106 - Liscard - Liscard

A bus service operated by A2B Travel


Breck Road (Wallasey)

23 October–1 November 2020

From Saturday 24 October 2020 until Monday 1st November 2020 Breck Road will be closed in the southbound direction from the junction of Huws Gray Access Road to the junction of Poulton Bridge Road to facilitate carriageway resurfacing. The closure is expected to be in place for 8 days.

Route 106 will travel from Liscard Crescent as normal to Mossdene Road then via, Breck Road, Cliff Road, Marlowe Road, Mill Lane then as normal to Liscard Village. (Omits Breck Road, Poulton Road, Oxton Road, and Woodstock Road).



Liscard Monk Road (Stop C) 08:3010:0011:3013:0014:3016:0017:50
Liscard, opp Croxteth Avenue 08:3010:0011:3013:0014:3016:0017:50
Liscard, adj Park Street 08:3110:0111:3113:0114:3116:0117:51
Liscard, opp The Mount 08:3210:0211:3213:0214:3216:0217:52
Liscard, adj Trafalgar Road 08:3210:0211:3213:0214:3216:0217:52
Egremont, adj Stringhey Road 08:3310:0311:3313:0314:3316:0317:53
Egremont, adj Manor Road 08:3510:0511:3513:0514:3516:0517:55
Liscard, adj Manor Lane 08:3610:0611:3613:0614:3616:0617:56
Liscard, adj Strathcona Road 08:3710:0711:3713:0714:3716:0717:57
Liscard, nr Steel Avenue 08:3710:0711:3713:0714:3716:0717:57
N Egremont, adj Hale Road 08:3810:0811:3813:0814:3816:0817:58
N Egremont, adj Seabank Road 08:3910:0911:3913:0914:3916:0917:59
N Egremont, adj Denton Drive 08:4010:1011:4013:1014:4016:1018:00
Vale Park, adj Mariners Road 08:4110:1111:4113:1114:4116:1118:01
Vale Park (opp) 08:4110:1111:4113:1114:4116:1118:01
New Brighton, adj Seabank Road 08:4210:1211:4213:1214:4216:1218:02
Vale Park, opp Gordon Road 08:4310:1311:4313:1314:4316:1318:03
Vale Park, adj Vaughan Road 08:4410:1411:4413:1414:4416:1418:04
Vale Park, adj Maitland Road 08:4510:1511:4513:1514:4516:1518:05
New Brighton, adj Egerton Street 08:4710:1711:4713:1714:4716:1718:07
New Brighton, adj Cressingham Road 08:4810:1811:4813:1814:4816:1818:08
New Brighton, nr Kings Parade 08:4910:1911:4913:1914:4916:1918:09
New Brighton, nr Portland Street 08:5010:2011:5013:2014:5016:2018:10
New Brighton, adj Portland Street 08:5010:2011:5013:2014:5016:2018:10
New Brighton, opp No. 69b 08:5110:2111:5113:2114:5116:2118:11
New Brighton, adj Ennerdale Road 08:5210:2211:5213:2214:5216:2218:12
New Brighton, adj Zetland Road 08:5210:2211:5213:2214:5216:2218:12
Wallasey, adj Lyndhurst Road 08:5410:2411:5413:2414:5416:2418:14
Wallasey Beresford Road (W-bound) 08:5410:2411:5413:2414:5416:2418:14
Harrison Park, adj Keswick Road 08:5410:2411:5413:2414:5416:2418:14
Harrison Park Wallasey Grove Road Station (Stop B) 08:5510:2511:5513:2514:5516:2518:15
Harrison Park, adj Mockbeggar Drive 08:5610:2611:5613:2614:5616:2618:16
Wallasey, adj Newport Avenue 08:5710:2711:5713:2714:5716:2718:17
Wallasey, adj Asbury Road 08:5710:2711:5713:2714:5716:2718:17
Wallasey, adj Green Lane 08:5810:2811:5813:2814:5816:2818:18
Wallasey, nr Barmouth Road 08:5810:2811:5813:2814:5816:2818:18
Wallasey, adj Sandy Lane 08:5910:2911:5913:2914:5916:2918:19
Wallasey, opp Village Way 08:5910:2911:5913:2914:5916:2918:19
Wallasey, adj St Johns Road 09:0010:3012:0013:3015:0016:3018:20
Wallasey Village (adj) 09:0010:3012:0013:3015:0016:3018:20
Wallasey, adj Keighley Avenue 09:0010:3012:0013:3015:0016:3018:20
Wallasey, nr Whitby Avenue 09:0110:3112:0113:3115:0116:3118:21
Wallasey, adj Wallacre Road 09:0110:3112:0113:3115:0116:3118:21
Wallasey, adj Westbourne Road 09:0210:3212:0213:3215:0216:3218:22
Poulton, opp Fox Hey Road 09:0210:3212:0213:3215:0216:3218:22
⚠️ Poulton, nr Hillcrest Court 09:0310:3312:0313:3315:0316:3318:23
⚠️ Poulton Hall Road (adj) 09:0310:3312:0313:3315:0316:3318:23
⚠️ Poulton, adj Alderley Road 09:0410:3412:0413:3415:0416:3418:24
⚠️ Poulton Road (adj) 09:0410:3412:0413:3415:0416:3418:24
⚠️ Liscard, adj Love Lane 09:0510:3512:0513:3515:0516:3518:25
⚠️ Liscard, adj Ruskin Avenue 09:0510:3512:0513:3515:0516:3518:25
Liscard, adj Rullerton Road 09:0610:3612:0613:3615:0616:3618:26
Liscard Dominick House (Stop F) 09:0810:3812:0813:3815:0816:3818:28

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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