101S - Whitesands, Dumfries - Edinburgh Bus Station, Edinburgh

A service operated by Stagecoach West Scotland


Whitesands, Dumfries - Edinburgh Bus Station, Edinburgh

Dumfries Whitesands (Stance 4) 09:55
Dumfries Buccleuch Street (opp Court) 09:55
Dumfries Academy Street (o/s School) 09:57
Dumfries, opp Woodbank 09:58
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (opp Parkfoot) 09:59
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (o/s Golf Club) 10:00
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (opp Marchfields) 10:02
Dumfries Bloomfield (opp estate) 10:04
Heathhall Garden Centre (o/s Centre) 10:05
Locharbriggs Edinburgh Rd (opp Heathhall Terr) 10:05
Locharbriggs Gates Factory (opp Factory) 10:05
Locharbriggs, at Lochthorn Medical Centre 10:05
Locharbriggs Lochthorn (Opp Library) 10:06
Locharbriggs Hall (Opp Shop) 10:07
Amisfield, at The Cross 10:10
Shieldhill road end (opp) 10:11
Ae, at Bridgend 10:14
Parkgate Ae Inn (opp Inn) 10:15
Parkgate Barony College (opp Road End) 10:15
Courance opp Shelter (A701) 10:18
St Ann’s Village (opp Sawmill) 10:21
Beattock, opp Greystonerigg 10:25
Beattock, at Tathhill Rd End 10:27
Beattock, at Cleuchbrae Rd End 10:28
Beattock, at Primary School 10:30
Beattock, opp Old Stables Inn 10:30
Moffat, at Golfhill Drive 10:33
Moffat Esso Garage (opp Garage) 10:34
Moffat High Street (Stance 2) 10:35
Moffat Esso Garage (o/s Garage) 10:36
Moffat, opp Golfhill Drive 10:36
Crawford, opp Bellstane Avenue 10:57
Abington, at Hunters Court 11:04
Abington Service Area (at) 11:09
Roberton, before Howgate Road 11:19
Lamington, at Emahroo 11:24
Coulter, at Memorial 11:29
Biggar, opp Moss Side Crescent 11:32
Biggar, after Gasworks Road 11:33
Biggar, opp John Street 11:34
Biggar, opp Broughton Road 11:38
Biggar, opp Leafield Road 11:38
Candy Mill, at Candymill Road 11:42
Dolphinton, at Hillside Gardens 11:48
Dolphinton, at Dunsyre Junction 11:48
Dolphinton Town Hall (Near) 11:49
Dolphinton, opp Old Creamery Bus Shelter 11:50
West Linton, opp Gordon Arms Hotel 11:56
Carlops, adj Allan Ramsey Sq 12:00
Nine Mile Burn Ninemileburn (NE-bound) 12:02
Eight Mile Burn, at Eastside Farm 12:04
Silverburn Hopelands Road (Opp 10) 12:06
Penicuik, opp Carsewell 12:07
Penicuik, at Harlaw Grove 12:09
Penicuik, opp Craigiebield Crescent 12:10
Penicuik, opp Navaar House Hotel 12:10
Penicuik, at Lambs Pend 12:10
Penicuik Town Centre (Stop C) 12:11
Penicuik, at Wilson Street 12:11
Penicuik, at John Street Lane 12:11
Penicuik, at Angle Park 12:12
Penicuik, at Cuiken Avenue 12:13
Penicuik Queensway (near) 12:14
Mauricewood Avenue (at) 12:15
Mauricewood, opp Boyd-Orr Drive 12:15
Flotterstone Inn (at) 12:22
Easter Howgate Farm (at) 12:23
Easter Howgate, at Fulford House 12:23
Boghall Farm (at) 12:24
Lothianburn, at Snowsports Centre 12:26
Lothianburn, at Golf Club 12:26
Fairmilehead, before Swanston Drive 12:27
Fairmilehead, before Swanston Avenue 12:27
Fairmilehead Crossroads (adj) 12:28
Fairmilehead, before Caiystane Crescent 12:29
Fairmilehead, opp Buckstone Road 12:29
Braids, after Pentland View 12:30
Braids, opp Comiston Rise 12:31
Braids, after Comiston Springs Avenue 12:32
Braids, opp Riselaw Road 12:32
Braids, opp Braid Hills Hotel 12:33
Morningside Station (after) 12:36
Morningside, before Springvalley Gardens 12:36
Bruntsfield, after Holy Corner 12:39
Bruntsfield, opp Whitehouse Loan 12:42
Tollcross Leven Street (N-bound) 12:43
Tollcross Home Street (N-bound) 12:44
Fountainbridge, opp Bread Street 12:46
West End Usher Hall (Stop XA) 12:47
West End Lothian Road (Stop XC) 12:50
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PD) 12:51
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PM) 12:54
Greenside Leith Street (Stop JD) 12:56
Edinburgh Bus Station (Gate E-Stance 7) 12:58

