Way (A) 06:2914:2922:29
Eston Woodgarth (A) 06:2914:2922:29
Normanby Woodman Arms (A) 06:3014:3022:30
Normanby Hall Park (A) 06:3114:3122:31
Ormesby Spencerbeck Farm (A) 06:3214:3222:32
Ormesby Stapleford Road (A) 06:3214:3222:32
Ormesby Roundabout - Cargo Fleet Lane (B) 06:3314:3322:33
Netherfields Leamington Grove (B) 06:3414:3422:34
Thorntree The Greenway South End (C) 06:3514:3522:35
Thorntree Durnford Road (A) 06:3514:3522:35
Thorntree Shrewsbury Road (B) 06:3514:3522:35
Thorntree Primary School (A) 06:3614:3622:36
Thorntree Loxley Road (A) 06:3614:3622:36
Thorntree Beresford Buildings (A) 06:3714:3722:37
Thorntree Hatherley Court (A) 06:3814:3822:38
Pallister Eltisley Green (B) 06:3814:3822:38
Pallister Middlebeck Social Club (A) 06:3914:3922:39
Berwick Hills Norfolk Place Shopping Centre (A) 06:4014:4022:40
Berwick Hills Dionysia Road (B) 06:4214:4222:42
North Ormesby Gala Bingo (A) 06:4214:4222:42
Grove Hill Roseberry Road (A) 06:4414:4422:44
Grove Hill Longlands Hotel (B) 06:4414:4422:44
Middlesbrough Breckon Hill Road (B) 06:4514:4522:45
Middlesbrough Newlands Medical Centre (B) 06:4514:4522:45
Middlesbrough Myrtle Street (B) 06:4614:4622:46
Teesside University (B) 06:4714:4722:47
Middlesbrough Amber Street (B) 06:4814:4822:48
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 11 (11) 06:4914:4922:49

Timetable data from Stagecoach North East, 27 January 2023

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