Edinburgh Bus Station, Edinburgh - Whitesands, Dumfries

Edinburgh Bus Station (Gate E-Stance 7) 20:40
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PR) 20:43
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PV) 20:45
West End Lothian Road (Stop XE) 20:48
West End Usher Hall (Stop XF) 20:49
Fountainbridge, after Bread Street 20:51
Tollcross Home Street (Stop 1) 20:54
Tollcross Leven Street (S-bound) 20:54
Bruntsfield, after Whitehouse Loan 20:55
Bruntsfield, before Holy Corner 20:57
Morningside, opp Springvalley Gardens 21:00
Morningside Station (opp) 21:02
Braids Braid Hills Hotel (near) 21:04
Braids, before Riselaw Road 21:05
Braids, opp Comiston Springs Avenue 21:05
Braids, before Comiston Rise 21:06
Braids, opp Pentland View 21:07
Fairmilehead, before Buckstone Road 21:08
Fairmilehead, after Caiystane Crescent 21:09
Fairmilehead Crossroads (near) 21:09
Fairmilehead, opp Swanston Avenue 21:10
Fairmilehead, opp Swanston Drive 21:11
Lothianburn, opp Snowsports Centre 21:11
Boghall Farm (opp) 21:14
Easter Howgate, opp Fulford House 21:15
Easter Howgate Farm (opp) 21:15
Flotterstone Inn (opp) 21:17
Mauricewood, at Boyd-Orr Drive 21:24
Mauricewood Avenue (opp) 21:24
Mauricewood Road (opp) 21:25
Penicuik, opp Queensway 21:26
Penicuik, opp Cuiken Avenue 21:27
Penicuik, opp Angle Park 21:28
Penicuik, opp Wilson Street 21:29
Penicuik Town Centre (Stop B) 21:30
Penicuik, opp Lambs Pend 21:30
Penicuik, at Navaar House Hotel 21:30
Penicuik, at Craigiebield Crescent 21:30
Penicuik, opp Harlaw Grove 21:31
Penicuik, at Carsewell 21:33
Silverburn, at Hopelands Road 21:35
Eight Mile Burn, opp Eastside Farm 21:36
Nine Mile Burn Ninemileburn (SW-bound) 21:37
Carlops, opp Allan Ramsey Sq 21:40
West Linton, at Gordon Arms Hotel 21:45
Dolphinton, at Old Creamery Bus Shelter 21:50
Dolphinton, opp Roselea 21:52
Dolphinton, opp Dunsyre Junction 21:52
Dolphinton, opp Hillside Gardens 21:52
Candy Mill, opp Candymill Road 21:58
Biggar, after Leafield Road 22:02
Biggar, after Cross Road 22:02
Biggar, before John Street 22:03
Biggar, opp Gasworks Road 22:07
Biggar, after Moss Side Crescent 22:08
Coulter, opp Memorial 22:13
Lamington, opp Emahroo 22:18
Roberton, after Howgate Road 22:24
Abington Service Area (at) 22:29
Abington, opp Colebrooke Terrace 22:38
Crawford, at Bellstane Avenue 22:45
Moffat, at Golfhill Drive 23:04
Moffat Esso Garage (opp Garage) 23:04
Moffat High Street (Stance 2) 23:05
Moffat Esso Garage (o/s Garage) 23:06
Moffat, opp Golfhill Drive 23:07
Beattock, at Old Stables Inn 23:10
Beattock, opp Primary School 23:11
Beattock, opp Cleuchbrae Rd End 23:12
Beattock, opp Tathhill Rd End 23:13
Beattock, at Greystonerigg 23:15
St Ann’s Village (Sawmill) 23:20
Courance Shelter (A701) 23:22
Parkgate Barony College (Road End) 23:25
Parkgate Ae Inn (o/s Inn) 23:26
Ae, opp Bridgend 23:26
Shieldhill road end (at) 23:28
Amisfield, opp The Cross 23:30
Locharbriggs Hall (o/s Shop) 23:32
Locharbriggs Lochthorn (Library) 23:33
Locharbriggs Gates Factory (o/s Factory) 23:33
Locharbriggs Kirkton Terrace (A701) 23:33
Heathhall Garden Centre (opp Centre) 23:34
Dumfries Bloomfield (o/s estate) 23:35
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (Marchfields) 23:36
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (opp Golf Club) 23:37
Dumfries Edinburgh Road (Parkfoot) 23:38
Dumfries, at Woodbank 23:40
Dumfries Academy Street (Opp School) 23:41
Dumfries Buccleuch Street (Court) 23:42
Dumfries Whitesands (Stance 1) 23:43

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